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Arizona needs qualified teachers there are Thousands of open positions in our state and some of those vacancies are being filled by teachers from other countries Ivory Riner talked with a teacher from the Philippines about the rewards and challenges of the job. [I] feel like a princess or queen with so use it was complete it has a sink and it has best That’s how Honey Kate Araza felt when she walked into her new classroom She’s from the Philippines here on a work visa teaching second grade at Amberley Elementary school in Phoenix [he] needed this opportunity to naturally so I can financially help my husband support and Radar [kid] a rather than 375 dollars a month teaching in the Philippines here she brings some three thousand dollars a month and have health insurance And since the money back home to her three children and passion on the other side of the globe, [okay]? [Matt] [Williams] to manage the teacher Exchange program said the Philippines have viable candidate that can support his students [the] pay over here is much better, and that’s [its] that’s where the win. We can we fill our teacher shortage, and they have To pay that is substantially higher than in philippines [lily] to blue Superintendent at paragraph Elementary school districts that education should be treated like an investment That teach with expected to come into the classroom get a clean many with Master’s degree started Maybe in the 30,000 when they have loans happy you expect people to be [attracted] to this amazing Field if they can’t even support themselves and be treated with the respect that they deserve two months ago there were 2166 teacher vacancies in the State of Arizona Alone [paragraph] Elementary School District hired 58 of those teachers through the word be teacher Programs are other plans to return to the philippines to see her husband and children for Christmas this year in [Phoenix] Ivory Riner, Cronkite News As of right now there are still over 2,000 teacher vacancies in the state of Arizona.


You do understand that any contracted worker you hire from PI will devise what they can to prevent themselves from returning back to their country right? ๐Ÿ˜ Gods time our teachers and we,the ofws will coming back home to Philippines for good….may God grant the Philippines a bounty blessings so it will stand and reign……..Amen

Lets go back from history!!before first American teachers went to Philippines and they called the thomasites! now its the way around!!

All you have to do is to have a stricter laws in school for the students.In the Philippines public or private, the students are afraid of their teachers, bec. teachers, there have the right to discipline and flank (fail) the student and parents can't do anything and has to follow what the teachera, do.Here lawsuits are always a threat not only to teachers but the school itsekf? No students learn if there is a lack of discipline? Particularly in public schools!

To Rayva1….you're very closed minded and have no idea what you're talking about. Why don't you talk to the people (US government) who hired them. So what if they decided to stay? They deserved and earned it because they sacrificed to leave their family so they could provide for them. They're not illegal immigrants! Express some gratitude to them for taking the challenge of teaching in places that other american teachers have rejected or simply nobody applied for….and teachers from the Philippines are equally as good (or better) as any teacher in the US.

I remember when US recruits nurses from the Philippine, now teachers are being recruited. I wonder whatโ€™s next.

And the brain drain continues in the Philippines… first our smart and skilled workers leave now our educators leave… ugh

Trump gonna deport those teachers because they are taking America n job!
Now tell me what most Americans will say and Trump?
Lock them up and send armed military ?

To all the teacher wants to work abroad, if you have spouse and children, in any country you going learn their immigration visa process. So you can bring your family with you. I am not a teacher but I work abroad and in any country we work we always bring our children.

They will not last long….All the white teachers are leaving because of the lack of discipline in the classroom….thus the shortage of teachers….

Good she find elementary but high school ppfff i cannot imagine how filipina teachers coup up those high school levels they seems animals that got away from ranch . Cannot be control.. head ache

i am presently teaching english here in macau china…how i wish too to extend my knowledge of teaching in the u.s…how?

Its better i teach here in Philippines, yeah.! Thats a big salary thr but times comes you will say i resign going home to philippines, oky lang pag elementary teacher ka.! Pag nasa high school ka nag teacher iiyak ka sa kwarto mong mag isa. Ang nasa isip mo.? Diko kaya mag teacher dito, uwi na ako ng pinas.!!

Extraction of skill people from Philippines is sad, but by the
We need philipina teacher here in antartica, please send someone .

The brain drain continues. First, nurses and doctors, then engineers and IT specialist, now TEACHERS. What's next? Drivers?

Nag resign ang mga American teachers dahil sa "classroom chaos" ang iba sabi "we don't want to teach these little demons." Ganon ka grabe.

Di na rin makatagal sa mga balasubas na estudyanteng Filipino ang mga Filipino teachers dito, pero mas matindi ang mga bata sa America. At least mataas ang sahod. Pero mataas din ang renta ng bahay doon. Lumalala nga ang homelessness crisis sa US. Kahit mga working middle class e homeless na rin. Sana maka survive ang mga pinoy teachers doon sa US. Sana magbago na takbo ng panahon at magising na ang mga tao sa mga baluktot na sistema

Cronkite people is that you that your countrymen said that you are deplorable. What so you deplore that you need othe country to do!

alternate title "Government not willing to pay American teachers so school districts are hiring temporary immigrants for less wages"

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders are having a dialogue with Americans working in the groceries, Amazon, fast food chains, etc. receiving minimum wage complaining about their living condition, healthcare, sleeping in their cars, receiving food stamps, and so forth..

Keep on whining socialist democrat Americans, very soon influx of Filipinos, both documented and undocumunted, will replace your hated "minimum wage" jobs we Filipinos relish.. Why? Because Filipinos are:

1. Gumptious (we don't say no to overtime, we love additional work hours, mo' jobs mo' money!).

2. Docile (we accept jobs most Americans don't like, we strike everywhere!), and ultimately..

3. Versatile (not picky on foods, shelter, work conditions, we are like "water" (Bruce Lee's quote).

It's party time,mga kababayan ko, paalam mga engot na kano, nabibilang na oras nyo!

It will be advantageous for us Filipinos if the kind of Donald Trump is removed from the oval office and replaced with a socialist democrat president and welcome all Filipinos, especially TNT's (undocumented immigrants) with arms wide open and exploit your democracy!

perhaps US should have a mandatory degree programs for potential teachers for them to do their degrees wherever the degrees are cheaper, so that they are not burdened with debt and can come and work in rural US area.

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