2020 Let’s Get Started | a Request from Raghav | Automation Step by Step

Hello and welcome I am Raghav we had a great
2019 2019 was an awesome year for our automation step by step family we became hundred thousand
family members and we are going very strong very soon we will be 150 Thousand
strong members I believe by the end of this year or most probably by the first week of
January we will become Hundred and Fifty Thousand family members so thank you all of you for
all your support and for liking and enjoying all the videos and everything from automation
step by step and also I want to take a moment to thank you for all the messages that you
have sent me all these messages fuel me up and they are actually the source of motivation
for for me to keep teaching so thanks a lot for all your support For 2020 we are looking
forward to a bright new 2020 and I have created a list of topics that I will cover in 2020
and these topics are created based on your feedback your messages and some of my preferences
and few days ago I created a post to take votes on what topic you want so that you can
vote for the topics and your votes will decide the reference of the sequence in which I will
create this tutorials in case you have missed to vote I will provide the link for the Google
form in the description of this video so you can check below in the description you will
find a link you can go there and you can give your Votes so your votes will be very very
useful for me it will decide what topics I will take up earlier and before we close 2019
I have a very humble request to you I have seen and observed that a lot of people who
need help who want this free tutorials are yet to discover the channel automation step by
step I get messages everyday where people tell me that they have been looking for these
kind of tutorials and these topics from few months and today they discovered the channel and
they discovered the videos so I have a request to please help me to make this education free
education reach everyone who needs it and for that I have the link of the channel URL
in the description below you can take that link and please share with all your groups
whether it is on LinkedIn on Facebook on Twitter on WhatsApp or through email please
share this with all your groups to all the people who you think can get help with these
tutorials letters help people to Discovery Channel and let the education reach to as
many people as it can I promise that I will keep on working and creating all this quality
videos for you in the coming year and please do vote so that I can get your preferences
once again thank you so much for an awesome 2019 and I will meet you in a bright new 2020
thank you for watching


Hi Raghav am starting selenium with python ..kindly can you tell me is selenium with python have any demand in future or we need to focus any other additional things?

Hi, happy new year in advance you are super awesome may God bless you and your family, Ameen.
You did help me on protractor amazing

Hello sir, I discovered your channel yesterday.. Thank you for the videos you created.. Thank you for all your efforts 😻😻😻😻… Could you please make more videos on selenium with python ?.. Thank you and Happy Christmas and Advance new year wishes to you.. 😊

Happy Holidays Supper and Amazing Raghav!!! Thank you Sharing your knowledge, kindly i would like to See you teach Mulesoft, But i don't know if this is the Future.

Hey Raghav, I have sent you an email for business collaboration. Please check your email with title "Video Marketing Collaboration"

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