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Good morning everybody, and welcome to Balancing
Act. We’re so glad you joined us. I’m Julie Moran.
And I’m Olga Villaverde. Alright, Julie. I know you love fashion.
Oh my gosh, are you kidding me? Duh. Well today I’ll be talking to a designed
whose southern fashions, I love that even more.
I knew it. Southern fashions are making a splash across
the country, and she – this a great story – she used online education to help her along
the way. She’s beautiful, she’s talented, she’s successful. Southern Fashion.
I can’t wait. I’m going to buy you something.
My birthday. I will.
Yes, thank you so much. Happy Birthday, girlfriend.
And speaking of education. Today’s Be the Change is the all about educating our next
generation of young ladies to pursue careers in technology and science. So important. We’ll
explain how one company is working with Boys and Girls clubs across America to peak their
interest. Love that story. Plus, do you kind of argue
sometimes with your hubby? About money?
Yeah. No, no, no. I just hide credit card shoe purchases.
Did you hear that, Rob? She’s hiding it. Well, we’ve got advice on how to avoid those financial
land fast-track mine situation. Conflicts, yeah. I know.
Well, The Balancing Act – and it’s a good show – starts right now.
(music) Are you living your dream and achieving the
financial success that goes along with it? If you’re like most women, you’ve probably
been putting your career goals on hold, focusing on family needs, or something else. But there’s
a way to fast-track your future success and still handle home and family matters. Today,
we’re joined by one such entrepreneur. Very special and motivated woman here. Stephanie
Carter, Founder Design Director for the Southern Fashion House, who began her success with
an online education. Good Morning, Stephanie.
Good Morning, how are you? Good. I love what you’re wearing, and I know
it has to do with what you design. What is that?
Thank you, this is Judith March. This is just a little dress that we recently designed.
And you took an idea and went with it, and have become very successful. But I want our
viewers to hear your story because I find it to be so passionate. You start college
at Troy. You have no idea what you want to do to.
No idea. Happens to most of us. Tell me about that.
Yes, I went in Undecided, and three years into college they were like “Okay, it’s time
to decide.” Three years Undecided?
Three years Undecided. What were you taking? Electives?
Electives and the things that you have to take. And so, I decided to go into Business
and Marketing at Troy, and one of my teachers, Dr. Steve Garrett inspired me by a class project.
We had to create our own business. And so…
And what did you create? I created Deja Vu, which was supposed to be
a retail store. A retail women’s clothing store.
Okay. Because I love to shop.
And most women love to shop. So, okay, we can relate. So he gives you this project.
You take this idea, and then what? Then, I actually do it.
You’re kidding? You actually go to the bank and pull out money and start?
I enjoyed the project so much. It inspired me so much. I was like, okay. I sold my car
for $4,000. I went to the bank, and I opened a checking account, and I did it.
Does Dr. Garrett know what you’re doing? Absolutely.
And what is he saying? He loves it. He’s actually in charge of the
Marketing Group at Troy and they come visit our corporate office a lot.
So while you’re going to Troy, you’re taking your classes, I’m assuming, still. You’re
starting this business. How are you doing both?
Well, actually the teachers at Troy, then, and still now, were very flexible and they
allowed me to fax my homework in. That was before online so much. And then, at the end,
my 4th year in college, I did online classes so I could also balance the new business and
finish up college. So how did those online classes benefit you
because I can kind of see the flexibility around them?
Absolutely. They allowed me to be able to do my job, finish college, and further my
career. So you’re like such a great example here for
many women out there who say “You know, I’ve got so much going on, and I don’t have the
time to go back to school…” And the online route is a very positive one.
Absolutely. They offer over 200, I think, divisions. And most of all of those are online.
And how has this Deja Vu entrepreneur gone for you?
Well it actually went into Judith March. That’s the wholesale clothing line, and we also have
a clothing line by Missy Roberton from Duck Dynasty.
And what other stuff do you design? I design maxi dresses. We have a game day
line, which also Troy inspired me. Because when I would go to the games, everybody wanted
those school colors. And so we started– Now we’re licensed for all those CC teams. So,
we do game day dresses and game day T-shirts. So, it’s everything from casual to dressy.
And I do want a lot of our viewers out there to know that the reality here is that you
are also a mother. You are expecting. So, in your own words, how do you balance it all?
Whew, I struggle with balance every day of my life, but you just have to keep your priorities
straight, and it is important to balance. That’s the great thing about Troy offering
online classes today – that it allows women to balance and actually create their own career.
If you had to go back and get some more online courses, for whatever reason – maybe to expand
the business, would you see yourself being able to do it again at Troy university?
Absolutely. Yeah?
Absolutely. What would you say is the take-away from just
what Dr. Garrett did for you, how he inspired you, where you are today, and the online opportunities
for women? I just think that it was such a large university,
but yet you felt so at-home. They offered so many things to make you– It’s like they
want you to succeed. And let me tell you, you are the epitome of
succeeding. Thank you.
There’s no more excuses. If you think it… You can do it.
Thank you so much. Good luck to you and to your unborn child. Is it a girl or a boy?
We don’t know. Okay. Good luck. And if you’d like to read
more on today’s topic, you can also visit us at, or get a little
bit social and log on to and check out Troy University online.
(music). Today’s Be The Change is about investing in
the next generation. I love that. The Boys and Girls Clubs of America and CA Technologies
have been partnering for several years now, empowering girls to explore a future in technology.
Their Tech Girls Rock initiative hopes to cultivate an interest in science and ultimately
tech-related educational opportunities and careers. And we’re headed to Raleigh, North
Carolina to learn more about this innovative and inspiring workshop.
(music). The Girls Clubs of Raleigh, North Carolina
recently played host to hundreds of excited tweens and teens – all part of the clubs effort
to get young girls motivated for future careers in America’s ever-expanding high tech economy.
With momentum fueled by the Clinton Global Initiative, the Raleigh workshop Tech Girls
Rock is part of a national effort supported by CA Technologies contributing an excess
of $10 million in monetary and software funding since 2005. Partnering with the Boys and Girls
Clubs of America, CA Technologies is aiming at inspiring young girls about high tech academically
and professionally in one-on-one and group problem solving demonstration and education.
High Tech Engineer for CA Technologies, Emily Chiles is one of many professionals donating
her time and energy to help the next generation of young girls achieve their dreams.
In this act of encouraging young women and youths to really get into this – we live in
a technology age. So, if we can get young women out there, imagine the innovation that
can come from different perspectives. So why don’t more young women choose high
technology careers? They never considered it. That, according to a study conducted by
Global Research Firm Penn Schoen and Berland, it found 63% never considered a career in
Engineering. And in a Girl Scouts of America study, only 13% of female teens say STEM:
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics related careers would be their first choice.
Encouraging, educating, and inspiring young girls remains the primary focus of the nationwide
workshops. Well, I hope that through today alone that
we spark an interest, that we’ve planted a seed, that this is a part of that, maybe,
the genesis of the movement to start shifting that social norm – to start shifting the way
women view the field of technology and IT careers, and saying I can do that.
Other CA Technologies professionals are equally confident Tech Girls Rock will have positive
outcomes for years to come. And so we really want to make sure that we
influence these girls at this age because this is where they tend to drop out at higher
levels. So it’s really important to instill in them the different types of careers they
can have, and really demystify some of the geekiness around technology, and maybe some
of the preconceived notions they may have around what a career in technology could be
like. When asked what her favorite thing about the
workshop, this tween had this to say: “The one thing that I liked the most so far
is when – I just came out of the computer lab – and we’re doing coding in there. So,
well my group, we’re doing a basketball play and she’s a girl, and you get to tell her
how to move, when to move, and how far to do it.”
And this 13-year-old is discovering new things at Tech Girls Rock.
“I was excited because I’m usually on my phone, and I honestly don’t know what a phone is,
like actually. But, I’m always on my phone.” “Do you all know what an anagram is? Does
anybody have an idea?” From anagrams to computer code and just high
tech advice generously given by caring professionals, these workshops are living up to their name.
They rock. “Tech Girls Rock!”
To find out more about Tech Girls Rock workshops in your city and state, visit The Boys and
Girls Club of America website. For Be The Change, I’m Julie Moran.
(music). How often do you and your spouse talk about
money? Even more specifically, how often do you fight about it? It is not an easy topic
for more couples or for any of us, but there is a right way to do it and have a successful
outcome. Here to wrap-up our 3-part Money Matters series is Ryan Hahler from Brightpeak
Financial. So great to have you on the set. Thanks for having us back.
You know, money has to be the number one thing that couples fight about. What are the most
common issues that you see? It’s all across the board.
Yeah. Quite frankly. And we’ve seen it all. What
is boils down to is sort of a misconception that’s out there. It’s the idea that money
and money decisions are logical decisions that we make with our brain. The reality is
we make so many of our decisions, including those about money, it’s emotional, right?
We make them with our heart. Completely emotional. And you think, oh, this
is a factual thing. Money matters, but it’s really very emotional to talk about.
Absolutely. What is the best way to start the conversation
for couples? Yeah, the good news is it’s actually easier
than you think. Really?
So two key things to remember: The first is timing is everything, and the second is the
words that you use matter. Okay? Love that.
So, on the first one. Timing is everything. A couple of things to remember there.
Okay. The first is don’t have conversations about
money or other important issues when you’re already emotional, when you’re distracted…
Tired. Tired. Yeah, late at night, rushing off to
get the kids to school. No, got it.
Bad time. Okay? Second thing, is make sure you do it regularly. So, it should be something
that you actually have ongoing conversation about money. Not just like, okay, we have
to talk about this big issue and then we’re done.
Right. And so something that my wife and I have found
works well is we actually schedule time. Okay.
As formal as it sounds… Right. It sounds a little formal.
But, you know, okay we get the kids down to bed. We know that we’ve got a few hours before
it’s time for us to turn in for the evening, and it’s a great time for us to reflect on
the day, and also money can be part of that conversation.
You can also have a date night and talk about money.
I love it. Yeah, it’d be a ton of fun, right? Yeah.
Now my producers told me that you have this game that you want me to play, and I said
alright. I’m game for it, but seriously, I will play this game, but you’ve got to explain
it to me. Excellent. Alright. So it actually goes back
to the second point, which is the words that you use matter.
Okay. So, have you ever done improv?
I have. Alright, good. So, three key rules to improv:
The first is you want to fully step into your partner’s world. So both of us, right?
Okay. The second is, the words that you use matter.
Like I mentioned before, but it’s like think about words that build. So, like “and”, “yes”
also versus words like “no”, “but”. Right? They bring it down.
They ruin the energy. And then the third is you want to make sure that you’re always trying
to make your partner look good. Love that.
Alright. Ok, do I have a line in this game?
How about you want to buy a new car. Does that work?
That works for me. Alright, we’ll start. Honey, I just really want to buy a new car.
But we just finished paying for the car that we have two years ago.
That doesn’t feel good. See, already, I’m like saying you said “but” and you said “no”.
Exactly, it’s like we killed it right there. We killed it.
Alright, we’ve got to try it again in a positive tone.
So let’s try it the right way. Same line?
Do the same thing. Honey, I just really would like to buy a new
car. Yes, I know you’ve been driving the one that
you’ve got for a while. And, it’s also nice not having a car payment.
I agree, it is, but the car has 500,000 miles on it, and we’re driving our kids in it. It’s
really, I don’t think it’s safe. Yes, I can definitely see your point, and
it makes me think that maybe there’s a creative way that we can figure out how we can get
the car and also not saddle ourselves with this huge car payment.
Yes, we can do it. Let’s do it. Let’s do it.
I see us buying a new car. Alright.
Okay, I got it. Got it? Felt better, didn’t it.
Positive, positive, positive. Yes. I love that. And now, what about – this has got to
be a problem – setting long-term and short-term money goals for couples? Do they fight about
that, too? Absolutely. And that’s where a lot of tension
can come in. So, the key thing that I would say to remember, and to really try to strive
for as a couple, is to make sure that you’re on the same page with whatever the big goals
are. Right.
Okay? And so, whether that’s saving for a vacation, planning for retirement, maybe it’s
about saving for your kids’ college education, whatever that might be.
It’s huge and important, right. Now, what we find, though is that every couple
is different. I think the key is really thinking about how do you keep both of you involved
in the process. Right? Right. So, when I hide the shoe receipts from
my husband, that’s not a good idea. Probably not. Transparency is a good thing.
You know, this is such great information for couples. How can we learn more?
So, best thing to do is to go to our website: We’re got two really
great resources for this specific topic. The first is a free e-book that you can download
right from our website. Love free. Our viewers love free.
Yeah, absolutely. So look for The Money Talk, the book. That’s the first thing. Then the
second thing is something new. We’re offering workshops around the country for couples to
come, and actually dedicate a time talking about money, practicing some of the things
like improv, all of those kind of things. Then, the last thing is actually getting to
create an action plan about what are going to do moving forward?
I love that. Could you just sign Julie Moran and Rob Moran up for your next conference?
Absolutely, yeah, we’d love to have you there. That’d be great.
Great information. Thank you so much for stopping by.
Excellent. Alright, remember to log on to
for lots more. We’ve got lots there for you. You can also follow us on facebook and twitter.
(music). What’s for breakfast this morning? Is it the
same old same-old? It doesn’t have to be. Bye bye morning. Hello hardy. Back with us
again is my friend, Chef Chris Paul to show us how to make a hardy noodle omelet, and
I know we’re going to use Yakisoba Noodles in an omelet.
Yes. Noodles? In an omelet?
Yeah, isn’t that crazy? Yes, it is. Alright, well let’s get started.
Okay, so we want to spray this pan. I’m going to ask you to spray that for me.
I’ll do the spraying. Awesome.
Voilà. Okay, so now we’re going to mix up, if you
would assist me today. Yes? Oh, okay.
We’ve got two eggs. We want to crack those in the bowl.
Okay, let’s do it with no shells, right? Yup.
Actually, I’m a pretty good cook. So, let’s see.
Look at that. There you go.
You are good. Wow. I love to cook, I must say.
Then we’re going to add a little bit of that milk right there.
Okay. Half and half.
A little bit of milk. And we want to definitely add the seasoning
packet which we have right here. Oh really. Before?
Absolutely. Interesting.
It incorporates all the flavor. Without this packet, it would not be the true traditional
noodles that everybody loves. Okay, I think we got it all in there.
So, we’re going to mix this all up. So, now, this pan is nice and hot. So, we’re going
to pour this right in the pan. Ooh! Did you hear that? Did you hear it? Your
food’s talking to you. Listen to that sizzle!
Anything that sizzles is my kind of thing. Awesome. So, the next step we’re going to
be doing is adding the noodles. You want to make sure you add noodles in there.
So, you put them in the microwave first? Four minutes, yup.
Okay. What we’re going to do is take a little bit
of the noodles out, and I’m going to chop these up, just a little bit for taste.
Okay, like a quarter cup, maybe? That’s a perfect amount, yup. Then you want
to take the noodles, and just a little chop. You know, my girls would actually love this
because they’ll say, “Omelet, mommy? Really? Eggs?” and sometimes I need to razzle dazzle.
So, this is a good way. Yes. So, we’re going to put a little bit of
onions right in there. And I love onions.
Me, too. Pimentos. Pimentos. A little bit of sassiness there.
A little color, a little flavor. Okay. So, now you’ve got these ingredients in here.
We’re going to cut out the omelet. I’m going to fold this in half. So, if you’d give me
that plate. You got it.
Perfect. You have to come over for breakfast more often.
I’d love to. And the girls will be really happy that you
made this for them. Oh, that smells and looks so good.
So, now, I’m just going to add a little bit of cheese.
A little bit? No, no, no. This is for me, right? Wait. Let me take advantage. Who’s
counting calories this morning? Not me. Well, while you’re at it, throw some bacon
on there, too. Okay.
Yeah. Yes. Love bacon.
Beautiful. Okay. Can I try it?
Please. Let me see. Big fork. Why not? Mmmm. Que rico.
So good. Okay, you know you’re always welcome. If you want to learn more about Yakisoba Noodle
Trays, log on to You can also follow us on facebook and twitter
as well. Share your favorite noodle recipes with us, and have fun at breakfast. Oh, I’m
going to take another bite. (music).
Great information on today’s show. Oh yeah.
And I’ve gotta tell you, I really loved… Did you like them?
Loved Stephanie’s designs for Southern Fashion House. Such cute things, and I can see you
in like six of them. Okay, great. So, I can expect six new things
for my Birthday! No, one. Uno.
No, I want six. Plus loved seeing all those girls getting
excited about science and technology. We can all be the change. Let us know how
you are getting involved and impacting change in your community.
Always more information on our website, We’re also on facebook and twitter. Until
the next time. Remember, find your balance. So long, everybody.

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