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Hey! Care to look at what I am reading? I am reading about the Lunar Eclipse! Let’s see what it is. Zoom in! A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth
moves between the Sun and the moon,.. ..blocking the Sun’s light from reaching the Moon. Come let’s go to Space and see
how the Lunar Eclipse occurs! You see them?
The Sun, the Earth and the Moon? Look how the moon is slowly passing
from the Penumbra to the Umbra. Hey, stop stop! This is the Penumbra,
the region beyond the Umbra. Okay moon. When the moon travels to the Penumbra,
we see a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse,.. ..where the Moon is faintly visible to us. When the part of the Moon is in the Penumbra
and a part of it is in Umbra,.. ..we see a Partial Lunar Eclipse.. ..and when the Moon travels to the Umbra,
we see a Total Lunar Eclipse. There are times when the Moon
appears to be Red. Oh, don’t be scared!
I will tell you how that happens. As we all know,.. ..the rays of the Sun are made of
red, orange, blue, yellow, blue, green and violet. When the Sun’s rays
hit the atmosphere of the earth,.. ..most of the colors get scattered away
and the color Red remains,.. ..due to which we see a Red or a Blood Moon
during a Total Lunar Eclipse. The word ‘Eclipse’ in Greek means Downfall. A solar eclipse always takes place
about two weeks before or after a lunar eclipse! So now you know quite a lot about
the Lunar Eclipse, don’t you? This is me Zooming out. Tune in next time for more fun facts!


Hello Dr binocs now I'm watching the lunar eclipse and it's turning red and thanks to you

Music 1st: BlueMoon music 2nd: Super Moon Music 3th: FINAL IS LUNAR ECLIPSE! Only in The Year 2018 On Music 31th

In my country,thers a lunar eclipse happen when the mayon volcano erupt.super blue blood moon happend,back at jan. 31 2018

You Don't Know 7 Stages 1st Penumbral 2nd Partial Eclipe 3rd Total Eclipe 4th Maximum Eclipe 5th Total Eclipe End 6th Partial Eclipe End 7th Or Last Stages It's Penumbral Eclipe End

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