I go to that school and I have a class right next to her classroom. Her husband is my world history teacher and I know many people who had her, seen her a couple of times in the hallways. I feel very sad for what happened.

About what the question, if the teacher MARRIED, or if the student MATURE?!!
I would tell you, guys, that the early sexual life is shortening health ability to growing up, and the cause of the "SEXUAL RELATION" IS THE RADIO-HYPNOSIS, the texts of the PSYCHOLOGISTS, the police MEDICAL ASSISSTANTS, who use to do evaluation of the suspects. The ABUSE of the radio-hypnosis is the crime – either the DESIGNER of the crime, or the crime-co-worker, or the person who is the band system member.
Therefore, if the Old Teacher came into the sexual relations with the young girl, or boy, it is the RESULT of the SEXUAL CONTENT of the broadcasting of the psycholigists-psychiatrists medical expertise. The DOSIS of the radio-hypnosis was overdosed…
Because the young humans know that the sex limiting their health and the only factor may be – the harass of the radio-broadcasting.
Mostly, the radio-hypnosis is the INSULTING of the humans. And if it breaking up their life – it is the TRASH if the self-expression of the situation designers, the social engineers of the plain simple love between too youndg and too old…

an entire generation of young women having sex with their students. you'd think they'd warn them against doing that in school. I wonder if feminism teaches girls they can abuse their power over underage students?

2019: Human gets arrested for sleeping with other younger human. We dont know the whole story, but sounds like she pleased him. why tf she should then get charged?

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