100 Years, 100 Stories: Frank White

>>Frank White standing in. He lined out the third baseman
Aurelio Rodriguez’s first time up, dropping his playoff
average to a cool 625.>>The eight-time Gold
Glove winner and Royals Hall of Famer Frank White is
beloved in Kansas City.>>In 1976. This went deep to left field. It’s going to be gone. Homerun, Frank White. [Indiscernible], Frank.>>That’s all we do as kids,
is we use our imagination and we put ourselves in the World Series
[indiscernible] bases load, game on the line, and all of a sudden you find
yourself in the World Series. That’s pretty special.>>White is the batter. He hits a high drive
to deep left field and Landrum goes back, but he watches this
one go out of there. So that one was well
back out of here, and it’s four-nothing,
Kansas City.>>In 1985, he was on the team
that won the World Series title. The Royals legend was
hand-picked by Ewing Kauffman. White was part of the first
Royal baseball academy class in 1970 which was
Mr. K.’s brainchild.>>I think from my standpoint, starting in the Royals
baseball academy and giving me an
opportunity to play the game, I thought that was
pretty special too. He cared about the city,
cared about the community, cared about the kids, and he
developed programs and education for children and really just
made it possible for a lot of people who couldn’t afford
to go to college to get educated through their hard
work in high school, and I think those programs
are really special.>>White shares more than
a baseball connection with Mr. K. Both are MCC alumni.>>I wasn’t necessarily
looking for a Bachelor’s degree or Associate’s degree. I was just looking to take
a few classes to help me in my personal life, like personal finance,
things like that. So from a convenience standpoint and from an affordability
standpoint, it was a way for me to go. I mean, I think that
it’s a great way to start your educational
career.>>White now serves
the community through his new political
venture.>>I was elected to the
Jackson County legislature, First District At-Large, and
one, I probably think I’ve been in politics all my life. I just hadn’t ran for it, and
things just sort of transpired where I had time to do it. The right people convinced me
to do it, and I’m really glad because just learning
the different things in the community that were
going on and I just really felt like those things were the
things that got me excited about running because now
it gives me an opportunity to see what’s working, what’s
not working, and just sort of figure out where I
can make a difference. This is Frank White,
and MCC works. [ Music ]

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