Human Centered Design & Engineering Capstone at the University of Washington

What we’ve designed here it’s an
interface specifically made for eye tracking. [Chatter]
Really what a capstone project is, is taking into play all of the
different skills that you’ve learned, and building on that throughout all of your
course work. Torin:
It’s tracking your pupil now, so we’re gonna do a quick calibration and then it should work. Rashmi:
All four of us I think have a hand in every part of the process, but my favorite part about our process is the usability
testing and the ideation. [Chatter] Arnavi:
We had different classes in HCDE related to user interface design, user research, prototyping, all of the above.
And being able to see how it is that we take things from each of those classes
and put them into play in a real-world scenario, creating a real-world product,
impacting real people is pretty exciting. [Chatter] … Since it would take the entire slice of the area that I should be looking at for lights, and make that a separate color
than like the stereo, or the TV. Torin:
We went into the project initially trying to tackle and to rethink assistive technology in a way of reaching a broad population. Visavakorn:
What kind of existing technology exists that could help people with physical disabilities, but then we saw that there was this missing gap. That’s how we
actually went to eye tracking. Some of us have gone through disability-
related experiences, others of us have really good friends or family members who, you
know, really struggle with being differently abled or physically impaired, have chronic illnesses, and so we all came at it from different angles.
With this working prototype we have right now they be able to turn on and off outlets so
they wouldn’t have to go around like unplugging or tapping switches. So they’d be able to use just stick their glass. So let’s say you’re at a hospital,
you’re lying in bed, and you just have this screen in front of you and you can just
glance at the screen, and look towards a direction in the screen and then you can
turn them our lights are off. If you move your eye out to the side, that’ll
select one of the objects. Alright, so go aheadn and turn the lights on. Yeah. Cool! Rashmi:
Right now we’re at the HCDE
Open House, so this is where everyone who has a capstone project or a Directed
Research Group project in the Human Centered Design and Engineering
department, can actually present all their work, and share with colleagues and
[Chatter] Jared:
It isn’t just about making something cool, it’s about making sure that the world can realize the cool thing that you’ve created — that you’ve spent all this time working on.
I mean we saw the Dean here tonight, we saw a lot of people from industry. Rashmi:
It feels awesome actually, to just be
able to share everything that we’ve been working on for the past nine weeks. We just have a great time together, and it has great results, you know hopefully it
comes up to helping someone in the future. And if something we can do for
fun actually helps someone in the future that’s the ultimate for us. you

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