(Enable CC) – Google Teacher Academy – Innovation in Education through Connectivism


Yes, but why? Hello? Pierre! I don’t have the answer! Don’t panic! Flip the problem! Have them find the answer and teach it. Ok, I’m not really a lone expert. In fact, the days of localized knowledge are long gone. When I face a new problem, such as creating a video presenting innovation in education, I leverage my network and collaborate through multiple channels. We now possess extremely powerful collaborative tools that enable us to gather, organise and distill information very efficiently. You see, to innovate in education, we must allow our students to work with others… to make sense of all the information out there… to find innovative solutions to real world problems. The line between student and teacher has blurred. There are no walls to the classroom. We learn together, where and when we can, in the pedagogical cloud: the classworld.


  1. Google Teacher Academy – Innovation in Education through Connectivism

    A real-life example of #Connectivism . This video is the result of multiple hours of #collaboration and discussion with my network through a variety of technological media. 

    Thank you to all who have helped and been patient with me!

    P.S. Make sure to enable closed captioning, as the video is multilingual.

    #Education   #gtachi  

  2. Félicitations Pierre pour ta vidéo. J'aime la façon dont tu présentes l'importance du travail collaboratif autant pour les élèves que pour les enseignants et enseignants. Bonne chance!


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