College Bully Intimidated Me


I’m a college student. I study AMT which is basically aircraft mechanics. I’m having a lot of issues with bullying. This guy he’s a real jerk because he keeps
on scaring me every now and then and I kept telling him stop. This guy would hide under the table and jump
out and yell or hide behind a group of guys and also jump on a yell when I want to go
and talk to them or when I’m in the bathroom minding my own business and then he slams
the door and screams as hard as he could gave me like a mini heart attack. I felt super scared. I decided that I had enough of this nonsense
so I started complaining about him to my college student services management. The next thing he came to me saying, “Yo
did you complain about me?” and I said, “Yeah because I told you stop bothering
me and you didn’t.” And then he just said, “Okay.” And just left like this guy’s literally heartless. Like if the surgeon gave him surgery they
will find no heart in there. When I got back to class everyone was looking
at me telling me, “Yo why did you complain about him and that’s not cool and stop being
a child.” I was extremely intimidated to keep my mouth
shut that day because I thought and it will make matters even worse. So the entire day he started bullying me even
more but differently. He starts saying things behind my back and
honestly all those words that he said sure he said it behind my back but I can hear him
and what’s worse he’s got a bunch of guys against me. The end of the day came I was walking to my
car and these guys will follow me and started yelling a bunch of words like, “Hey loser where
are you going? Are you going to go cry your mommy? Is your daddy gotta take it to the park
and buy you ice cream? Oh how sad” and I get in my car and on my way back home I was extremely
obsessed of what happened. I was on the verge of tears. I made it back home I found my grandma she
was visiting us and I didn’t want my mom my grandma to see how upset I was so I faked
smile and I said, “Hi how are you guys doing?” So I went to my room locking myself in, thinking
about what happened and then my grandma and my mom asked me to join them in the backyard
for some dessert and they asked me, “Is everything okay and we feel like something’s
bothering you.” And so I told them the entire story because
I felt like I need to get it out of my chest. They were shocked and I started to cry a little
but then my grandma told me in the end those people will be begging for extra change in
the sidewalk and you will be in a better position and honestly really made me feel better about
myself. So in conclusion if you’re a bully just stop
it. Life is not worth upsetting people and just
having fun ruining their days.


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  2. Once They said something about your dad you should’ve said yeah at least my dad still loves me

  3. This happend to me while is was in school of appreciate ship and guy I dealt with beat me but I didn't fought back, because I knew he will be in big trouble. So I can say karma pays off.

  4. Basically for bullies:

    Stop wasting time bullying people
    Get a real life out there
    Don’t be so kay-poh in other people’s lives

  5. Yeah yeah yeah, teachers don’t even help there like I give them a warning, just tell the principal record
    Or mine was a crowd of kids we where in 3grade and I had this friend angel R. The bully call them loser BC he got better grade he’s my friend now after me and him I had to get amulets BC they where kicking me and him so now there in jail for bully

  6. Learn to stand up for yourself you little snowflake when your in college and even i life do you go to someone for help with bullying??? NOOOOO you deal with it your damn self when that guy started bullying you all you had to say was “ Excuse me I would like if you stopped bullying me I don’t appreciate at all” with a firm tough voice and tough posture stand up straight chest out and all that and if he laughs it off and doesn’t stop then say “ I told you once I’m not going to tell you again I would appreciate if you stopped bullying me man if you do it again we’re going to have problems and I don’t think you want that” and if he gets mad and says shut up dude and pushes you then you get up and throw a punch at his face hard and beat the shit out of him in self defense. You kept letting him do that to you like a little pushover you are LMFAO.

  7. If any bullies bully me physically or emotionaly ill say "hey meet me outside school"
    And outside school i punch them in the chest

  8. Bullies are stupid ok true story time : there was once a bully in our class and he told me to meet him on the roof and then after school i ran to the rooftop and accidentally pushed him of the roof it was an accident but im not here to say he didnt deserve it

  9. Would it be alright to submit my story about being bullied in college?
    I am still scared and I have no friends because bullies tarnished my reputation and like whoever talks to me also gets bullied.

    Schoolmates, classmates, ex friends, and even professors bully me. I reallyy want to get it out my chest because I've done harmful things to myself just to i don't know maybe to feel like something hurts more than bullying and that's harming. I'm not promoting it but it's something that I do to cope up. Anyway sorry for being annoying

  10. Bullys wont listen to people because they dont care. And i dont mind getting bullied but im not getting bullied at this moment.

  11. If he's an adult. Why can't you just report him to the police. Here in the philippines you can sue him for unjust vexation. I don't know the law there in your country but I think there's a law regarding bullying too.

  12. I’ve never heard any bullies in college. Who are you kiddin’? Troubled students do get arrested and expelled. Other option go to another college.

  13. You know what kind of bunch of wussies cuz it's just walking up to you and saying rude stuff that I even do anything physical so you should have ran them over with your car

  14. 0:55
    Classmate : Yo, why you complaining about it?

  15. comment wear team and stop the bullying the best way to get the chance to win the world of the most important thing is that the only thing that you can be used to be a good guy and the other day and age of the most part of the month of the most of the Philippines to be a good time to get the best way to get to see you soon as possible to do with my friends and family members and their own way to do you want to do with your family 😎👑🐧

  16. The extreme cry remembering me about the sad game PATH OF EXILE and the sad soap operas "Alps story my Annette" and "Story of Polyanna".

  17. It doesn't matter what age somebody is to get bullied it can affect them negatively they could have suicidal Thoughts people remember adults die from cyberbullying everyone does two before you start to judge people just think about in your mind what they could be going through

  18. Dude ur literally an adult getting bullied. I’m just saying stick up for ur self, and getting jump scared isn’t really bullying it’s more like a joke.

  19. I guess some people just stay 5 and never grow up.wait.why is a 5 year old pretending to be a college student that’s a bully?**inhales**LOOOOGGGGIIIIIIIICCCCC!!!!!!

  20. Bully: (is behind me bout to scare me)
    Me: (Notices, has a blank expression, does a twirl and slaps them in the face then keeps on walking like nothing happened) Teehee~♡

  21. The bully is being childish. No one does this shit in college and I hope he’ll look back in a few years and realize how embarrassing that was. I know 7 year olds more mature than than. And 4 year olds.


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