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Hi Everyone! this is Shakhar Raja welcome back to
our YouTube channel 7Hills In the part of linux/unix, we are going to learn linux boot procsess clearly learning, actually this fundamental topic in linux everyone must be know it tell score normal I use an
interpretation I pretend I’m gonna go voice corrupt Annihilator and a then a
issue watching Animalia troubleshoot your on KO samet sushi Eli Nate’s boot
process an ID a chili user to me here with the linings Nichkhun the one put
another line explore nature Kannamma Nevada a compulsory boot process and any
compulsory till soon darling so friends in videocast and I use out an
unbiased nama use it the like journey al again I explanation we go even and which
Ananth in the description law telegenic we go excellent land which in the
average and between the below average below average you can pitch in the link
in the description law diligently I like him Inka Linux video seminar cover and
connect in the description Hotel agenda okay what exam 1 inch in our topics
Quran you know covered their son an extra videos no friendship position one
more tap a local for them tap weekly Idol with a topical tushy Linux boot
process ok Linux boot process low Minako five to six steps and Adams Iwakuni oke
steps aluminium Emily them on the line it’s a good process and they internally
to them for example you put boot process 1920 put is another line exhibition and
including a line X machinima no more power on Jason of Pinoccio Monaco
monitor Dominic enlarge inshallah route another display us together a coverage
area process more than you want to move boot process any and um okay so in would
process and a in do vanilla mmm steps on day and Ida pramana more clearly an edge
condom you’ve suppose good passes on teh put in over lining
Micheline Duncan the Linux machine Nina no power Angie’s none okay power antes
Nanakuli mid-90s some pious snps and a power switching mode power supply anthem
okay he has some Pearson adenosine the AC current in Monaco DC current remarks
on the actually the Monaco AC current or 230 volts person II he 230 volts current
in Monaco – well our 912 odds Commander Kim watch me okay II 1200 machi Monaco
motherboard a little to no mother but no no all components key power supply
nature with no ve current energy Monaco a cemented easier in the MRSA montemagno
more a count points and she even that she’d easy components cover to DCP never
just like ever to mon amour AC current in a DC current Eva Oh Martha okay
SMPS new uses you okay put Monaco power supply necessary Indy okay I’ll come
bonuses power under the hill penny okay next to step load sushi imagine
okay next station approaches ship post-process derivative or Shantae
power-on self-test power-on self-test entities she either
chilly bias bias regime by a Sunday basic input system okay II basic
input/output system no path to process such as shimamu post to process anthem
okay he pushed on any performance in the first to postpartum with me if worse
than any ammunition and take power and selfish celebration typical all
components communica our supply lines are opening all components and
economical processor in our to Rama our to gonna go motherboard laundries how do
we do not to beat you why also okay how language is she
all components video card it over to audio card ever – ok practi oka
component and any monica hardware component an ID Selfridges contain okay
tonnopro tonneau power on your squad on key digesting in case even a fail idea
monaco bios mnemonic detected in the water so I put a station Monaco the
power and suppress alumina correlated detect detector anyway maintained
demonic ooh man fortune in your party beeps onshore something okay if suppose
most make meseta monocle mouse Messina
beeps and I know Sonny okay okay mother portney
but the monocle Bobby sweeps on the Navy don’t they and man pardon me but Tim and
I could define nation one thing okay a post operation – Tata bio scenarios
romantic buy us another basic America Inc use a use a tent a basic
configuration skills is meaning the one of our utilization by example in cheek
here clear explanation of BIOS on TNT a saline evaporite only an IV clearer in
the description or link is turned on by Jesse children D production monarchy
boot process from Monaco by us and Iranian society by association Monica
basica configurations and a one-time okay time or date with about the
Chichibu device boot device and terminal people suppose are the Lennox our
discontent together artists Club Monaco operating system Tony I like a pen drive
any in any okay and romanika a rate the operating system tonnage is Mona mo
would device anthem okay heart is you suppose hard disk on called a hard disk
Lomonaco Linux OS nad wounded okay Angela says she put BIOS and ranges and
a fast to boot device hard disk on condi on our display Monica detect just only
load Jason E so I’m no first two hardest litter she would boot devices on Tamara
and refers to device at first to sector she MBR MBR on Tony MBR intendente
hashtag boot record our anthem okay in the location Monaco bootloader on Tony
partition table known to the magic table Antonio K he 512 bytes from Monaco 466
atashi bootloader on Tony a bootloader by it’s under 466 to Monaco 466 by
suggestion Monaco boot order right star 30 she’s 64 a chaser Monaco partition
table 32 bytes saturation Monaco magic number on Tony okay e 11 items other
than me okay e first two thing about Jason Monaco 46 bytes and control number
E power four six three six bytes such as she bootloader
okay II boot order and de Monaco Linux mission Linux legitimate a cool
lilo grab okay grab – okay boot Rollerson away when Adams Anthony okay
what gurus cheap communion and deeply MBR Lomonaco faster then guna job done
okay thank on the tushy Monaco 64 by itself says she partition table on time
okay partition table and time Monaco in dose from gonna go see time on 20 travel
Tony eat I won’t inviting someone instant information manicou MBR alig a e
Linux operating system Oh Dominic ooh partition stable zone together body
someone engine information mature she is 64 bytes low I will not I’m Jonathan II
theru touches she – but stupid situation Monaco magic number and I’m a magic
number and Monaco in either Sunday check JC detected and key
usually the crab blow Monica urbanization Monaco carnival Oh Carmela
one of the part of the murder okay ambien on to Monaco kernel image
edit on the kernel image honor thee Lord eyes no carnal energy and maybe Monaco
hindered him Canelo’s – Ximena cool main part ok carnality she hardware hardware
all components integral components mnemonic ooh control is a santa monica
presuppose hardware key software key Modelo Commedia to run together a
mediator a church in monaco a carnal oke Carmela Monaco and neologism at hardware
on it which is she is out they rated Monaco agent under voice near Ani and
out the bottom handle you say they occur okay
he canal kiku interval the video Jeremy Nick in the description list no then
flick Jesse Mara Clara tells coach my friends okay you know she she can milk
some Banerjee okay eyetality she proved grabbin a demon Akua mitten
Oh estilo jianchi uses Minamata if suppose multiple voices on Ancona
multiple voice on tape – windows + combination of linux and Condy ii
eärendil alumina could default a the load Cavalli okay
and I did my own in low minimum mention a channel matter he grabbed no Monica
/et she co file until the / etcd file to grub bundle Tony so Angela mono
mentioned just made a lead if our lab with the operating system unity Lord of
the knee so I see / etcd file to grab lo one hundred
thousand jobs only I come in chi minh aku a operating system load already a
conventional or data file gave me a change agent anything okay Teresa Jesse
Grabow okay grab orange in the earth sorry Takashi Colonel a car not good and
cheap Rajab kunam okay is it a shoe mediator Cap’n destiny I’m gonna create
the hardware and on the hardware and software the method of mediator the
foundational principle next to use counter cardinal energy to process knee
instead yes honey so I instead use a process isn’t a
system D ok system D and a process knee in shade es lo que e system do you know
Monica and Nero a services anomaly and idea system D Romana more mint
generation term look at a service and honey in low mana mentioned yourself so
many generation services honey system D low molecular ecology default ever place
ma dimension is never any country insured at a system
dear insisted in short I think example of Licata Monaco e ad with an inverter
Cardinal first two inside the airship process Indian a Lutheran alike a in
Lakota inside leadership in in process code or thorough so are ended canceled a
chassis system deep of a system D&AD answer ok system real or services online
services on a run out the next to step location mark boot process learn HTML
and tame targets and alter targets and they put suppose window so I’m gonna go
Hindi safe mode safe mode with command from and safe mode with networking on
together so Alya align its mission runlevels and Target Center gun level so
okay proved in the previous quran levels and built Royal Enclosure sheet targets
and Nicholson um okay II run levels okay II run levels and I am gonna go zero to
run level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 ok ill a six-run level shinobi one time ok suppose run
level 0 and then condé run levels you know I’m gonna move power of a laser
shit down anthem okay the unlevel one magician wanna move raise crucial rescue
she already put in the troubleshoot jelly and I’m gonna burn more run level
1 nan Chi Chi’s cotton Amata ok run level 1 notch a shoddy run level 2 3 4
Atsushi multi-user multi-user in runlevels anthem ok 2 3 4 notation
multi-user run levels and ammachi Aulani which is she non graphical user
interface returned a command line interface moment antiemetic emotional
work you although I can same one pure Oni comments well just um okay put to
Lankan to put a local minimum line item whether so Dani noce so minimal
run level 2 3 4 a non-critical interface ok Tabitha Jason Monaco choose contain
next to level and level Association Monaco graphical user interface
graphical multi user interface which as she run level 5 ok in lowest issue
Monaco I cancel an emotion and worketh inverter okay another she run level 6
run level 6 search in Monaco chavarri level ok we shall done clean a power of
maintain yourself so you can touch I mean you put runlevels anything do
random also entire or unlevel you party minimum Monica operating system another
load if any load I pretended Monaco prompt us on the line XD looser in
username password earthly username password
mumbling its mission lucky Laura if I ecology wanna move a activity JL and
canonical NT HS canto so Anita process new I’ll purchase a minimum Linux boot
process any and um so forever human immediateiy he discusses I’m opposed
Tobias OMB or group book and all the system de target ok runlevels okay but
need needle position Mon Amour Linux boot process steps and run time so
friends native irritable in the GOP nominee on Bowser know in case after a
condom monologue sorry – Randy okay either tissue for one of the fundamental
topic so you know companies are a MacDill son Dhani so friends urology she
in the next video Malika Adam Jane by my friends marina Briscoe some swaps
crappiest condi and notifications for some egg Berg and tapas off

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