Barry Was Paid $65 MILLION By Corporation Who Wed $350M Contract

It’s long been the contention at Patriot
Crier that under the leadership of the Clintons and Barack Obama every possible U.S. asset
was for sale. We believe that under the watchful eye of
Clinton and Obama, Democrats put out the open for business sign and began fielding offers
from corporations and foreign governments looking to feed at the trough of the U.S.
taxpayer and to advance their own agendas. Agendas that were often antithetical to established
American ideals. Conservative Michael Coudrey has called attention
to another lucrative deal that sure looks like quid pro quo, which took place during
the previous administration. This one involved President Obama, himself. And, it may have
advanced Obama’s plan to ‘fundamentally change” America. Obama gave Pearson Publishing a government
contract worth $350 million for their work to create the Common Core text for his administrations
education initiative. A subsidiary of that same publisher gave Obama
roughly $65 million for his book deal after he left office. — Michael Coudrey (@MichaelCoudrey) December
26, 2019 Why is no one talking about the fact that
Obama gave Pierson Publishing a $350 million dollar contract, and then when he left office
got a $65 million book deal from that SAME publishers subsidiary? This kind of blatant quid pro quo was rampant
in the Obama Administration. — Michael Coudrey (@MichaelCoudrey) December
28, 2019 Coudrey notes the likelihood that the benefit
to Pierson Publishing extended way beyond the $350 Million federal contract and is likely
to run into Billions of dollars in sales after factoring in the lucrative state contracts
that will follow. Pearson* Publishing also appeared to secure
a $500,000,000 deal for “State Testing” by the state of Texas. It appears they receive hundreds of millions
from numerous states to conduct their state educational testing for Obama’s “common
core” A complete taxpayer waste! — Michael Coudrey (@MichaelCoudrey) December
28, 2019 Sixty-five million dollars is a small commission
to pay for a multi-billion dollar deal. It is an unconscionable amount for a book advance
and smacks of payback for past “considerations.” In the effort to suggest that Pierson was
betting big on the success of Obama’s forthcoming book, hard-left publisher VOX inadvertently
explained how recouping a $65MM advance was impossible. … here’s a very rough, extremely simplified
idea of how a publisher calculates how much to pay an author and still make money. Imagine you’re an acquiring editor who wants
to publish a new book. Based on the sales history of other, similar books, you feel
confident that you can sell 10,000 copies of the new book. You figure you can set the
price at $20, and you’re offering the author royalties of 10 percent of the book’s list
price, so the author will receive $2 for every book sold. That means it’s safe for you to offer the
author an advance of $20,000 when you acquire the book. The author receives that money upfront,
and nothing else until the book has sold more than 10,000 copies, at which point the author
has “earned out.” The remaining $18 for every book sold are split between the publisher
and the distributors to cover their own costs and contribute to their profit margin. For the Obamas to earn out their $65 million
advance, they will most likely need to sell at least several million copies all together.
And in an industry where selling 100,000 copies of a title is enough to make it a respectable
bestseller, that’s not chump change. For comparison’s sake, the third-best-selling
book of 2014 sold 573,000 copies. $65 million is a small price to pay for a
foreign power to be given clearance to indoctrinate American youth with Marxist ideology… (Education News) … For those of us who are
old enough either to remember World War II or to have had parents who remembered it well,
we know Hitler knew exactly how to change the face of Germany and even of the world:
It is done through indoctrinating children’s minds. This is exactly what has happened in
America through Obama’s Common Core Standards…. … Included in the Marxist/socialist/Communist
indoctrination of the Common Core Standards is the “social justice agenda” which includes
the very deceptive, dangerous, and many times deadly LGBTQ lifestyle… … AP products were given a decidedly leftist,
identity politics slant in recent revisions. These classes educate the nation’s top third
of students and for many are the last history classes they ever take. Especially well-educated
and high-income parents trust them as a way to get their kids a leg up on college and
thus life. Yet they are rapidly being corrupted by leftist ideology…. Tick Tock Barry …

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