Career outcomes from the Master of Biotechnology

Our biggest strength in the
Master of Biotechnology is the set of industrial partners
that we’ve lined up; CSL, cell therapies, Sienna, and very successful companies that our
students can get placements in. All our students have research projects that they undertake with industry and the possibility for an internship
within an industrial partner. So this is absolutely not an academic, simply an academic exercise. This is working in real life, live business issues that we’re
trying to address today. Bringing in the students gives
us the opportunity to have a fresh pair of eyes,
fresh perspective, fresh energy and perhaps
even some knowledge and experience of the very
latest thinking in biotech that’s coming up through academia
that we’re not aware of.  The benefit for the student is to get that firsthand understanding of what
does it mean to be in industries. What does it mean to work alongside
your equivalent peer but in an industry setting? So what’s the pace like? What’s the, what is a day-to-day dynamic like in an industry setting compared
to the university?  It’s been an amazing experience working
with Trajan Scientific and Medical because it helped me build up
my communication, leadership, and professional development on
a whole because you interact with the executives in the
industry and learn about what the current opportunities
and challenges are in the sector. It was a really fantastic opportunity to apply our skills to a real world scenario. I think sometimes when you’re
going through uni, you think but how am I going to actually
use these skills when I finish. But this was the opportunity
to see these skills that we’ve learnt really do matter and we can apply them to help
real world solutions.  It was my first taste to see
how science can potentially be a commercial entity and it
also put me in a position to approach certain parties to
start those conversations to build confidence in myself to
operate within this field and it’s led me to where I am today.  Doing the Master of Biotechnology course enables you to actually move into
the agriculture sector, pharmaceuticals, pathology, you name it and you can actually move
into that sector because of its vast and diverse trajectory. So you an actually formulate the career
that you want from this course.  If you constantly think to yourself I wanna
know how something works, if you’re constantly trying
to answer questions that nobody has the answers to, biotechnology
is the perfect career for you. It’s, it will get you constantly guessing. It’s so diverse the roles you’ll do. It’s just mind-boggling. You won’t see where it’s coming from
and the industry itself is — it’s caring, it’s nurturing, everybody wants everybody to succeed and
Australia is in an amazing position. Now is the time to start thinking about
a career in biotechnology.


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