Inside Education S20 Ep 3 Clip | Go Inside the Fashion Design Program at SWCTA


We’ve highlighted
many CTE programs available in the Clark
County School District here on
Inside Education. Our focus this week
is fashion design. While Las Vegas
may not be the center of the fashion industry, the fashion design
program at Southwest CTA is providing students with a comprehensive
view of the industry and a chance to
refine their skills.Ghyanni Ferraer
is a senior
in the fashion
design program
at Southwest CTA
and is determined
to work in the
fashion industry.
Her interest
in clothes
goes back
to kindergarten.
(Ghyanni Ferraer)
I always had to make
my outfits match, and if they
didn’t match, I would get so sad.Before high school,
she had already
taught herself
how to sew.
My grandma gave me
this ancient machine and I was like okay, I’ll see what
I can do with this. I found out
how to work it, and it kind of like
went off from that.Now in her final year
at Southwest CTA,
Ghyanni has her own
clothing brand named
“Beby Yanni.”She’s created
runway designs,
planned fashion
fundraising events
and has earned
scholarship money
in competitions.The fashion design
program has helped
provide her with
a solid foundation.
I made sure I had good
grades from middle school so that I can get
into this school. It’s always
been a dream to be in this
high school.Cyncir Pollard,
one of Ghyanni’s
is also working
toward a career
in fashion.
(Cyncir Pollard)
I always loved fashion, and I knew
I loved fashion since I was like
in second grade.Cyncir plans to pursue
a business degree
after high school
to complement
his fashion training,and he credits
Southwest CTA
with helping refine
that talent.
It has really
challenged me more because I’m like
self-taught. I taught myself
how to sew watching
YouTube videos andProject Runway
and things. And when I came here
it challenged me more, and I got
more technical and I wasn’t just
going willy nilly on a sewing machine
like I used to.Instructor Nicole Carlson
strives to give students
a comprehensive overview
of the industry,
allowing them
to pick those aspects
that appeal to them.There are about
170 students
enrolled in the
four-year program.
In addition to skills,
Carlson offers insight.
She spent two years
as a designer
for the Guess
clothing company
before coming
to Southwest CTA.
(Nicole Carlson)
We do separate tones
into every aspect of the industry
so it’s not just sewing, it’s not just design. We do the production,
the buying and the pattern drafting
portion of it. We kind of give them
a little introduction to everything.Not every student
in the program
is as serious about
a career in fashion,
although students gain
skills such as sewing
and also what are
called soft skills.
They build
interacting skills, networking skills,
and we even teach them job interviewing skills. So stuff they can
also use outside even as simple as your
boss’ button falls off, you can say look,
I can sew that for you and then they’re
like ooh… -To complete the program,
all students will have to create their
own product line, showcase it
on the runway and prepare it
for mass production. There are some other
design programs in the District we want
to let you know about including fashion design
at Basic Academy of International Studies,
and Del Sol Academy of the Performing Arts
offers costume design.


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