Day in the Life: Class, Work, Parking | University of North Dakota

Hello everybody and welcome to this vlog. I was asked to do a day in the life video for a UND student vlog and so here I am. I got ready this morning I live off-campus, and I have class at 10 and then 11, and then I have another class at 3, and then I go to work. So you guys are gonna come with me and I hope you have a really good time. I’m on campus. I’m currently just waiting for a parking spot, but I wanted to give a little piece of advice. It gets cold up here, and I made a blanket for my car and it stretches all the way to the passenger side. I think it’s a really good thing to have because it’s really cold up here, and if you don’t have auto-start like me, then it helps a lot. So you’re welcome for that. This is a terrible angle. I just got out of class because my laptop died and I can’t edit and learn about video production if I can’t use my own laptop. Oh my gosh, it’s slippery. I’m just walking back to my car. After class I’m just gonna go home and edit. Yeah, I’m I’m not like super exciting even though this is my busy day, but It’s okay. Sometimes we just have those days. Okay, hi I am back. I didn’t really do anything in between editing when I was off-camera pretty much. I’m about to go into class, but I got literally the best parking spot, and if you know me, I’m really really passionate about getting a good parking spot either on campus at Target at the Ralph. So I just wanted to just want to share that with you guys. So I’m gonna go in the class and then I’ll talk to you guys afterwards Okay, hi I’m back at my apartment. I was done with work and then I showered because I was a little sweaty which is fine, It happens I’m gonna continue editing and finishing my homework, but That’s pretty much how my days go. I’m not the most exciting person. I have some cheer practices down in Fargo I have UND Insider which I will also include in this vlog. I hope you guys got a little taste of what a senior in college does day-to-day, just classes and work and homework, which is what everybody should be doing because you’re here for a reason. I hope this was helpful and entertaining. So thanks for watching This is my favorite camera of all time, and I just want to show my camera. It’s like camera-ception, look at this. So yeah, I’m gonna go back on the ice with my towel. This is the best lighting in the history of lighting. You see all these lights its probably gonna break my camera. It’s fine. This is my favorite. I love it. I’m really happy

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