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Hey, X Dancers! Anthony, Country Dance X. I am here at X Dance Studios in The Woodlands Texas and I have some exciting news to share with you guys. We’ve been talking about this for months, but it is
finally, finally here. In case you’ve not heard, X Dance University is now here and
ready for beta testers. So, we need you guys to be beta testers. Test this new
training technology out. Let us know what you think. Now we’re going to give you
guys a free membership because you guys follow us here. You guys know what
this thing is all about. So we want some genuine feedback from you guys. We’re
going to give you guys free dance training within the platform. So let me
just kind of get into the platform a little bit and show you what it’s like.
Okay, so the first time you log into X Dance University, this is what you’re
gonna see. Now I’m not gonna go all through the platform here but just give
you some general overview. This is just kind of an introduction. There’s a little
video here that you can watch that talks about how to use the platform. Then,
you’re gonna click over here to the side and this is what we call the training
center. This is where all the dance courses are, okay? Now keep in mind, I might have said this before. You might have heard, you might
not. This is not just a dance website. This is a virtual training platform,
right? Completely different than anything you’ve ever seen. We’ll get into that in
a second. Here over to the side we have the file vault. Sometimes we put files in
there like a curriculum for a particular dance. You know, a checklist. That sort of
thing. This is your favorites menu so if you’re watching a video and you want to
review it again later, you’ll just, you know, put a little heart shape next to it
and then you can go back to it for a finding it easier a little the next time.
This is our calendar. So this is when we’re gonna be posting new materials.
We’re gonna be doing a lot of live video inside this platform. So this is where
you’re gonna get a calendar. When you know whether it’s gonna be intermediate Two Step or West Coast Swing or whatever it is. We’re gonna have a calendar and then you can actually just click on that link and watch the videos live. Okay, so here’s the dance training center. This is where the stuff happens, alright? So I’m
gonna show you what this looks like. There’s gonna be several
different types of content in here. This is the content that we’re really
shooting for. This is what makes X Dance University completely different than
anything you’ve ever seen. We’ll show you that in a second. This is going to be
tips and techniques. So here you’ve got some information on how to do better
turns. There’s several different videos inside. How to be a better partner. Just general
dance theory. There’s a lot of different things in here. Down here at the bottom
is your traditional dance instruction. This is what everybody else does. So if
you’ve got a membership to a website or you’re looking at our stuff on YouTube.
This is dance instruction. This is just you start from the zero second then it’s
one second, two second, till you get to eight minutes or whatever it is and it’s
just a flat video. That’s what you’re gonna find in here. We didn’t originally
intend them putting this stuff in there, but we decided to put it in there
because we’ve already produced that stuff. We use it internally, so we thought
we would just throw it in here. But this is what makes X Dance University special
and different. This technology is completely different
in that it simulates a one-on-one private lesson. Let me show you how we’ve done this. So if we go into Two Step here, what you’re gonna find we first click in
is you’re gonna find a series of patterns. It’s gonna start from step
number one, obviously. Which is the basic step. We’ve got the promenade, the left turn. The patterns themselves are not much different than what we would normally
teach here in the studio, but the way that we approach these video is
completely different, okay? So if we get into … let’s say, we’ll just go into …
let’s do the “Shoulder catch”. So if I click into the “Shoulder Catch”, as soon as
you click in there, it’s gonna start playing the video, okay? So it’s going to
give you a general introduction in the beginning. Of course, while we’re watching that, we can actually click into here and we can actually maximize the view. We can put it fullscreen so on and so forth. But, for here, we’re just gonna use it as a
small screen. But, once we start teaching the pattern… (we’re going through that,
we’re breaking it down as a general overview), when we get to the end of that
first sequence what’s going to happen is it’s going to give you some options on
where to go to next. Kind of like one of those create your own storybooks that we
all have when we were a kid. So we’ve introduced and taught the basic idea of
the pattern. Now from here, do I want to see just the leaders footwork? Do I want
to see the followers footwork? Do I want to talk more about the dance position, or
am I ready to continue on with learning more about that pattern?
So, if I wanted to watch just the leaders footwork I would just click on that and
then it’s gonna break down the leaders footwork itself. It’s gonna take it one
piece at a time, talk you through what is the count, what part of the foot do you use, all of that stuff. It’s just kind of taking you through that pattern.
Showing you from a couple different angles. When we get to the end of that
video, then it’s gonna give you the same basic options again. Do we want to watch the followers footwork? The dance position? Do we want to review that section again? Are
we ready to move on? (which we are, so we’re continuing on). Now it’s just gonna
give a further breakdown of the pattern. So we’re talking … we’re building on the
previous information. That first set, we just kind of give a basic overview, and
now we’re breaking down little things one piece at a time. When we get to the
end of this, it’s gonna give you more options again, okay? So now, do I want to
talk more about the actual “Shoulder Catch” itself … just that piece of the
pattern. Is that what we’re having trouble with? Is that what we
want to know more about? Do we want to talk about how to lead or follow it? What are the
alignments? Like, where are we in relation to our partner? Are we ready to continue
on? So we’re continuing on… then once we continue on, now this is going to wrap it
up. It’s gonna give you the basic overview of one piece of time of
everything we’ve talked about. Now this is the part where it becomes cool. When
we get to the end of this… Now I, personally, have been teaching for over
20 years. I’ve taught this stuff a bunch of times, okay? So there are certain things
that, like even with my teachers I tell like when you teach this pattern, your
student is probably going to have these problems. So this is how you fix these
things when I’m training teachers. We’ve included that stuff in the troubleshooting
questions. So if you guys are learning some new material and you’re trying to do it
from video … with a regular video, what happens is that you’re watching the
video and you can’t ask a question. This is virtually asking a question. So I’m
having trouble with changing directions, because this particular pattern turns
one way and then it turns the other way, right? So how do I go from one direction
to the next? Maybe it feels jerky or rough? That’s something we run into
with this pattern a lot. Or maybe you’re having trouble with your balance. So if I
were having trouble with it being jerky or rough I could click on that and now
we’re specifically talking about just that concept and how to fix that. So
these are the most common things that we see. Once we get to the end of that then
it’s going to give us more options. Do I want to go back and view the other
troubleshooting tips? Or, do I want to see that section again? Or am I ready to move
on? If I’m ready to move on, in that case it’s going to give us the option
to view that with music, okay? So when we view that with music (which is what we’re
gonna do now) it’s going to show that from four different angles. So we’ll show it from every direction dancing that to music so you can see what it’s like from
all four directions, okay? So, like I said, this platform is completely different than
anything you’ve ever seen. There’s even a feature over here that like, there’s
something I wanted to remember, I can click in notes that I could say, I don’t
know, “remember not to fall down”, right? That’s a good thing. I put that in my
notes and then the next time I view that video, I actually will see that note
inside there, okay? (which you can also view my notes in particular patterns) So
this is X Dance University? Now, down in the description … or the the information …
the words in this video, there’s gonna be a link. Here’s what I want you guys to do … I want you guys to click on that link. You’re not gonna pay anything today. It’s
gonna give you guys a 30-day free membership. If you like the software,
we’re gonna be building it over time hopefully with your feedback, then you
can keep it. I’m sure you’re gonna love it either way. But there’s no obligation
if you don’t, okay? So you can cancel at any time. But the first 30 days are
completely free. We want to know what you guys think. We’ve got a lot of content
we’re ready to dump in there, but we need your feedback now so that we know if we
need to change our format a little bit. So hope you guys enjoyed this. I hope you
guys get in there. Let us know what you think. Thank you guys so much for
watching, and we’ll see you guys inside X Dance University.


This looks amazingI I also love the note-taking feature- Iā€™m sure it will be a huge success! šŸ˜šŸ‘šŸ»šŸ’ƒšŸ»šŸ•ŗšŸ»

I do believe you are the first to attempt such a thing. Great idea and long overdue. I'm thinking about printing up some cards with the URL to the Dance University site and hand them out to the usual bar-room dancers… just a thought.

I'm signing up! This is about as close to real lessons I can get, as I don't live in Houston. Fantastic idea. I love the way that you break everything down into small steps, and then build on what what the dancer already knows. Sound learning theory. I'm assuming that the final product will have a log-in type account? Very exciting! I can only imagine all the time it takes to record all these videos. Good luck.

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