How to pass SHL tests? Practice with JobTestPrep


Trying to get a new job and have been invited to sit shl’s tests? Asking yourself how to prepare? Thousands of people worldwide are experiencing these difficulties, And we are here to help. At JobTestPrep, the leading force in today’s test preparation field we focus on Psychometrics And aptitude. Shl aptitude includes 10 different areas of cognitive abilities each of which includes multiple tests and hundreds of questions making the number of optional combinations of tests and questions huge. Therefore, searching for or buying a generic practice pack that does not match your profile is just not enough! JobTestPrep holds by 3 principles that make us the best in the industry. Our practice packs are: Specific Up-to-date And Comprehensive They can be JOB LEVEL specific. For graduates: true/false/cannot say , numerical critical reasoning, and inductive reasoning For senior managerial candidates: numerical analysis, verbal analysis, and Verbal application For operational level jobs: numerical comprehension, numerical reasoning, and verbal comprehension our packs can be job family specific,for thechnical positions for Personnel positions and for IT positions JobTestPrep integrates information from multiple sources to keep up to date with the latest trends. by listening to our customers we are
getting even better at what we do I’ll we believe in 360-degree
preparation and include instructional videos study guides answers and full explanations test categorisation, and standardised score reports so you can keep track of your improvement tens of Thousands have already been successful. Join them now! Job test prep – We take aptitude tests seriously, so you can take it easy!


  1. I agree, you cant measure people years of skills and job experience with this test which should only be introduced in colleges or high schools.

  2. I recently took one of these and I have to say, it was the worst
    experience I've ever had. 45+ minutes with vague statements and
    questions about my personality that don't really quite fit. There was
    also a section with stupid/tricky word problems and a very limited time
    limit to solve them. None of the questions were relevant to the job I
    was applying for and by the time it was over, I felt a sudden lack of
    interest for the company.

  3. The person doing this voiceover, makes me not trust the company to make wise decisions. Perhaps Job Test Prep should hire real voice over artists, with professional equipment.

  4. I paid for Testprep. 2 day access. They charged my card twice (returned one payment after my claim) and got no access. Then on Monday at about 15:00 they granted my access to the site. On Wednesday it did not work again. I got ripped off. They are slow to respond. I am very disappointed with the service

  5. I just spent hours learning how to use PPT, the SHL test was ridiculous – I didnt get to create a single PPT presentation from scratch. Not practical and weird multiple choice questions.

  6. SHL is very misleading. Do not trust them at all. Period!!! As a manager of a company I asked SHL if I could adopt a test at both graduate level and managerial level and they said yes even though the administration job role vacancy was a graduate level position. I then gave 2 graduate level applicants the SHL test but I gave one applicant graduate level test and the other applicant managerial level test. I was not surprised of the 2 very different results. SHL will bend over backwards for the employer request. They don't give a rat's ass about the test takers. An employer can create an uneven playing field and SHL will assist them to create that. Word of warning.


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