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Hey guys, what’s up its Hannah! welcome to my channel or welcome back to my channel today I am doing a q&a I haven’t done one of these in about like at least over a year so it’s about time. I do another one so if you haven’t already make sure you subscribe in turn post notifications on So you get notified whenever I upload a video because sometimes I like to upload what if some not voluminous? So make sure you have those on. So you get notified when I post a new video? Sometimes I post randomly and if you would like to you can follow me on my social So you don’t miss out when I do another q&A let me know you guys want me to do More of these when we sit down talking videos. It’s not totally cool. Just whatever you guys want I think these are really fun, so let’s just get into question What is your middle name my middle name is Margaret? Have you ever taking dance classes, or do you ever want to have a really bad dancer? I don’t really care that about Dancers, but yeah, and probably could use some dance classes. What would you like to be when you’re older? Mmm. I think it’d be really cool to be a director or a producer Anything to do with videos really so I get this question a lot on my instagram How do I need your photo all that jazz I actually didn’t video not too long ago on editing photos And how I edit mind and click right up there at the launch a favorite TV show Haven’t really watched a lot of TV. What’s your sixth thing by your family, we’re all weird What’s your favorite place in New York that you’ve been to so far Probably croatia the beaches there was so beautiful has all the safety been in with one of your favorite and why? Definitely definitely Kauai Just because so beautiful I think the most beautiful place in the world for that adventure so far very tropical and ice cream perfect Do you want kids if so? How many I don’t know me because I’m going to have but I think is they’re awesome So I have loved a lot of them What are three things you do all the time for a positive mind or look online don’t compare yourself to others That’s like the biggest thing everyone’s beautiful in their own way don’t have to look a certain weight and beautiful and you just have to Is that you’re different and you’re unique and all we all have a mental illness But you have to be kind to everyone. You don’t know what people are going through so just be nice to everyone What are your future plans also? What are your favorite song at the moment? Yes? I love you I love you too, Jan and I was thinking about doing like a playlist video Let me know if that’s something that you guys would want to speed What are the most important features of people for you? Definitely just down to have a good time and do a lot of things? I’m the type of person that likes to do a lot in a day joked around and Just being yourself. I think that’s the best thing you can do. What kind of traits you look for in a guy? good-looking money kind of surpassing Personality into social Media I know that’s not so feeling a big sting but that’s like a big part of my life is she’s like interaction with you guys and always making videos and taking pictures and If she’s not into that then you kind of get annoyed of what I do on a day-To-day, basis but main thing Probably is just to be funny and like I was going Wanting to do a lot without an adventure and stuff Can you do a back post about breaking your neck no we can do a back book yourself writing The book actually I write a lot or try to I’ve written like little storage here And then maybe I’ll come up with a book someday I don’t know. I really like writing not for school, but like on my own time how to do fake spreads or talk toxic friendships It’s fine people who make you happy hang out with those people if you’re not happy with the friends you have right now There’s social Media There’s a whole bunch of ways that you can get in touch with people and live in your area and just simple people that make You happiest don’t feel like you’re forced to be friends with someone I think it’s best to just be on good terms with everyone Whether that person is your favorite person or not just because with everyone don’t try to cut people completely out of your life What are the poses you normally do on your pick well insert some pics right here? Just like pop my leg out smile Or put my hands on this or command this on my cell I don’t know if just act like you know you’re doing you know it’s like mess around from the camera I just try not to like stand still you know Freshman advice would be honestly don’t even worry about the upperclassmen because they’re minding their own business. They don’t really care I feel like everyone thinks that freshmen have all eyes on them. They really don’t and other than that to see yourself Don’t try too hard meaning like parties and drugs and alcohol and all that stuff and you’ll be good alright guys That’s it for this q&A if you want me to do more of these let me know in the comments below Make sure you follow me on our socials because I am 14 a lot about your and it’s just super fun So make sure you not in Scott and turnout of patience on I hope you’re having a great day and if you want to see more of me inside social media I also have a blog channel so you can check that out if You would like so that’s it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed at absolutely necessary, but I love you guys so much I hope you have an amazing day keep smiling K+ and hopefully I was you in the next video I am ready. Oh wait. No not


  1. Thank you! I have a really good friend that I don't want to be friends with because she doesn't really interact with people and is very quiet (She also kinda a gaming nerd to) Don't get me wrong she's very nice but I just want to find new friends and leave her in a positive way🙂 Any suggestions?

  2. You're so genuine, Hannah! I think it would be so cool if you could do some videos based off of your "boho" style.

  3. Really sad she didn't get to my question s but maybe next time I love you Hannah stay beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. You Like Croatia? I kinda understand but its groos everywhere but beaches and even there are fires lately and people are without homes and its horrible

  5. had captions on accidentally and when the video started it read : 'Hey guys what's up it's Panel' 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. i feel like its okay to cut toxic people at of your life. I was with a group of friends that never really made me feel good about myself and now that i don't hang out with them, so many good people have reached out to me

  7. I love you so much Hannah! You are perfect! Thank you so much for answering at my direct in instagram! Love you!💋💋

  8. I need a friend who will take cute pics and go on hikes and go swimming at midnight and chill out and color all day and be spontaneous w me 😂😂 any volunteers loll

  9. Hi queen!!!! I miss you so freaking much !!!!!! I'm still trying to get back my fan acc… I love you so so so so much

  10. I LOVE CROATIA i almost start crying watching your snap stories and seeing your posts bc they're so beautiful and i wanna go backkkk!! you're literally going to like all the exact places i went to when i last went to europe

  11. It just reminded me of skam: everyone you meet is fighinting a battle you know nothing about, be kind, always

  12. your videos are so inspiring 💕 ahh I've been binge watching your videos you are so pretty and I'm so happy I came across your channel 🙂

  13. Please please please do A HAIR VIDEO, like tell ut which products you use, how often you wash your hair etc. PS I love you❤️❤️❤️


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