Discover York University’s Glendon College

I am at Glendon alumni, graduated in 2016 with a BA in philosophy. I actually graduated from Glendon with a bilingual
BA in philosophy. Every student does graduate with a bilingual degree. At
Glendon we accept every level of French including none so you could be a perfect
beginner even if you don’t even know what ‘bonjour’ means. We offer support
services for any kind of level of bilingualism so if you’re coming in with
none you’re an Anglophone trying to learn French, or if you are a Francophone trying to learn or improve your English. We offer services for both. We have about 2,800 students on campus which is fairly small for a
university and because of that we’re able to have very small classes you’re
not just a student number here. As small as the campus is we really do have a
beautiful property we have about 84 acres of just greenery
and forests on campus; we’re not allowed to build the building taller than the
tallest tree the trees were never meant to be hidden
so it’s a very green very environmentally friendly campus.

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