Hi! School – Love On | 하이스쿨 – 러브온 Ep.2: Encounter? Mysterious coincidence! [2014.08.05]

What do I need to do in order to go back? I want to go back. I’m going back. Hey! Are you crazy? Do you want to die? Is that it? You ruined it… What? You ruined everything! You told me to get lost. You told me not to follow you. You said you don’t know me! Let’s go. What is it? You told me not to follow you. Wait for me! I’m just so happy. My husband is such a good man. My son? He’s a very good student. Yeah. He’s very smart. And he’s nice to me. Of course. Oh, the stew’s boiling over. Let’s talk again next time. Bye. Clean it up. Clean up so no one gets hurt. Usually people ask if you’re alright first. I’m unusual. I’m sure you know that very well. Was I that nice to you? That you’d praise me? Oh, is this being nice to you? You little… Close the door! I said close the door! I didn’t see anything. I really didn’t see anything in detail. In detail? You never told me I can’t see. – It’s not fair. / – It’s not fair? I’ll take a good look at you when you shower. Is that fair then? You are such a pervert! What are you looking at? Look away! You have it too. I saw it clearly with my own eyes. The six-pack I saw in dramas. – I want to see it once more. / – Hey! What’s going on? Grandma! She came in while I was taking shower and saw my body… So annoying! She might observe me from the beginning next time. My sweetheart is very angry. It was fool of me to bring her back. Let’s kick her out when the morning comes. Fine! I won’t see! I really won’t look. Please don’t kick me out. Goodness! My stomach can rumble? You’re really something. You still haven’t eaten? Goodness… When is the best time for eating? Why am I keep getting hungry? Who decided to eat only 3 meals a day? Do I have to live under the same roof with that crazy pervert? It’s dangerous. Yay! I’m good now, right? It’s really good. I wish the older angel could eat this too. Older angel? Who’s that? Do you remember anyone? Well… I feel sorry to be eating this alone. – It’s just someone I know. / – Who is it? Tell me anyone you remember. I’ll find them. You can’t see him. He’s only visible to my eyes. He’s not a human being. Do you… Do you see ghosts? Scary, isn’t it? Geez… It’s so hard to have a conversation with you. It’s good. It feels so good. You have a strong grip. It feels so much better. Goodness… It doesn’t hurt at all? Grandma, do it for me too. You’re so young and you want a massage from this old woman? Does it feel good? It hurts! Does hurting mean feeling good? Good morning everyone! Hey, take that off! I threw that out! Well, you threw it out! Finders, keepers! – You little… / – Don’t fight from the morning! I threw it in the trash! Not to you! Get over here! Did you decide to transfer? You don’t need to if that’s not what you want. I don’t want to use money to solve this problem. You worked so hard to earn that money. Come here. This is prettier than grandma’s clothes. That’s guy’s clothes. You don’t even know how wear a tie. – I’ll do it for you. Come here. / – Really? – Got you! / – Let go! Take it off! – No, I won’t! / – Take it off! You’re stirring up dust! Get her some clothes when you go buy your uniform. You’re such a good old woman. Is that supposed to be a compliment? Throw that away. Or else I won’t get you new clothes. Why do you want to throw everything out? It’s a waste. Then just wear it. Girls wear pretty dresses these days. They look like angels. Angels? Really? How about this? It looks like pineapple. Then how about this one? It looks like watermelon. Does this look like orange and does this one look like eggplant? Do whatever you want. You have no sense of fashion. You look very good. Wow, you look really cool! – Stop it… / – Your girlfriend is very cute. She’s not my girlfriend. Get off me. I want this too. Try it. It’s newly designed so it will look good on you. No… I’ll get you something else. Buy it for me! – I’m going to cling to you until you buy it. / – Hey… – Buy it for me! / – Get off me! Try this on. Hey! Lee Seulbi! I’ll buy you something else. I want this. You’ve tried it. Let’s go to another store. Get me this! You don’t even go to school. You don’t need a uniform. You’re so prejudiced! I’ll go to school then. She’s so crazy… Okay, done. I don’t think I can make time tomorrow. Let’s celebrate in advance. Happy birthday, Sungyeol. Tomorrow doesn’t work for me too. I’m meeting my mom. I was going to get your present but you might not like it so I just came. Is that alright? Sure. We can pick together later. He’s more picky than he looks. Eat up. Does she go to your school? Is she your friend? I should’ve chosen another place. I didn’t think it’d be uncomfortable for you because of the students. It’s more uncomfortable for me. If they find out about our relationship… I’ll pick the present. You can just pay for it. I’m going first. You don’t want other students to find out. That rascal… Get the bill and come out. Okay… Sungyeol. Wait for me. It’s fine even if other students see us. It’s not like we’re in a strange relationship. It is strange. – Move! / – Oh, my goodness! My bag! – What’s wrong? Are you alright? / – Honey! Honey, my bag! Sungyeol, look after your mom and stay here. Move! He’s a snatcher! Be careful! Snatcher? Get him! Hey! Don’t follow him! It’s dangerous! Are you okay? Who are you? Wait. Come at me slowly. I have something to show you. I’m going to kill you! Let go! Let go! You rotten… Hey! Umbrella… You’re pretty good. Did you get hurt? No. Good. Put your arms back! Seulbi! Lee Seulbi! Wake up! I’m so sleepy… Hey! – Are you okay? / – Honey… – Are you hurt? / – No. You must be shocked. Goodness… Is everything there? Thank you, Sungyeol. – I didn’t… / – You’re so brave, son. Just like me. You sleep so well. Why do you keep shocking me? Why butt in when it’s dangerous? People around me avoid when they see injustice. They hurt others since they don’t want to get hurt. You’re quite different from people I know. I guess I’m the worst person among people you know. I tell you to get lost and leave you behind. Then don’t leave me behind. I have nowhere to go. Get down. I’m still dizzy. My head swims. And my legs have no strength. You should stop eating. Why do you call your grandma Ms. Gong? Is she not married? You idiot. My dad is her son! Then why do you call her that? The restaurant’s called Ms. Gong as well. If she’s still miss, she might live longer. She’ll live long. If you drool on my back, I’m going to kill you. Okay… Put your tongue in. I’m glad that you’re the first person I met after I became human. You don’t need to get recharged now. What are you doing? What took you so long? I’ve been waiting for you! Did anything happen? It’s strange. I didn’t lose my angel power… But I can’t use it anytime I want to. How do you feel after you use the power? I feel lethargic and sleepy. And I need to rest to stand up. Don’t use your power for humans for now. These are the documents you need as a human. It has your ID number. This will help you for now. Thank you. There’s so much stuff. That boy… What kind of person is he? He thinks he’s all good. And he’s ill-tempered. He’s so naggy and mischievous. This happened while I was trying to save him so I think if I know more about him I might be able to find the answer. Tell me you find anything. You’re leaving already? I have no time to hang out with a human girl. Human girl? Do you have to iron it? Yes, so he doesn’t feel small and be confident at school. Please iron mine too! Wait… Why did you buy this? Do you want to go to school? Since Woohyun goes to school… There might be a way for you to go to school… By the way… Do you like Woohyun? It’s not like that… Gosh… She won’t believe me even if I tell her the truth. Yes! Really? You must be happy. Ms. Gong, I have high standards. Was that a confession? Let me refuse that. What do you think I am? What does that mean? Psycho. Umbrella… What’s that? My little sister. I should just stop talking… After you finish eating, clean the shop chop up cabbage and onions, and get the pepper paste ready. Clean up, cabbage, onions, pepper paste. Okay! Wow, you’re like Cinderella’s stepmother. Finish eating and go to school! It’s your first day. I’ve still got time. It kept crying so I smashed it. It can’t cry now. – Why didn’t you say so? / – You’re telling us now? It’s that crazy pervert’s fault! It’s my first day. I hope he goes easy on me. Let’s be natural. Okay! Do it properly! Get a grip! Please go easy on us. What? Who are you? I’m a transfer student. – Oh, you’re a transfer? / – Yes. Get down! – Get down! / – What a bad start… You came late when it’s your first day? You’re such a good friend. Look away. He’s the top fighter in our school. He’ll kill you if you look him in the eye. I already did. What? Geez… I don’t know you from now on. Who are you? Look at you guys… Are you guys that energetic? Stand up! Run 100 laps around the field! Go! Move! Move! Run! What are you doing? – I’m a transfer student. / – Oh… Move! Hurry up and run! Go, go, go! It’s like he’s straight out from a magazine. Okay, we have a new student today. Introduce yourself. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Shim Woohyun and I’m going to be cooler than Won Bin, Hyunbin, Lee Seunggi, Song Joongki, and Kim Woobin. Let’s get along well. Thank you, my Lord! Gosh…New student ritual!Sing! Sing!Calm down. Okay. Alright. Do as you want.Without anyone knowing, I criedthinking about the past…I call out my old lover’s nameunder the empty sky and lights.The longing…Shin Woohyun, 176cm, very slim, has six-pack. He’s my future husband. Don’t you dare lay a finger on him! I’ll kill you!When I think of you…I just keep thinking about you.Okay then… Go sit next to Cheonsik. What’s up, Cheonsik?1, 2, 3, go!If you doze off in class today…You will cry in despair tomorrow.The door to university is narrow…– But you are! / – Very slim!Good. I feel so out of place. You’re really here, right? He really is! Cheonsik, let’s go to the bathroom together. Not again… Those fools… What’s going on? The new student hazing. The person who sits next to the new student needs to go through the hazing. Our school bullies made that rule. That’s a great idea. – Cheonsik. / – Let’s go. It’s alright. Hold on. It’ll end soon. The loner of our class, Cheonsik. I bet you’re glad to have someone sit next to you. If I guess correctly where you are… It’ll be your last day. Wow, that’s harsh. Oh, you’re not in here. Oh, you’re not in here too. Where is the weakling Cheonsik? Can you cough a little? Huh? If you come out, I’ll just take your money. If I find you, I’ll take your money and your life. If you crawl out on this dirty floor, I’ll just send you back to class. Come out! I said come out! Ouch, my stomach! Geez… That’s disgusting. Come out, you idiot. Come out! Hey, come out! It feels so much better now! Stop faking it and come out! Why don’t you just go? You go, you fool. It’s ethics class. It’s the only class where you can sleep. If you skip again, you parents will be called. I’m sure your parents are busy. Thanks for the information. Be thankful to ethics class. Geez, those fools… No way… He doesn’t remember my handsome face? Who’s that stupid guy? He’s the top student in our class. – Let’s go. / – Thanks. If you study some other subject during my class, I’ll give you a bad mark on your student record. It’ll be on there forever.The meaning of modern family has become broadso young families, multicultural familiesand also other families that are not blood relatedcan be included.The value of the family has more importancethan who forms the family.– Sorry. / So new definition of family is needed.Traditional families required unification…Let’s go in together. That’d be less embarrassing. It’s more embarrassing to go in with you. You’re right. I do make you look ugly. Well, take your time. Son, something came up so I can’t make it today. I’m so sorry. I transferred some money. Have something delicious with your friends. Happy birthday.Being a good child means to serve your parents.It’s the first step.– Being a good child is… / – I’m sorry.So parents can’t force their child to serve them.The child…What’s with you two? There were too many people in the bathroom… Both of you, get out. – This won’t happen next time… / – Get out. You’re disturbing the others. I think I’ve seen her somewhere.The meaning has changed in modern society…Find more about him. Okay.Confucianism might work better.Wow, she’s a genius! She’s giving a lecture without saying a word. What’s with her? Is she a singer? Does she need to protect her vocal cords? Did you return the bag to the owner? Sorry but I need to hit you. – Hey! / I’m sorry but once more! What are you doing? Let go! Is this also the new student ritual? I was going to stay quiet in this school but… Let go of him. You know what happens if you fight at school. Should I call my mom? She’s busy. What time should I ask her to come? Don’t you have anything to say? I’m sorry. I don’t need a heartless apology. Look at my face. – Hit me. / – What? Hit me two times. I’m going to save one for later. I’ll hit you whenever I feel like it. Did you just laugh? You won’t be able to laugh next time I hit you. You won’t even have a moment to panic. As soon as you get hit… Game over! Do you like that teacher? Do you need more beating? You’re the one who needs more beating. I have one hit left. I don’t hit people who wants to get hit. Is she okay? Who? Oh, that crazy pervert? Why do you ask? She didn’t look too good. It’s her head that has a problem. Are you interested in her? What is this? Being shy doesn’t suit him. Gosh, I farted and… – Thank you for the meal. / – Okay. I’ve never seen her before. Grandma. Who is this strange girl? I’m not strange. Does she go to our school? She’s a part-timer. Just eat your food. Let me warn you. If you try to do something with Woohyun… I’m going to kill you. Got it?IBRD warned that this might causeconflict between countries.What is this resource?– Water. / – Water.Correct.Which galaxy is closest to our galaxy?– Andromeda Galaxy. / – Andromeda Galaxy.Correct!You’re pretty smart! I don’t really know. That’s the same with me. It’s just coincidence. This is really hard. Can you solve it? You chose no. 1 for all the questions? Is it going to be no. 2 tomorrow? Oh, my… Ms. Gong, I’m back. Hello. Why are you solving my workbook? I’m almost done. Bye. Finish this by tomorrow, okay? Hey! – Thanks for the food, Gisu. / – Yes. Woohyun… Have a seat. I looked into it earlier today and there’s no report about a missing girl. I think she came from far away. And her name is too common. Is that really her name? She seems like she remembers something then it doesn’t seem like it all. The police said she should be sent to… – A welfare facility for treatment… / – No way. That’s causing harm to others. She doesn’t know how to do anything. I think she’s starting to remember things. Just until then… I think she remembers something. She could get her memory back tomorrow. That would be good but… Shouldn’t we send her to school? – School? Where? / – Your school. No! That’s ridiculous, Ms. Gong. That’s going too far. She has a uniform and I think she’s pretty smart. She might get her memories back sooner if she goes to school. If she keeps using her brain… It gets worse. It hurts more if you keep using your knees, right? It’s the same with brain. It gets worse. If you still want to, send her to somewhere else. Not my school. It’s your birthday soon as well… Dad’s going to be late. Let’s blow the candles and make a wish. Your earphones broke so I got you a new one. Thank you. For getting my bag back. Don’t misunderstand. I was just worried about my dad risking his life over your stupid bag. Something really precious was in that bag. Your ex-husband’s photo? Let’s not create any trouble in school. You’re so worried about your dad. You don’t want him to be called by the school. Get out with that cake. You’re pretty good singer. Want to join our club? No. Recruiting members with this pose… I really don’t want to join it. You know something? Your school life can be comfortable or horrible depending on my decision. It’s already horrible. You’ll join it anytime soon. Nothing’s working out for me. How much did you pay the tutor this time? If you’re embarrassed of me, just take my brother and sister. I never went to the family gatherings! Since when did you eavesdrop? I didn’t eavesdrop. I just heard it. That rotten fool… Okay, Sungyeol. Give us a demonstration of 50m freestyle. Go! You’re good at every sports. But why are you scared of the water? It’s cold. I’m a good swimmer in bathhouses. Forget it. Hey, why aren’t you going in? I think I have a fever. Really? Then you clean up after class. Next! I’m going to work right after class. Hey. Okay. Let’s go. Who are you? Why keep calling and hanging up? I’m busy to death! Death? Why don’t humans take death seriously? Ms. Gong, you shouldn’t say things like that! Who are you? Why answer the phone like that? Bring my clothes from my room and don’t let grandma know. Yeah, school swimming pool. This school is so strange. What’s wrong with this? It seemed easy to ride it on TVs. Shin Woohyun… You’re such an annoying human boy! Need help? I don’t like to owe things. I thought about it and… I think I’ll feel sorry for you from now on. Let’s just not cause each other trouble. I have to lock the door. Get out. The same one? There’s only one in this world! I don’t even remember her face but… Is that necklace important to you? He treasured it as his mom gave it to him. Anyway, do a good job in school. – Everyone, sit down. / – School is… It’s very tough. Do you know Lee Seulbi? Let’s have fun today. Is she getting bullied already? Do you want to die? What’s wrong?


It's my school all over again, we had 3 people dying in our pool from bullying, even if they started locking the pool area after the 2 first deaths. I wonder if it's still like that now or if it was just so back in my days.

me : my heart skipped a beat when he grabbed her closer to do her tie
and then me: [email protected]$/? she's only 14. how gutter minded u are!!!
Also, i love the stepmom.shes not that typical witch like stepmom.shes very considerate of him…bringing cake and all.


Did anyone else see that when the lady got glass in her hand it looked like a smiley face or a straight face?

Eu queria muito saber o que eles estão falando pra mim a legenda inglês não adianta de nada eu não sei nada de inglês e tenho 13 anos e não sei nem número em inglês

4:00 😂😂😂 anyone can be a crazy pervert for woohyun.. 😜😜😜…..
That scene was the best..💓💓

Omg 100 labs? I can’t even do 10 labs without breathing like a dog. It’s not that I chose 10 labs. I have no choice

Wow I m in love with drama why m so late
I m from India nd I love kdrama ,thai also
Guys watch tornado girl it's amazing 😘😘😘

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