Let Charter Schools Teach

America’s schools spend lots of money, but often, barely educate kids. Our public schools are failing Philadelphia’s failing public school district I went to the neighborhood school Elaine Wells is a mom in Philadelphia. There were fights after school every day. It was horrible. So she walked her son to another school. We went to go enroll and we were told, “No, he can’t go here.” That was my wake up call. She’d discovered that although with most services, we get to shop around, that’s not true for so-called “public schools.” Instead, parents are often stuck with the school the government assigns them. But a new kind of school has been changing that… charter schools. It’s funded with taxpayer money, but Hardy gets to run it largely like a private school. In Philadelphia, David Hardy created a charter he calls Boy’s Latin. It tries new ideas. People in government run schools don’t like to change They also don’t like competition from charters. But charters are often better and parents line up, hoping to get their kids admitted. A lottery will decide which students will stay or go. This lottery was in New York. Congratulations. The winners are ecstatic, but there are many more losers. You’re on pins and needles and you’re hoping and you’re praying A charter school lottery left thousands of Philadelphia students disappointed last night. It’s like, you don’t have a chance. Elaine’s kids lost many lotteries. It’s heartbreaking. [Music] But finally, they were admitted to David Hardy’s school Shirts are tucked in. Yep. That’s important to you. Yeah. And the kids, they don’t mind it? Of course, they mind it. They’re teenage boys. The rules are there to kind of set the stage for the students. If the teacher can tell you to tuck in their shirt, they can tell you to be quiet in class. They can tell you to do your homework. It gives us some authority over the kids. Elaine was so eager for her sons to attend, she arranged to have Ibrahim repeat the 6th grade. I bet you didn’t like that. No, not at all. That’s when I really… that was the moment where I most despised Boys’ Latin in every possible way But their attitudes quickly changed Before Boys Latin I would come home and say, “Okay, I need you to read for an hour, read a book.” And their response would be “Why? What did we do?” Like reading was a punishment. Right. So getting into Boys Latin, I would find books in the bathroom on the floor. Came to the point where the teacher would tell our mom that I’d taken too many books. And then there were strange nighttime phone calls. He’s in his room and I hear him talking on the phone and it was like 10:00 o’clock at night and I’m like “Who are you on the phone with?” And he was like, “Well, Mr. Bumbulsky told me to call him if I needed help with homework.” You thought he was bothering the teacher? Yes. Yes. Another change was the kids spending more time in school. They’re here from 8 am to often 5 pm. And they have to take Latin. It’s ridiculous. Nobody speaks Latin. Well we picked Latin because it was hard. What’s the point of that? Because life is hard — because in order to be prepared you have to work hard. And we wanted to get that into the psyche of our students Do you feel sorry for your friends who are still stuck in the old… Yeah, it’s kind of sad because I’m looking at them like, “What do you mean you’re taking algebra one in senior year? You’re supposed to be taking pre-calc” We deliver. Since the very first class we’ve sent more black boys to college than any high school in Pennsylvania. And yet, now Philadelphia, and many other cities are rejecting new charter applications. Philadelphia rejected David Hardy’s plan to open a Girls’ Latin. You’re succeeding and they’re trying to kill you off Because they realize that if we continue to take children away, they won’t have jobs. Most studies on charters find increases in test scores. Kids don’t learn as well in most government run schools There’s always a reason in a government-run school for not serving kids. They’ll tell you what’s wrong with the kid. They never say “it’s my fault.” Instead – Students are going to march for more funding The government schools say they need more money Members of the Philadelphia teachers union push for more funding More funds? Get this: Philly schools already spend almost $19,000 per child. Do the math, that’s about half a million dollars per classroom. Where does the money go? They have a director of special ed and they have a assistant director a special ed. They may have a director of high school athletics and they have an assistant. And they have all these — a lot of overhead. To preserve their jobs, government teachers now say this: the publicly funded privately managed charter schools drain scarce resources from other public schools. Drain public funds. You can’t tell me that charter schools are taking funding from public schools. Every parent pays taxes. It’s the taxes that we pay that fund the school system. So if my child, If I choose for my child to go to a charter school, then that’s where my taxes should go. That makes sense, but Philadelphia and other cities don’t even give charters the same amount of money they give to schools they control. They give them less. In Philadelphia, only 70% of that. So, the government schools make money whenever a kid leaves for a charter. Over 13 years of schooling, Philadelphia saves $70,000 per child. What if they gave you the difference? Yes, absolutely give them the rest of the money But it would also mean that there would be a whole lot less union jobs. And the unions are not going to be for that. There are bad charters. But bad charters close. Bad public schools don’t close. That’s a big difference. When charters don’t deliver for kids, they go out of business. The government monopoly never goes out of business.


To those in the comments that consider homeschooling….
Do you mates really remember how non-linear differential equations worked? How do you still remember how to name all the glycerins and acids in chemistry, never mind stoichiometric reactions? I don't remember half of the things that are inside cells for biology, nevermind explaining what they do. The only thing I remember about Mahayana and Hinayana Buddhism is that they exist.
Do you mates really remember all that crap well enough to teach them and answer questions?

Public schools didn't used to suck, as much. The problem is that we have been taken over by communists.
They need to clean out the system top to bottom, bottom to top.
School is mostly babysitting, always has been.
When your babysitter is evil you do something about it, why not the school system?
As for Latin, " ordo ab chao " ring a bell anyone?

I'm sick of privacy concerns. Put cameras in every classroom. And when the teacher is teaching and some reprobate gets out of line there's proof. Demand your local schools deliver on the promise from the state to educate your child in a safe environment. Don't look for a different school. Demand what was promised.

So you're telling me that democrat run Philly doesn't want more educated black children coming-out of charter schools??? HHmmmm, aren't they the ones calling everyone racist and yet here they are

“If I pay taxes then those taxes go to public schools. But if my child goes to a charter school then that’s where my taxes should go.”
Well, I don’t have kids and my taxes go to public schools (which are garbage schools teaching illegals) so why do I and others have to keep funding them?

I live in Ontario Canada. Our public schools have different school boards in one city. I as a parent can choose to send my child to a public, English Catholic,french Catholic or French Immersion. When I bought my house on my property taxes. I was given the option to chose what school board would receive my tax money.
Each school board receives an X amount of money per student. While they are still top heavy and more expensive then charter schools, the boards still compete to get the most students in order to increase their funding. Hence the better the quality of education, the more students they get.

Results speak for themselves. And it's obvious.
It's time to take back control over this corrupt, bloated, thieving government.
Who will stand?
Who will unite?
Who cares enough to join together and tell the government NO MORE?

Hmmm, so public school teachers aren’t perfect and the students aren’t the problem?! Shocking…. I’m grateful I never listened to the contract Special Ed “counselor” who boldly told my mother and I that I “wouldn’t make it to college, much less through it” due to my standardized test scores in math and a supposed learning disability. I did make it to college and I did graduate. Also, it’s funny how a one-day workshop on how to take the math portion of that standardized test brought my lowest test score from a 65 to an 85, and it had very little to do with what I knew about math from some of the most frustrated and uninspired math teachers I had ever been exposed to… but of course the system is never wrong.

The government needs their useful idiots. They want to hold you back and keep you from succeeding in order to control you. Sounds like I'm off my meds but, this is fact.

Whoa!! Did we just see the answer to the education problem in this country? Drop the unions, let charters use public schools and fire the bad charters if they don’t deliver. Sounds like a good idea to me!

We need more of this and less of the public lawless school ran by kids. I don't agree with any type of bloat like forcing Latin or anything not really related to getting your career going…but it looks good and I like school vouchers idea.

Charter schools and homeschooling are asked for only in black and latino population school districts. 99% white school districts do very well. 99% black and latino school districts always score at the bottom.

It isn't logical to take your white kid out of a 99% white school to homeschool. There should be some policy that a parent disagrees with that would make the schooling objectionable — like a religious or sex ed policy.

If the district is doing well, it's because the students are vast majority white or asian and those groups have higher IQ and a culture of respect for education. The black and latino majority schools have low IQ students from cultures that consider themselves victims of America and government schools are just part of the white supremacy oppressor America. These cultures can't be helped by ANYONE.

Even this black educator who is educating black boys hedges his boast. He says that his school sends more BLACK boys to college than any other school in the state. Well, that's a convoluted and deceptive boast.

A desire to be more comfortable in school can be taught in an environment where it is all black males. Take away the distractions of the females and clothing and gang colors and there will be a lessening of violence and disruption. But that's it. There won't be a raising of the IQ which is vastly genetics. There won't be much rise of test scores.

This black educator can encourage more students to go to college but that may be very harmful to those students. Sending ill-prepared students to college where they will have student loan debt and eventually drop out will burden their futures tremendously. He leaves out any follow-up on these students. I see many students encouraged to get college degrees who then drop out with student loan debt and humiliation thereby delaying starting raising families.

Everyone who wants to go to college can find a two or four year institution that will accept her. There are plenty of affirmative action programs that will get them in. But it isn't a good idea to encourage kids who can't learn at a college level. Pushing them through to a degree doesn't mean they are educated. The degree is treated as magical in many communities; as if having one will automatically get them a great position. It won't.

Employers know the above. They can tell right away from the application and possible interview that the black student's degree doesn't match the guy sitting in front of them and won't hire.

The best thing for public schools and charter schools is to tell the truth to the parents and students. If your kid is low IQ or culturally unable to take advantage of the education being offered; prepare for a life of low skill manual labor. You can enter the middle class through steady habits and not reproducing outside of wedlock. If you want to pursue your dream in sports entertainment or music entertainment then give it a shot with the recognition that less than one percent of those who try don't make enough to be middle class so always have a backup plan to get to work.

Once again, JT has pointed out the hypocrisy of the public school who relentlessly ask for more money by saying "it's for the children." Parents should revolt. But they won't. Most are too busy trying to earn a living. Many just don't care. It is the same reason they keep re-electing the same party even while their cities are falling apart.

If you hate your children, you send them to government or charter schools. There is no debate on this. Obsconding on your duty as a parent is the highest form of hate you can show them.

The DC Mafia doesn't like when you start taking kids out of their indoctrination centers. They definitely don't like when you take a few bucks out of their pocket. And they really don't like it when you make them look bad. Which is definitely not a hard thing to do.

I went to a public school that consistently made the top 5 school list in Oregon. Our rival also made it sometimes. However, with all of our funding (rich neighborhoods), we still couldn't beat charter schools that had a fraction of the money we did. Hell, our rival would continually run out of paper each year because of how poorly run it was.

The way to fix our school system is to bar teachers unions, to allow for firing of bad teachers without cause, and to allow for people to choose where their property taxes and child go

Unions, making schools more expensive and specially protecting bad teachers?
Where have I seen this about unions? Everywhere

This is great. We need to dismantle public schools. Its a horrible system which destroys the love of learning.

And for me, I'm glad to see more Black people fighting the public school trap.

The Gov't schools have 1000 excuses and often force political agendas onto children. If you think the "sanctuary" cities are about anything but having illegal children in schools for count day. It's about money and (teacher's unions) power.

The government trying to ruin another good thing! Thanks the democrats for the shitty public schools!!! Get out and vote Trump 2020 before it’s too late!!!

As someone who goes to a charter high school, I can agree with completely. Test scores for the school are at least 10% higher then the high school I would have gone to. It also allows for much more flexibility with what we as the students are able to do as recreational activities (Our normal school day ends at 1:30PM, but we have Conservatory from 2:00–5:00, which includes choosable activities like writing, art, band, dancing, etc.) Back in public middle school, I have been neglecting to do any homework and although I was thought of as a bright person from my peers, I was getting not very much work done, and I felt no regrets. Now that I have moved to my Charter School, the difference is as clear as night and day. I now offer to do extra work for others, and my house/personal life has never been so cleared up because I have been that much more motivated to work towards my goal since I realised how little work I ever did before.
In Conclusion: Thank you Charter schools!

It's all about controlling the students @ Gov't. schools they are raising sheep. The charter schools teach children to think. School when I went was more learning, less politics… Class of 1973

Wait wait wait… people are taking Algebra 1 their senior year…? I'm no genius but I, and almost everyone in my school, took that in 8th grade

Well this is not really about charter schools but does pertain to public schools. I have dyslexia and my earlier years in public school were a nightmare. My parents pulled me out of public school and sent me to private school. Not only did I do better but I excelled.

I went back to public school for high school and they would not accept the credits from the private school. So my precalc and advanced science credits were out the window.

Also there was a difference between the quality of the teaching in the public school. It was so much worse, I was bored and frustrated. I could have taught most of the classes I was forced to take.

Early college entrance which might have helped but it wasn't offered due to my earlier credits not counting in their system. Basically as far as their system was concerned I stopped going to school after 2nd grade and came back for high school.

Public schools are terrible and bureaucratic and I would say arrogant but they are a necessity. I can complain about them all day but they are a necessity. At least education is provided for everyone but they do need to be improved.

So I believe in public education but I do think that they can be improved significantly. Where do we start? Allow children who attend private schools to provide proof that they have been in what their transcripts say. Allow open enrollment in all communities. It is terrific here.

Those would be a good place to start. I know that if my own school district hadn't had open enrollment and I would have been forced to attend my local high school I would have been put in special education. Which means I would have been effectively punished for going to private school.

So I think that public schools need work but need to stay. We need public education but we deserve that they be made better. After all they are not owned by the government but us. We are the government and ultimately it's our money that pays for them. So they should answer to us and we are not satisfied with their performance.

Meanwhile, here in Las Vegas, our teachers were threatening to go on strike last week because they were demanding a raise even though our school district is ranked 2nd to last in the entire country.

With all the examples of government underperformance it boggles my mind to think that anyone would willingly want government to run anything.

A private sector of education must be allowed to remain and be allowed to compete with public schools and open up to hold more students. However charter schools shouldn’t get federal funding since that’s a subsidy and well yuck.. I did some research and for example the private schools I live near if you got rid a property taxes most people in my town could be allowed to send all their children to it. Education should be privatized to a certain degree

Government schools always cry poor. They could get $1,000,000/kid and still not teach them anything and fail. With incompetent teachers, thug unions and a curriculum based on liberalism, the only way kids get through it is because of the “no child left behind act”. The only thing that government run schools are good at is failing.

This is how we can begin to solve the so called "wealth inequality" in America. We can start by getting as many under-privileged kids as we can out of those slimy public-schools. We need teachers who care about students' success and aren't afraid to instill discipline within them to prep them for the challenges that life will throw at them.

School choice is the one way the public schools will be forced to reform. Either you go out of business or you get better and do more with less.
It is absurd the the government thinks it is ok to take massive amounts of money (from your property taxes) your entire life and give it to public schools…that fail our kids. If they are so amazing, give parents a choice and see how many will walk away from public education. I'd bet most would.

Charter Schools reduce the the tax dollars each student would bring into public schools = teacher's unions = Democrat donations………..

4:35 – Over $18K per kid. Pretty sure if we didnt have to pay that in taxes, parents could get together and homeschool their kids with better results, for the same price or a lot less.

"bad charters close, bad public schools don't close" i can see why charter schools arent liked, its teaching people what government is. not your friend.

Some charter schools are as bad or worse. The ones we sent our kids to were a huge joke. Teachers would go out with students, drink, smoke and have sex with students. Check the schools out first.

While I agree that charter schools are better and cheaper, there is a caveat to the "cheaper" issue. Charters don't, by and large, admit special needs kids. These kids are disproportionately expensive, and consume more resources than the average.

It's amazing that there's actually a parent in Philadelphia that doesn't know the schools are zoned and you can't just pick the one you want.

We just had another school referendum pass. They promised that it would only cost $99 per year on our taxes, but then the assessors office upped our taxable value $34,000 within a week of it passing! We’ve seen 110% increase in 5 years. Now we have two new “Group Think” schools going up.

I've sent my kids to private school since pre-k. Now at high school and middle school age they are well beyond their public school peers. The financial investment is well worth it.

TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH!!! This message cannot be shared enough. Shout it from the rooftops! If you actually honestly care about the kids, if you truly want what's best for them, you cannot be against charter schools. Do not believe anything you hear from the lying mouths of the government bureaucratic school administrations and their ilk. THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT CHILDREN, THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES. I do feel bad for the public school teachers caught in the middle, the ones who often DO care but have to go along with their masters out of fear and insecurity.

Latin is a very important language. I wish we were taught languages in elementary school. Latin is the basis for so many other languages. English is a Germanic language but so many word are still based in Latin. Especially STEM words.

So they have a lottery to find out who stays, that's just as bad as affirmative action, it should be based solely on academics, ie: grades, attendance, behavior…

This is an argument for better teachers not charter vs. public schools (or even just letting teachers teach). From my experience charter schools are very hit or miss. I tutored a kid who was being taught lies by an incompetent teacher at his charter school. Heard kids were dropping like flies from that curriculum.

So sad how my state handled this as well "WV". We tried charter schools to help the at risk kids,it worked great. So we tried to expand to help more kids,so they asked for more money to do more,well the public school teachers were soooo against it. They said their problem was it was taken money away from the public schools,fair enough. So we found the funding else where,that way it was in no way taken away from the public schools. Problem solved right? Wrong! They then were against it because, the money going to charter schools "Could" have gone to the public school system! Wrap your mind around that, they said "no matter what we will never get that money,don't need it. But if we can't have it then no one else can either". Which OK I get it,yet these people claim that they're only concerned with helping the children. Laughable!!! WV public school teachers Union should be so ashamed. They only care about their money and to hell with the kids. You wouldn't believe how many times my kids have had weeks off school because their teachers are on strike for more pay AGAIN!! And each time we give them a raise on the condition that they can not go on a wild cat strike again,they always agree,then 4months later their at it again! Public sector jobs should not have Unions!!! This is why!

Gee, government incompetence and government waste, combined with government greed. Who knew? EVERYONE! Vote for different people on school boards, until things change. Never give a second chance to one of those useless creatures, that aren't doing anything other than making excuses.

It's because Government schools don't care about teaching kids. Is about teachers keeping their jobs and teaching to "tests". They're all about short term results. NOT the long time result of the children becoming better, more educated, productive & prepared adults. And Democrats keeping their slaves.

"The boys go to school from 8 AM to 5 PM"

American kids: "gee that's kinda long"

Kids from 3rd world countries: pathetic

0:45 "It's funded with taxpayer money but managed like a private school"

Sounds like a complete recipe for corruption

3:01 "We're teaching students Latin for no functional purpose other than it's hard"

Sounds like incompetence.

And you want to fund these crooks?

This is very interesting, I live in Sweden and here its the other way around. The charter school system has been a big disaster over here. The government has less control over the charter schools and that has attracted a lot of dishonest people applying and opening a charter school.

The owners of the charter are in control of the money the school get from the government and money generated from each student. And since there is now law that tells the charter how much money they must invest in the school and their students, the owners of the charter take the majority of the money for themselves. Thus the students get less teacher led classes, less hours, old books or outdated computers.

Fyi, not every parents pays the taxes that go to public schools. Not even close to all. You only pay for public schools in NJ if you own property. Period. Not sure how other states fund their schools but this doesn’t apply to NJ. With that said the “government” doesn’t “appoint” a school to you. You simply go to school in your district where you live. And if there are fights between children everyday thats not the schools fault. Is poor parenting at home. Were #1 in education for a reason. Our system clearly works just fine.

Many of the Public School teachers in Philly can read or speak. Philly Schools are Marxist indoctrination centers. The left want to destroy anything successful and anything they don't control. And Yes, Charter schools do drain precious resources from the teachers union and that's a good thing.

When the charter schools direct the students to exercise their minds they are producing the biological gangula connective system within the brain. This increases intelligence overall. Without this gangula being nurtured and grown biologically the children would end up suffering biological Arrested Development of their brains. Teaching the difficult increases the abilities of the brain function to master the average.

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