Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Electrical), University of Sydney

Electrical engineers design and build the
systems and machines that generate, transmit, measure, control and use electrical energy. This includes the computers and networking
equipment enabling the internet through to the power stations providing electricity to
your home. I always enjoyed electronics in school and
I find electrical engineering, the scale of it just so large, the way it impacts our society
in so many different sectors and areas. I found that as a young ex-student just so
exciting. Any sort of pathway you head into in the future,
electrical engineering will pave the way for it. You have smart electricity grids, wireless
charging systems, the future of quantum computers, the devices for virtual and augmented reality
to even the electrification of cars, the paths are really limitless. Throughout this four year degree, you’ll
study a series of core units as you master the foundations of electrical engineering
before specialising in an optional major, including: Computer Engineering, Power Engineering,
Telecommunications Engineering and the Internet-of-Things. You may also have the opportunity to study
within our Electrical Engineering and Energy laboratories, two dynamic learning environments
housing industry-standard equipment. The Electrical Engineering Laboratory is a
learning and research based environment and it offers you a diverse range of technologies
that you’d be able to move forward with and apply within industry. As long as you have the foundation of familiarity
with these different technologies, you’d be able to adapt to any situation. Internet of Things, or IoT as its commonly
known, is our newest major. It’s going to find many applications in
the coming decades. You have probably seen the devices now needing
to connect to the internet such as smart watches. It’s estimated that there are a trillion
devices needing internet connections over the next decade. Since graduating I’ve been working in a
consulting engineering firm as a professional services electrical engineer. I love the fact that it’s not just about
having technical skills but it’s about really using those skills, having good interpersonal
skills and developing client relationships that really is such a fundamental part to
the work that we do. The choice to study at the University of Sydney
was one that I’m very happy I made.

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