Here’s Everything We Know About This Sub-Antarctic Lava Lake

You cannot be a super villain if you don’t
have a secret lair inside a volcano. Preferably one with a cauldron of bubbling
lava you can slowly lower 007 into once you finish monologuing at her and leave the room
laughing maniacally, confident in her impending demise. But it turns out that volcanoes with active
lava lakes are incredibly rare. Of the roughly 1,500 active volcanoes worldwide,
we only knew of seven with lakes of bubbling lava. Until July of 2019, when scientists announced
they had found an eighth, and it is the most supervillain-y one yet. It’s called Mount Michael, and it’s located
on one of the South Sandwich Islands about 1,000 miles from Antarctica. The mountain is mostly covered in glacial
ice, perfect for covering in guard wolves with lasers on their heads. No one has ever summited Mount Michael on
account of stratovolcano’s steep sides. If no one’s ever been to the top of the
volcano to peer in, you may be wondering how we know Mount Michael has one of the world’s
few lava lakes. It was only discovered thanks to decades of
satellite imagery. Thermal anomalies were first spotted in the
1990s and again in the early 2000s, but the image quality and processing techniques weren’t
advanced enough to prove there was a lava lake conclusively. But from 2003 to 2018, multiple missions collected
better data allowing researchers to conclude that Mt. Michael was home to a lake of lava
about 70 to 150 meters across, and potentially as hot as nearly 1300 degrees celsius. This volcano is pretty remote, so it doesn’t
pose much danger to anyone, you know besides secret agents. But studying it may help us predict the hazards
posed by other lava lakes, some of which are near populated areas. One such volcano is Kilauea on the big island
of Hawai‘i, and its lava lake contributed to serious destruction as recently as 2018. In late April of that year, it spilled out
from the summit, then a few days later the lake began to drain as magma moved downslope
underground. Eventually the magma broke through the surface,
and by early June over 20 fissures had opened up, dumping lava out in huge quantities. This continued for months, destroying over
700 homes, displacing thousands of people, and blanketing over 35 square kilometers of
land in lava. When volcanoes erupt, it’s not the tsunami
of fire you might imagine and sometimes it’s possible to outrun or even outwalk the molten
rock. When volcanoes do kill it’s likely the avalanches
of rock and ash called pyroclastic flows, or mudflows called lahars that will get you. But another volcano that’s home to a lava
lake has killed with superfast lava. Mount Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic
of the Congo is a steep-sided stratovolcano, periodically containing a lake of particularly
low-viscosity lava that’s currently about 400 meters deep. In 1977, the crater wall holding the lava
lake inside broke, sending lava traveling as fast as 100 kph barreling down the slopes,
destroying nearby villages and taking lives with it. So any new lava lake we discover offers a
chance for further study and clues on how to avoid disasters in the future. We still don’t know why some of them persist,
it could be the lakes are connected to a cache of magma deep underground, or the gases coming
up from underneath are hot enough to keep the rocks molten. It would help if we could find more of them
to study. Some scientists have suggested that we might
have luck discovering them beneath the oceans, where the majority of the world’s volcanism
occurs. If we can only find these 8 lava lakes on
the surface, maybe diving under the waves will be our next step to study this rare phenomenon. Supervillains may be trying to destroy the
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Good video as always though

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I live near of one of the top 10 active volcanoes in the world however it makes small eruptions constantly so according to the authorities this releases energy that if not could be potentially dangerous due to acumulation. It's close but kind of far enough and there other mountains that in theory could receive the first pyroplastic fluids but one never knows. The city is located at the north and normally the eruptions and pyroplastic fluids goes to south.

Thanks! Can someone please explain to me why they couldn't just drive by on a boat, launch a disposable drone, & take both pictures and temp /etc. readings? Seems the perfect excuse for a little expedition! 𝓡𝓲𝓴𝓴𝓲 𝓣𝓲𝓴𝓴𝓲.

Seeker I'm here for the science/technology news not the politically influenced social activism commentary, I’m thoroughly sick of the politics from both sides, for that I'll watch The Young Turks channel. If I wish to mix both political altruism and technology/science, then I'll watch The Verge channel.

Seeker if you would be so kind please keep the commentary in the scientific and technology realms, thanks.

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I like that you called 007 a "her" ^^ not because of the upcoming movie, but because breaking gender expectations and making people think about it is probably almost always better than not doing it. Why does the role of agent 007 necessarily have to be a man, especially since we're talking Mt. Michael non-canon fan-fiction anyway 😀 ?

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Can you make an episode about heat resistant eletronics? Which are the limits of our technology when things start to warm up. Not like the sunshields they used in probes to create a 30C shadow.

"You can not be a super villain if you don't have a secret lair under a volcano" – Bill Cosby – "Hold this beer… and drink it…"

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Watching the video, I was overcome with images in my mind of vast catacombs of lava tubes interconnected through and under the Earths crust, encircling the globe.

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