This White Male Priveledge ish is getting out of control. They need a spiritual cleansing to wipeout demonic spirits living inside of them.
Dear Parents of these Domestic Terrorists:
1 – Seek psychological help for them.
2 – Stop teaching them to hate others and respect themselves and other folks.
3 – Find a good Church home which teaches love for all people and spiritual guidance at an early age like 5 years old.

Good luck!!!

I told you it was coming you better homeschool your kids not only has the government f*** up discipline in the home now you got these white racist parents raising white racist children and this is what happens this world is so screwed up and f*** up but you better hide your kids cuz people like this little monster this little odious being there's a lot more coming

🇺🇸These white men are weak and losing control that's why white women hate them and coming to us black men because we are the real superior race😎

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