Carpentry at Honolulu Community College

My name is Trisha Ramos, I
graduated from Kauai High School
1998. The program I’m in right now is
Carpentry. I like best that the
environment is very relaxing, feel comfortable here even
though like it’s a
male-dominated field. A lot of women I feel would
probably feel a little
intimidated getting into a field with men,
the physical work and stuff but the guys that we work in the
class they’re very helpful they make it less uncomfortable,
I guess. Nice guys. The instructors, they’re very
helpful, relaxed always available for help before
or after school When I first started here, I
didn’t know anything about
carpentry. I knew how to hammer a nail into
a piece of wood, yet I didn’t know there was a
proper technique of how to do
it. and now this is my fourth year,
my fourth semester and I feel pretty confident
going to the job site and be given orders of to complete
tasks and I feel, I feel comfortable in myself
that I’ll be prepared for that.

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