Disturbing New Details In The Stabbing Death Of New York City College Student | NBC Nightly News


Someone needs to look at the families of these children and they must be held accountable too; something has gone horribly wrong in the home for monsters like this to be created. I just don't get it. The same thing happened here in Canada recently where a early teen stabbed and killed a classmate. What is so wrong with our world this is even possible.

While #WonderfullyHungry, I simply wish fellow Americans, including juveniles, would stop being #hangry (#TerriblyHungry) so that they'd also be able to stop misbehaving terribly; terrorizing others including themselves.

Obviously, the loss of this girl's life is heartbreaking but, the reason it happened is even sadder. If only those kids had a better life example to follow, they would have been able to make better choices and this never would have happened.

Why wont you tell us the race of the boy? If it was a white on black crime it would be all over the news. So its clear it was a black killing a white.

When the reporter said the 13 year old had no prior police record, I'm sitting here like… @ 13 I, myself, was still playing with Hot Wheels & Wrestling figures. Not robbing & murdering.

Our children are so forking lost.

Im sure that stop and frisk law in the end saved many people like this girl, and kept many kids from spending the rest of their lives in prison.

just another example of how dangerous Blacks are. Poor girl. Ironically, she might still be alive if she held "racist" views about how dangerous Blacks are. She would not go near them.

Tessa f**ked up. She went looking for weed in a New York park. She should have got it on campus. Plenty of weed on college campuses.

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