International students studying at ASU | Arizona State University

My name is Munirah Alsubait. I’m a civil engineering student at ASU. I’m from Saudi Arabia. My name is Jeanbat Busisi. I’m Congo raised by nationality. My name is Victor Girotto. I’m from Brazil. I am from Zimbabwe. I’m from Saudi Arabia. I am from Pakistan. And I am from Canada. I like ASU very much, because there are a lot of opportunities. You get to create your own ASU experience. The reason I chose ASU was because it was ranked in the top 20 for the program that I’m studying. I’ve heard a lot about the school back home. ASU has a really good reputation in Saudi Arabia. I feel people around the campus are very friendly, and it is very easy to make friends here. There are over 1,000 clubs, and I am really passionate about clubs. We have a very good location so that we are pretty close to Flagstaff and that has some great skiing spots, and then if you go further north, there’s some amazing scenery. ASU has this beautiful balance between intense learning and having a great amount of school spirit that creates a positive and supportive community. I’m gaining a lot of knowledge from the diversity that we have here at ASU. Every day I meet new people. There are people from all different walks of life, but there is just this connection and understanding. I have friends from India.. China.. I met a guy from Colombia. It is great to see this variety of culture. I am always engaged with the people I have, or my classmates, and even the professors. The professors really kind of look after their students, and that was important for me. I don’t have to worry about the academic quality here. Being able to graduate from here, and have that on my resume, will give me a huge benefit and huge step forward to get a job. The United States, there is just something about this country; they really push for excellence. That’s what I am looking for: to have a great background and a great experience from such a great school such as ASU. It’s giving me all the opportunities necessary. I have good teachers. I am creating good networks. It’s an awesome experience. It gives you so much perspective, I cannot emphasize that enough. I’ve gotten to meet so many wonderful people. Not just my friends. The professors and sort of everyone along the journey. It’s been great.


hello sir! im from Bangladesh. i want to study in Arizona because i hear the name in many movies. they said its beautiful. a movie named 'We bought a zoo' by Matt Damon where they have speech Arizona two times. Can i study here sir? im just finished my 12th examination.

i want to be a actor. it'll be a dream comes to for me to study in acting . in my country people don't appreciate to study it. but im helpless. acting is my passion.

Thank you!

I am nrges from iraq and i want to study in Arizona state university because it looks nice and i had seen vids and i am undergraduate so what can i do

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