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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first online newscast for the Greek diaspora in the US, based in New York. Hellenic DNA will record the pulse of the Greek community in order to preserve for the generations to come the activities of the Greek diaspora, in New York and all over the United States. This effort aims to connect in a unique way the Greek diaspora with Greece but also to spread the Greek culture and language to the farthest ends of the planet. Wherever Greeks can be found. Hellenic DNA, besides the series of topics you will have the chance to watch anytime, will also include a series of exclusive interviews with Greeks in the USA, who may create away from their mother country, but they carry the Greek spirit within them, wherever they are. Tonight, in this first Hellenic DNA, recorded in our brand new studio in New York City, you will have the chance to see the following: Conference of “Leadership 100” in Florida Event – Tribute to the memory of the visionary and leader Nick Mouyiaris An event dedicated to the Holocaust hosted by the Greek Consulate in New York The award ceremony of the Chian Federation presenting the Homeric Award to Jeanne Shaheen Tomorrow’ s School is a reality today. Konstantinos Doukas in Astoria, NY The 28th Annual Leadership 100 Conference took place in Boca Raton, Florida, on 21-24 February. At the conference, which marked the organization’s 35th anniversary, participated about 500 members with their families, while the presence of more than 250 young participants, up to the age of 30, was both impressive and promising. On Friday evening, February 23rd, the official dinner took place, followed by a Greek traditional feast, with singers Dimitris Bassis and Aphrodite Daniel. Statements to Hellenic DNA made the Greek Orthodox Archbishop of America Demetrios, the Executive Director of Leadership 100 Paulette Poulos, and many members of the organization. Good evening and thank you for joining us. As you can see, we have 250 young kids dancing, singing, rejoicing, with love and faith, altogether. And the Leadership 100 is celebrating its 35th Anniversary this year, and we are delighted that we are here in Boca Raton. We have over 500 registered people at our conference. We were delighted to have our spiritual leader, our beloved Archbishop Demetrios with us and we are delighted because the people that came are of all ages. Young, middle age, and these are future leaders of the church – many of them. Leadership 100 -or Hegesia 100 in Greek, to be precise its full name is “Archbishop Iakovos Leadership 100” because this organization was inspired by the late Archbishop Iakovos back in 1985. Even the Archbishop himself couldn’t believe that this organization would grow to its present size. He claimed that there would be very few who would be able to pay the 100,000 USD annual fee. However, a miracle took place, the organization grew, there were around 300 members when I first got here, and during the last 20 years it has reached a total of more than 1,000 members and a reserved capital of more than 80 million USD, whose interests are used for the programs of the National Ministries of the Greek Orthodox Church of America. Leadership 100 gave me the great honor to present me with the Archbishop Iakovos Award, named after the Archbishop Iakovos, whom I remeber with great emotion, and I have met him also in person many times in the past It was totally unexpected, and I have to admit that being honored by my fellow Greeks is something that always speaks to every Greek’s heart and the interaction we have with each other, is always unlike any other, in any other language. Young people should come here, to Leadership 100, in order to learn how Greeks like me, like Thanassis, can guide them, how they will become lawyers or doctors. Greece is everyone’s beating heart. I joined Leadership 100 back in 2002 with my wife, and we are very proud for this organization. Leadership 100 does many good things and helps many people that struggle, because everyone needs help, but we try to do the best we can for the church, for our religion, and for Greece. I am very happy that 35 years later we’re all here and the best thing is that I see many young faces. And we need to bring all the young people closer, in order not to lose the Greek spirit here in the States. Over 60% of the younger generation joined the church and all that it’s about, and joining all the programs and helping to keep the church alive and moving forward. So, is a wonderful, wonderful event. Thank you. I encourage anyone listening, to join Leadership 100. It is the most professionally run, professionally operated, rigorously monitored, regulated foundation that we have in the church in this country. I strongly encourage everyone to join to help us build a better, stronger Orthodox church. Not for us, but for our children and our grandchildren. To Leadership 100 and its members and supporters over 35 years I say to you: “You are worthy!” I am 2nd generation [Greek] It is my entire life It’s been my heart, it is my soul, heart and soul Being a Greek American defines me. We, as Greek Americans, know exactly where we are from. We know the island, we know the village, we know the house in many occassions. And what this means is, it grounds us. We have a sense of place, and that is powerful. Having a sense of place gives you confidence, it gives you dignity. And so being a Greek American and an Orthodox Christian, defines me in every way, in everything I do. Not just for me, but as well as my family and my children. We are here amongst many people, children, parents, grandparents, Fathers and we are all here to support the church and the Greek spirit. It is the greatest endowment in America. We have helped a lot of people, but the best thing is that we found ourselves amongst a great company. We have met Greeks, Orthodoxes, from all over America and worlwide. Once again, we were gathered under the auspices of Leadership 100. Greeks, Greek Americans from all over America, a very dynamic group but -above all- our young people. Our young people, who have been in the front line for this year as well in the beautiful Boca Raton in Florida. The Atlantic Bank, since the first year that Leadership 100 conference was held, was at the front line and our representatives participate every year up to date. Leadership 100 is a fantastic organization that I have been part of now for about 7 years. I was introduced to the organization through some friends and family and Mr. Calamos is also part of it for many years. It’s been a wonderful experience for me. It’s an organization that allows people to come together from around the country and overseas as well to support Orthodoxy and Hellenism. So, it’s great, people come together, families from all over the country. It’s wonderful to see everyone, connect our culture and do good things, create a number of wonderful programs and again, help our church and our culture. Leadership 100 is an organization in the USA that helps the Greek Americans to preserve their religion, the language, and the culture. Anyone who can become a member of Leadership 100 shouldn’t delay, and enroll their children as well. It is an organization that brings plenty of joy, while helping to preserve our culture, religion, and language. Leadership 100 I’ve been prvileged to be a member for over 15 years now, on the Board for over 10 years and on the executive committee. It’s truly a blessing to see all these people from around the country who share the same passion that we do about our faith, about our church about the next generation keeping involved. The new generation. It’s exciting to me with young children, I’ve tried to bring in the recent years, to see that this group of young children 18 and under is growing every year, I think we had close to 40 this year But we also have our young professionals, who are in their 20s and 30s, That group is going as well. I think we have over 150 members. Our organization started by Andrea Perakis and Michael Pappas for just $1,000. They grown that group as well. So, as any organization, no matter how good it is, no matter what great work it’s done, it needs to thrive and continue. And when you do that it’s engaging the next generation. I think Leadership 100 do that in very effective way. It’s been 35 years since the foundation of Leadership 100 and 28 years since the first conference. I feel happy for being the conference’s Chairman -this year is my first time- I’ve seen many young participants, college graduates, who come to learn what is the purpose of Leadership 100 and how they can help I am extremely happy for being here all together in Boca Raton with people from all over America At Leadership 100 we love our faith, we love being together, and we love doing great works. Welcome. We are at Leadership 100’s 35th conference. It is a fantastic evening. I was impressed by the number of young people attending this year and how many kids have gathered here. It is amazing to see how everyone is pleased for being here, how they come together and support each other and Leadership 100 We continue from New York, with more news and lots of stories. All stories included in each episode will be also available to watch individually, both on our website and Hellenic DNA’s social media accounts. On Friday, March 1st, a public event took place at Terrace on the Park, in Flushing. It was a deeply moving tribute to the memory of leader, visionary, and benefactor Nikos Mouyiaris, who selflessly offered so much to both the country and Hellenism. Let me also thank George Mouyiaris, the Raftis family, the aunts and uncles, all the nephews, the family that loved Nikos so much for being here with us tonight. First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Kareklas, our village’s mayor, and Nikos’ best friend, Kyriakos Sigalidis who both came from Cyprus to honor my brother. My profession gives me the opportunity to contact many kids from both Greece and Cyprus, who got sick here in New York, Nikos was always the first one coming to our aid, he was always discreet about everything he offered It is my honor that Philip Christopher asked me to help and contribute my best with the Cyrenian Opera to this tribute for such a great man like Nikos Mouyiaris. Today we honor the memory of Nikos Mouyiaris, it is a sad day, but a day of joy as well, because great men, great souls never fade away. Nikos Mouyiaris once received the CosmosFM prize, and I will never forget his acceptance speech that evening. The thing that impressed me the most and I will never forget is all those kids of HALC, who never met him, who met him once, saw and understood what kind of person he was, knew his soul without knowing him. If we will succeed -or better said, we will succeed, it is a goal of my life, if we succeed, it will be because of Nikos’ investment in the entire Hellenism. And he used to say “I am nothing but a soldier devoted to Hellenism.” I am someone who believe in the power of the Greek soul. A simple soldier, a unit of this mighty team which could easily become the strongest fist between the Hellenism in America and the entire Greek diaspora. It was a truly moving evening with many messages. An event that took place once again in New York, titled “Memorial Day for the Greek Jews of the Holocaust”, hosted by the Greek Consulate in New York at the Hebrew Union College’s auditorium, in Manhattan. Watch some of the attendees’ statements, recorded by Hellenic DNA’s camera. This is an event that takes place every year, the anniversary of the Holocaust which occured during the World War II The Jews of Greece, mostly located in Thessaloniki, but in other places as well, who were victims of the Nazi atrocities and lost their life, not in a beautiful and pleasant and heroic place like Greece, but in a concentration camp, as objects by experiencing the worst execution. We are grateful to the Greek Consulate in New York, which organizes in cooperation with local Jewish associations this very moving, lovely, substantial event. Today, we had the opportunity to be part of an event of extreme quality, and at the same time an event that touched our hearts, and deeply moved us all We live in times where some of these memories become reality again, and I am referring to last October’s incidents here in this country, in the US, incidents that we experienced during the last years in France and throughout Europe, remind us that anti-semitism and racism are still present, both poisoning the soul of human species, and even though we believed that they were long gone the facts prove us that our belief was just a wishful thinking. It is something of extreme importance, and we have the obligation to inform the future generations. This is why we brought along some students from the university and we aim to educate them, to give them the chance to learn and listen about some of the incidents related to today’s event. Before saying anything else, I would like to thank all media. You in specific, because without your presence the message of this day wouldn’t reach more people. And the most important part is not the event itself or the people’s great feedback, the congratulations, it is the message of this day which we ought to pass to the future generations. And I am saying this because the present circumstances in the world, the rough times the society is going through and I am not talking only about the Greeks, but the humanity in total in the age of populism, extremism, and financial struggling the message has to be clear: Never again. Not only about the Holocaust, but for other relative occasions of our times. This is a very touching event for all of us. It’s a very proud moment in Greek history to be associated with the actions of our ancestors. You know, I, myself, a New Yorker, and growing up in a community that was primarily Jewish, have always felt very close to that ethnic group. I think we share a lot of similarities. But coming to find out that we not only were from the same places in Greece, but that we supported each other has always been very touching to me. And supporting this event and being a part of it in hearing the history, I think is very important. And I look forward to more attendance in events like this on this day of remembrance. Significant importance was given and many details were presented for things that I think that we as Greeks have also lived how the Jews of Greece were basically Greeks and then Jews, feeling totally identified with the Christian Orthodoxes of Greece. It was an amazing event, I believe its messages were passed successfully to the audience, everyone left with a sense of optimism and strength believing that such past events will never be repeated in the future. [This event] gave us the chance to remember some really basic facts regarding our existence as humans, our substance, our dignity, and our history. The key message and lesson that I kept after this tribute, is that we cannot allow ourselves to forget what happened, and we cannot stay indifferent when it comes to present day incidents that starting to look a lot like the ones we remember and we are obliged to never forget, in order to avoid reliving the crimes of WW II. It is something we shall never forget, we ought to maintain those memories, because the beast lurks, and nowadays is sneakier than ever. Congratulations to the hosts of this event, and especially to Dr. Koutras. Thank you for giving me the chance to be here. We are at the Hebrew Union College, gathered here in order to remember Holocaust Day of the Greek Jews. The message of this evening is that Greek Jews are Greeks above anything else, and there have been Synagogues in Greece for more than 2,500 years and the example of Zakynthos, where every Jew on the island was saved, is unique worldwide wise along with Archbishop Damaskinos, the only religious leader in the world, who stood against the Germans, who we honor here in New York with the Damaskinos Award which is given to individuals who honor religious freedom, racial diversity and human independence. Sadly, we live in a society that has not managed to extinct the hatred and disunity. That is why an event like this one is very significant. It has to take place, in order to remember the mistakes of the past, and of course avoid them. We are very happy for being here, we all ought to remember, Solomon Asser, the President of the American Friends of the Jewish Museum of Greece, said something magical. “This is not that far behind us, neither that far ahead of us.” We all have to remember what happened in the past all learn some valuable lessons about the future. I believe that this year’s event was probably the most beautiful ever, it was touching, we felt once again the importance of being Greek and stay united. We are here for a 4th year in a row, we support this event along with any other event of the Greek diaspora we try to support them closely and in the best possible way. The Board of Directors of The Chian Federation of America presented the 39th Homeric Award to US Senator from New Hampshire, Jeanne Shaheen, for her contribution in blocking the F-35 sale to Turkey. The event took place at the Chian House, in Astoria. The Senator, along with several guests, talked to Hellenic DNA. We were present in a very important event today. And it is important for a number of reasons. First of all, for its excellent organization, but mostly for the choice of the person that was honored today, Senator Shaheen. Who -besides being the first woman ever elected both Senator and Governor- brought tangible results for both Greece and Cyprus. As a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, she has contributed the most, when it comes to Greek-related issues, the Cyprus-related issues, regarding the sale of the F-35 fighters to Turkey, and many other issues, this is why I would like to congratulate from the bottom of my heart our fellow Chians for choosing to honor her with this magnificent award, which, by the way, was presented to numerous, equally significant individuals, in the past. Once again, my sincere congratulations. We presented the Homeric Award to the US Senator Jeanne Shaheen for her effort and contribution regarding stopping the sale of the F-35 fighters to Turkey. We hope that we have earned one more great friend in US politics for many years to come. I have worked with my colleague Thom Tillis in the Senate to introduce legislation that would say in the defense bill that the transfer of the F-35s to Turkey is gonna be prohibited, until Turkey’s involvement until Turkey’s involvement in the F-35 program has been re-evaluated by the Department of Defense and I am going to continue to make sure that the US is not handing over sensitive F-35 planes and technology, to a country that uses its military equipment to threaten its neighbours and allies in NATO. Tonight, I was a guest of The Chian Federation and what I saw in this Greek community is the magnificence of the Greek dynamic spirit, honoring a US Senator, Governor of New Hampshire. It is a great example for us to relentlessly continue with the same strength the Greek diaspora has here to be a part of the US politics. The Homeric Award is a symbol of love and gratitude, which we present to distinguished individuals, who worth it, who contribute in their way to the Greek related-issues. This year, it was presented to Senator Shaheen, speciffically because she stopped the sale of F-35s fighters to Turkey. Tonight, we attended, all the Greek Americans originating from Chios and the entire Greek Diaspora here in New York, and from all over America the 39th Homeric Award of The Chian Federation received by US Senator Jeanne Shaheen. I would like to thank, as the Executive Secretary of the Chian Federation, all the Chians and the entire Greek Diaspora for their support to our work. A warm “Thank you”, long live Greece, and united we can always achieve more. At the Chian House, guest of The Chian Federation, at the presentation ceremony of the Homeric Award. It was a heartwarming evening, spent with the Greek Diaspora with the Chians that live in the USA, first, second or even third generation Greek Americans, but they keep strong their bond with Greece. It is our obligation, as Greek Parliament MPs, to connect to the Greek diaspora on a regular basis. And I believe that the Greek State should finally recognize to the Greek Americans abroad the right to vote in our next national elections. America’s biggest travel show, The New York Times Travel Show took place for the 16th year at the Javits Convention Center, with more than 30,000 visitors. GNTO promoted Greece as 365 day destination. Elected officials of Tourism and professionals talked to Hellenic DNA. We are at the biggest travel show of the East Coast, at The New York Times Travel Show exhibiting for another year, with great results, with amazing results from both the US and Canada, which please us so much that we want to share them with your audience. Visit Greece 365 days a year. We are an amazing destination with lots of thematic tourism products. We are doing extremely well, more than -if I am not mistaken- 1.2 million travellers from the US visited Greece and this is the result of the continuous effort of the GNTO office here in NY, a targeted efford lasting 4 years now. Visit our country, it is a wonderful country, and even though this is something you already know, the 2nd and 3rd generation Greek Americans should know it as well. We are a friendly country, and we welcome you to visit us. The reason we are here is to promote the Region of Central Macedonia, through the GNTO booth, in order to present Northern Greece as a unique tourist destination. The Region of Central Macedonia is the birthplace of Alexander the Great the bithplace of Aristotle, the great teacher of Alexander the Great, the area where Paul the Apostle taught and spread the message of Christianity. It has a significant cultural depth, it has pluralism, and it truly is an all-year destination. The infrastructure is very important, the upgrade of the Macedonia Airport we think that from September it will be ready to welcome transatlantic flights, long distance flights, in order to increase the connectivity, the inbound flights from distant countries to our region, something really important to become a more appealing destination. There is a quote stating “There’s no place like Chalkidiki”, mostly because of its unique beaches the amazing pulse, all the things you can do next to this unique landscape, is unique on a global scale. And we invite everyone to experience this themselves when visiting, and state afterwards, after travelling abroad to understand that there’s no place like Chalkidiki, and not only Chalkidiki, but there’s no place like Thessaloniki, or Greece in general. We are here to promote Hydra as a tourist destination on the American market It is a carless island. A moped-less island. An island with great history, and great contribution to the creation of the modern Greek state. An island of unique architecture and uniquenatural beauty. An island that you can visit 365 days a year I send greetings to the Greek Diaspora. Our thought is with them, we want them next to us, and we consider them our brothers, even though they are away. My name is Giorgos Kambourakis. I am the director of My Greek Friend, an online travel agency that promotes Greece to the world: England, France, Germany, and now in the US. We are trying to make tailor-made packages that fulfill the wishes of our clients. We are there for them after the sale, for whatever they might need. This is a very important institution for tourism in New York Our goal is to attract more American tourists to our islands in the Aegean Sea and this is why we have come here to promote proudly our islands, with Mykonos and Santorini as the center stage names while we are trying to establish new connections for all the other islands. Is the first transatlantic trip for the city of Kavala, to this great travel show, in order to familiarize the Americans with a new destination. Because Greece is not just the islands. Kavala is the blue city, and on the one hand, it has all the advantages of an island, such as clear waters, very beautiful beaches and sand, but also we have a cultural heritage, Philippoi, an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Monument, we have religious tourism, healing tourism, and may events throughout the year, which make us an exceptional 365-day destination. I am here to support Greece and Greek tourism Ι stand close to Greece and Greek tourism, with the Hellenic Golden Directory. Greek American bussinesses we are with you. Hellenic DNA visited the only Greek day school in America. It is the school of the Saint Demetrios Community in Astoria, where people keep the Greek language, religion and Hellenism alive. There, we met the “guru” of the Greek education, Kontantinos Doukas, who was visiting for a few days, and talked to us about the recent developments in the industry, but also [talked to] the Director -for 21 years- of the Saint Demetrios School, Anastasios Koularmanis. Watch their interesting interviews to Hellenic DNA. My name is Konstantinos Doukas. I am the President and CEO of Doukas Private School in Athens, which was founded 101 years ago by my grandfather, a pioneering and innovative in several sections school . and through our international collaborations and experiences, we have established numerous partnerships and opportunities to go abroad and visit various other schools in different cities. I am in the USA is because of an organization I am working with over the last years named SOFIA (School Of Future International Academy), an international organization that helps schools and educational institutions to improve and develop on an educational and administrative level. So I am in New York to support the very important effort of Saint Demetrios, the Greek School in NY, through Mr. Andriotis’ leadership and the Principal’s, Mr. Koularmanis, who do a great job and at the same time they do not rest, but wish to improve the school even more to examine their next steps, and they have called me to give them my opinion and contribute with my know-how and my own experience on how Saint Demetrios can develope in the following years. The experience I have right now from the period I have worked here, at Saint Demetrios, at this so important -in many ways- and symbolic school, is that it is a school that does indeed a great job, it is a school that and we all have to support it as much as possible, because it has a very important educational and pedagogical footprint. The people are that make the difference. As in all the professions and all the industries we are involved. Here, the work of President Andriotis is stunning, and the way that he supports and offers in this endeavor, along with the Principal Mr. Koularmanis, with whom I have discussed and worked together, and their effort is really meritorious. I think that for the Greeks living in New York it is a very good option. It is an option for their children to go to a good school that -simply put- will learn, but at the same time they will keep intact a very important aspect; their Greek identity. It is a school that is on a rising course, and always aiming to progress and evolve, and this explains why they invited me here, one of the reason the invited not only me, but other of its partners as well. So, it is a school that develops, and it is very important to enroll your children to a school that cares to getting improved. It is important to enroll your children to a school that is looking for ways of improvement. And the people here, emit that. You see people smiling, dynamic, people with a spark in their eyes. They truly love what they do. I think I’m serving a purpose, because I believe that this school is serving a purpose as well. It helps Hellenism, It helps the Greek children to preserve here, in America, our language, our religion, our culture alive. We are much more than just a school. We are the way to keep what our grandfathers and grandmothers left us to keep Greece alive in their heart. We continue to offer Greece, and for us Greece is our language, our culture, our history, drama, music, and our religion. We believe it, and for this I have stayed here for so many years, just like this school. Ladies and gentlement, this was the premiere newscast of Hellenic DNA. We continue from New York, with accurate news and lots of stories. You will have the chance to watch each topic of every episode individually, both on our website and Hellenic DNA’s social media. Until next time, take care! Subtitles: George Mantzouranedes



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