Graduate School and Research at Wright State University

Wright State has over 100
graduate degree programs ranging from business to
nursing to education to engineering. If it’s liberal arts, even if
it’s performance arts, there are so many different
programs to feed into that niche of what you’re
really interested in. Wright State is a very positive
environment for the research. With this support, I was
able to start the research that I am doing right now. From the basic science to the
bench top and translational. As a grad student, I have access
to all three of these different types of research. Wright State is all about
collaboration, including this building. The NEC is unique because it
brings engineers and neuroscientists together
in one building, and this hasn’t ever
been done before. Wright State encourages our
researchers to be pioneers by putting them together in places
like the Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration
building where they can work in multidisciplinary groups
to bring different levels of expertise to solve problems
that affect the world. I’m working on what’s called
nosologic imaging for brain tumors. I’m taking
multi-modal imaging, so all of these different types
of MR images, to create one map to be able to diagnose
and treat that patient. I have been doing translational
reserach by using optical imaging for the last 15 years.
We are using lasers or light sources to detect cancer.
We also use the light at the same time to treat the cancer.
So rather than radiation, we are just using the low light
therapy, so that there is no side effects. So often in science, we don’t
actually get to see our ideas and research be implemented
and used by the greater population, and here at Wright
State we have very close collaborations with our local
community hospitals where we can actually translate
our research findings into treating our patients in this
region better. I’m able to collaborate on
these projects with multiple researchers to be able
to find solutions in the immediate future instead
of something far off. To be a pioneer is to think
outside the box, to break the rules, and to
create new innovations that disrupt and ultimately
make the world a better place. A pioneer means you’re
the first. You’re setting the path, you’re setting the
course and you’re moving on your way towards
your goals.

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