EPCOT in Disney World!


– Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine. (laughing) – What are they saying? (upbeat music) – Good morning, everyone. So today we are going to Epcot. It’s gonna be raining. So it’s gonna be really exciting. That’s why we got our jackets. And swim clothes and everything. My favorite ride on Epcot is Test Track. I really like that one. I like Spaceship Earth,
the little kid one. I don’t know why. I just like it. At the end, it’s really funny. I am really excited to see all the trees. And I’m excited for my shoes
to go up at the night time. Bye. – I’m super excited. We just parked and I’m ready to go. Do you want to go to Epcot? Do you want to go on Spaceship Earth? – Yeah. – I’m super excited to
go on Spaceship Earth because it’s my favorite
ride and last time I went on it, I laughed
so hard that I cried. – Epcot is right over there. You can see number 15. Getting larger. And then mmpah. – I’m actually pretty excited about today because it’s gonna rain. We actually planned to come today, even though it was gonna be raining, because we thought the park
might be a little emptier. So we’ll see. We’ll see if that theory works out. But there are some logistical things that are a little harder with the rain. For example, this camera
is not supposed to get wet. Duncan’s in his car seat stroller today, which is not supposed to get wet. There’s other things that
aren’t supposed to get wet, like sandwiches. – Sorry, sandwiches and popcorn. – We’ll see how we survive that. Duncan, have you ever
seen a ball that big? Is that a big ball? That’s pretty big. Whoa. Our first up today is living
on the land, off the land. Something like that. (upbeat music) Living with the Land. That’s what it’s called. – So my first priority was
to go to Living with the Land because we missed it last time, and I really wanted to go to it, so this is our very first
time and I’m really excited. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Welcome to
our living laboratories, where scientists from
Epcot and the US Department of Agriculture, are
exploring innovative ways to produce bountiful harvests. (upbeat music) – What do you see? Is that popcorn? Do you like it? So on this trip, we got popcorn buckets, which you can refill for two dollars at any of the popcorn
stations at any park, which is really cool. Especially when you got a lot of kids that want a snack, and
it’s only two dollars for a snack, that feeds ’em all at the same time, pretty cool. This stand here had a bunch
of really cool flavors like buffalo blue cheese, which I love me some buffalo sauce flavor. – I think I’m covered in it. – She’s covered in the buffalo. And sour cream and onion, and she was like, oh,
you got to mix these up, and we did it.
– Was it sour cream and chive? – Yeah, sour cream and
chives, sorry, excuse me. Is a chive a green onion? – Yeah.
– Or are they two different things?
– No, it’s like the same thing.
– So I was right but also, to be more specific, a chive. The kids actually even really like it. – I don’t.
– You don’t like it. We got you the regular. And this is the sour cream chives. – I don’t like it with the sour cream, I just like the buffalo.
– You just like the buffalo? I thought Jess and I were
gonna get that buffalo bucket all to ourselves, but it seems like we got a couple little buffalo eaters over here. – Can I show what I like to do? These buckets come with lids, and I’m using the lids as
a little plate for Duncan. He’s got his setup right here. – Yum. (laughing) (upbeat music) – One very popular attraction here, that we have not gone on, is
the Frozen Ever After ride, and we’re gonna go on it right now. He’s a little tired, so I
hope he doesn’t fall asleep in the line. (pleasant music) What do you think of this line, Duncan? Do you like it? Yeah? What do you see? You see, oh you see Kristoff? Yeah, Kristoff? Looks like you’re outside at night time. (upbeat music) So pretty. (chattering) ♪ I’m so glad you came along ♪ – Would you say we’re related? (pleasant music) – How’d you like the ride?
– It was pretty good. Yeah, it was pretty
quick, but pretty good. – I liked that ride, it was fun. It was fun. Yeah. What did you think of that ride? – It was really fun.
– How did you like that ride? – I really liked it. My favorite ride that
has been in this park. (pleasant music) – We are in the German pavilion right now, and we are gonna go in
there, to have lunch. We’re waiting for our table to get ready. We’re just gonna look
around while we wait. Look at this little Christmas shop. Look at these ornaments. I like the little Santa
hat Mickey ear ornaments. Which ornaments are your favorite, Bailey? – I like this one.
– The little bird? This store’s called the
Christmas Corner, or (speaking foreign language). Sorry if I mispronounced that entirely. I probably did. I took German in college,
and I did not do well. Clocks and Crafts. I don’t see clocks or crafts. Oh, there they are. (hooting) Oh my gosh, I love this place. You love it too? – Yeah.
– This is the coolest. (chattering) This is the restaurant we’re gonna eat at. And they have live music. (bell music) (musical saw music) What was he playing that song on? – A saw.
– He was using a saw to make that music?
– Uh huh. How does he do that?
– I don’t know. (xylophone music) This looks really good. They’ve got salad. Various other salads,
like a white bean salad, macaroni, German potato salad. Wurst salad, cucumber salad. Delicious pretzel rolls. (accordion music) Jacob, how do you like the food here? Bailey, how’s the food here? – It’s delicious. (xylophone music) (applauding) (horn music) (applauding) – Can you clap? (upbeat music with
foreign language singing) All right, that was really, really good, but I ate way too much,
now I feel like my legs can’t support my stomach. How are you doing, because I ate too much. – My stomach’s broken, I can barely talk. I’ve never felt this in
pain before from eating. – It was really good food. – I am broken. I’m trying to like, I’m
like hobbling with my hand like pinched on my stomach
trying to be like, digest. – Would you say that you feel the worst? – Oh my gosh, yes, OK. – My stomach feels like 15 inches wider than it’s supposed to be.
– 15 inches wider? – Yeah. (soft guitar music) (speaking foreign language) (chattering) – That was so cool. He taught the kids
exactly what he was doing as he was doing it, he
taught them different Swahili words as he was carving. He was like super nice and awesome, so I’m happy we have this monkey now. Really really cool. I think that’s what a
souvenir’s all about. It has actual special meaning to it and a special memory behind it. Totally awesome. It’s supposed to start
raining a few hours ago. And it hasn’t rained yet, but it just started sprinkling. So we’ll see how quickly it comes upon us. (upbeat music) – OK, so we’re going on
Spaceship Earth right now. – Hi. – We’re going on Spaceship Earth. (jazzy music) – How was that ride, Parker?
– Good. It was super funny. – The kids just went on Spaceship Earth, which is an awesome ride, with Jessica. I didn’t get to go on it
because the baby fell asleep, so I think he would have
liked that ride, too. But I really like that ride
because it’s educational. They show you about the
Phoenicians and the Greeks and the Romans and what
did the Phoenicians create? – The alphabet.
– It has started raining. So a lot of people are covered in plastic and scurrying from place to place. But it’s not coming down so bad. I thought it was gonna be a downpour like we had at Universal,
but this isn’t so bad. It’s just some rain. (jazzy music) Oh my goodness, it’s Baymax. Say cheese. Oh, so cool. I can’t believe you’re meeting Baymax. ♪ It’s just a border ♪ ♪ But we’re floating up like helium ♪ Knuckles. (jazzy music) – Mine, mine, mine,
mine, mine, mine, mine. (laughing) – What are they saying?
– Mine, mine. – Mine, mine. Is that a silly joke? Mine. Mine. Mine, mine. – Mine, mine, mine, mine,
mine, mine, mine, mine, mine. – Yeah. You want to see if we can
find some sea creatures? Yeah? Fish? – Yeah. – [Chris] You see fish? Look at this. What is that? (swelling music) Can you say manatee? Called a manatee. Manatee, that’s right. (ethereal music) A turtle, yeah. (guitar music) – There’s a hammerhead in there. – [Chris] There’s a hammerhead in there? Show me, where is it?
– There’s a hammerhead. – My heart pounds, so beautiful. It’s so beautiful. (indistinct singing) – I think this is too much for Duncan. Everything we’re doing, he’s
like, what just happened? Nemo was in the fish tank we just saw. How’d they do that? You don’t know, I don’t know either. Our kids have been asking us, for a while, to go to Club Cool, where they can taste the different sodas, so that’s
what we’re gonna do next. – Yeah. Bailey actually really like Beverly, and Beverly’s considered
like, most people don’t like. – I think nobody likes
Beverly but our family, and maybe Italy. (upbeat music) We’re gonna go in order
from Beverly to Kuat. Whoa. How is it? Is that your favorite? No?
– Beverly, gross. – [Chris] Beverly’s a no? Here, I’ll drink the rest of it. – Pretty good, actually.
– Yes, Jacob. Jacob with the Beverly.
– Bailey? – [Jessica] You’re not a fan anymore? – [Chris] You just kicked in? Don’t pour it out, I’ll drink it. It’s so good. Do you like it? – I’m trying to drink it. When you first drink it, it’s sweet, and then it gets bitter. – [Jessica] Do you love it yet, Bailey? – [Chris] Bailey’s trying to like it. (laughing) – It does like, the initial
taste is really good, and then it’s like bah. – This kind of tastes
like the grapefruit juice we had at our hotel, in Italy. – It’s from Italy. – I like it. It’s very grapefruity. I get that it’s an aggressive
taste, but I like it. I don’t know.
– It’s a lot like eating a grapefruit.
– Yeah, it’s like eating a carbonated grapefruit. Pineapple Fanta from Greece. – Wow. That’s very surprising, I like it. – Good. – It’s really sweet, very sweet. – It reminds me of Pez. Like, yellow Pez, right?
– Nope. Not tasting that at all, nope. – No, it totally tastes like yellow Pez. – Yellow Pez tastes like lemon. – No, it tastes like this. – It does not taste like, no, yellow Pez tastes like lemons, not pineapple. – Well, yellow something tastes like this. What’s pineapple? What’s a candy that
like’s pineapple flavored? – I don’t know.
– It tastes like that. – How’s that one?
– Better than Beverly. – [Chris] Better than Beverly. Melon Frosty from Thailand. – It looks like throw up.
– What? – Green is throw up. Too, tastes too bitter?
– Too bitter. – This one’s bitterer, but
this one’s bitter, too. – [Chris] That’s second
place for bitterness. – It’s good. Very sweet. – I like it. – It kind of tastes like what
I thought it would taste like, like melony and kind of
like the frosting part is like a slushie flavor. This is a lot of soda for me. You have my other half. – No, I don’t like that. I’m trying to like it. But I’m not really liking this. Vegitabeta.
– Vegitabeta? – Vegitabeta.
– Well, I’m really excited about this, wait? There’s apricot and passion fruit. I thought it was going to be like carrot. – [Chris] It does look like carrots. – OK, the passion fruit is prominent. It does seem like a pog esque soda. – [Chris] But why does it
have carrots and radishes and turnips on it?
– Because it’s saying there’s beta-carotine. These things aren’t in
it, but you get like the, I don’t know. (laughing) – [Boy] She starts to bring the cup up. – [Jessica] Oh no you didn’t. Bailey, that was the most
soda you’ve ever had. That was outrageous. – Ly amazing. (laughing) – [Jessica] Oh my word. – [Chris] Is it good? (laughing) You like that one?
– Wait. Parker clearly does not.
– That’s a thumbs down from Parker, and thumbs up. – Best flavor.
– That is the best so far. – Mix them all together and more. – It’s like three times
them all together good. – That’s like not even a soda, right? – Kind of like pog.
– Yeah. It kind of has, is apricot in this? – Yeah.
– Yeah, I can taste the apricot, but it’s like
barely even carbonated. Maybe it’s this machine. We’ll have to test it
with another machine, but it’s barely carbonated. It’s the same on every machine. Just so everyone knows.
– It’s Bibo from South Africa. Trying to get a hint.
– It’s got some DJ Kiwi Mango. – DJ Kiwi Mango.
– Mixing it up. – Let’s rock.
– Mixing up the tracks. Oh, is it like a club party? – It grew on me. At first it was like, it’s
the opposite of Beverly. – Thank you, but no. – OK, really, really sweet,
like ridiculously sweet, and not a lot of fizz on this one, either. – It’s pretty good. – My favorite fruit. I don’t taste the kiwi. It’s amazing.
– Sparletta. From Zimbabwe. – Oh, that one looks so reddish. – It’s really good. – Good. Hurts your teeth, though, a little. – Hurts your teeth?
– But good. – A raspberry flavored cream soda? All right. (laughing) It didn’t go for my teeth,
but it went for my throat. This is a zinger. This gets ya. Bang.
– It’s a little burny? – Yeah, like pleasant. – Oh, wow. That’s cool. That’s like. – Oh, I don’t like that very much. I’ll try again. If you took all the different
like Slurpee flavors and put them together
and then let it melt, I feel like that’s what this is. It’s like a melted snow cone. – Inca Kola? I really like the description. It’s the taste of Peru. Yeah, tastes like liquid bubblegum. It kind of has a bubblegum smell. Peru, you’re delicious. – Thank you, but I. It’s super duper good. – That’s really good. – Peru tastes delicious. – Oh, it smells like bubblegum. Oh, it’s creamier than
I thought it would be. Like it kind of has like a creamy flavor. It’s like a cream soda bubblegum flavor. – We are not soda drinkers,
but I love cultural experiences, I love trying
candies from around the world, and learning the flavors
that different places around the world enjoy. We’re definitely doing
this, but my kids basically never, ever have soda,
so it’s kind of funny because this is how they’re going to spend their childhood thinking soda tastes. So ha ha ha ha ha, but we
don’t drink soda normally in our household. We do drink sparkling
water, that’s flavored, and that’s delicious. I’m on board with that. – [Chris] We’re gonna have some Kuat. Is it coo-at? – We’re definitely calling this Kuat. I love the name of this,
it’s my favorite name. And this is Guranna, from
Brazil, so let’s see. Kuat. OK, the flavor I don’t like, but then it actually
mellows out at the end. So. Wait. – [Chris] The best way to
describe your expression right now is Kuat.
– Kuat. It’s like Kuat. That’s what this tastes like. Kuat. – Just a moment. I love Kuat. – Tastes, Kuat’s good. I like it. – I don’t understand
the taste, what is it? I like it.
– It’s Kuat. Kuat. – Oh, it kind of has a tea smell to it. Yeah, it kind of tastes
like a sweet tea to me. – Does it taste like your energy drinks? I feel like the energy
drinks that are natural, like when you get those organic ones, don’t they have korana in them? – They do. But it doesn’t taste like this. I feel like this tastes
like a carbonated sweet tea. – So that Club Cool area
is sponsored, I think, by Coca Cola or something,
so it’s all free, so you can go in there and have as many of those drinks as you want for free. I think I’ve heard that you
can get like a free slushie there if it’s your birthday, but I don’t know if
they’re still doing that. That’s something they were
doing, I think, last year. It’s none of our birthdays
right now, though, so I can’t like prove it. (hip hop music) – We just got off the Mission Space ride, which is behind me here. And last year was the first time Parker was tall enough for it,
and he was scared of it. He did not enjoy the experience. No, you don’t like it? I’m proud of you for doing it. And I’m sorry you were scared. You don’t have to go on it
again if you don’t want to, but when you’re older, I
hope that you try it again, when you’re a little braver. How’s that sound? OK, good. I was really proud of him
because today he tried it again even though he remembered going on it, he remembered not liking it, and he really like it today. So, good job, Parker. – It was really good. I was the engineer in there, and I like when she said, “Don’t move.” – On that ride, everybody
has a different role to play. And we have to push buttons
when she tells us to. (upbeat music) Goodbye, Spaceship Earth. Sorry you didn’t get to see the whole fireworks show, Parker. – I do get to see some right now. – Oh, that’s thinking
positively, I like it. Hi. Let’s talk about what we learned today. We learned where to find
the number 15 and mmpah. We learned the best way to
entertain a one year old is three selfish seagulls. And finally, we learned that Club Cool is the place you go to try
really hard to like soft drinks. Thanks for watching, everybody. We’ll see you next time. (laughing) Are you excited to go
to Magic Kingdom today? You just want to go to sleep? OK, night night. Bailey left her ears on the ride, so now they’re searching all of the trains for her Mickey ears. – Whoa. Yes. – Oh yes. That is very good. (melancholy music)


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