2019 Miss America Candidate Molly Andrade (R.I.) Loves Endicott College

– I’m Molly Andrade. I’m going to my junior year
here at Endicott College, studying Business
Management, and I recently captured the title of Miss Rhode Island, so I’ll be competing
live on NBC, December 19, for the title of Miss America. I am incredibly grateful for Endicott. This has been one of the
greatest opportunities for myself and so many other students. One of the biggest sellers
Endicott has always been our internship program,
and that has really set me up for success, not only in the workforce and in life, but also in the Miss Rhode Island Competition. I felt really prepared, calm, and ready to answer any
question that came my way. So, when I started my college search, the first thing that I looked
for was a home campus feel. I wanted something that
was small and intimate where I felt like my voice
and my opinion mattered, and that’s exactly what
Endicott provides every student. So, I have a small class size. I have that intimate learning experience with my teachers, there’s just so many opportunities that everybody
can take advantage of. There’s so much to do on campus. It’s so much fun. Get involved and do something
and you’re just going to flourish.

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