Education Department at Manchester University

I think the thing that I
probably like the most about this job is that I get to work really really closely
with students and I get to see them kind of the whole way through. It’s neat to
see them grow, it’s neat to see them do things that they probably didn’t realize
that they were going to be able to do and not only do those things but do them
well and find pride in doing those things and become passionate about doing
those things. It’s neat to see them go farther than they probably ever
thought they were going to be able to go. I love children, I love teaching, and what
I do here is making a huge impact and that message that I see when I
talk with graduates, it fuels my passion and it’s really exciting when our
students leave the education program they are ready from day one to do things
that I think many of their peers might not feel as confident with. I want our grads
to walk away knowing that they have power. There’s a power
in being a teacher that can’t go unrecognized. The power of education, it
allows you to have experiences that you would not otherwise have. It’s exciting
to watch them go from being timid and often unsure first-year students to
people who are ready to step into the world.

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