Master of Arts Digital Marketing and Data Analytics

The data analytics
component of the program is really teaching
students how to use different analytic
techniques to really get a much deeper understanding
of customer needs. There’s such a shortage
of people that have this expertise in the field. [MUSIC PLAYING] I would look at different
programs from well-known schools, and they were
all missing something. And I finally realized when
I saw the ad for Emerson exactly what they
were missing, and that was just the focus on
digital marketing and data. We’ll talk about digital
marketers and their responses to online consumer behavior. We’ll talk about the different
kinds of online consumer behavior that exist. Students will be
learning a whole range of topics with consumer
behavior more specifically. The digital marketing
components of the program are really helping
students understand how to apply those insights
across all the different touch points that consumers now have. One of the things I like
most about the program is that because it is online it
gives me a lot of flexibility. I have to travel
quite a bit for work, and so being able to do
the work wherever I am, it just is really
convenient for me. The courses are designed
so that they will never be more than a 20 student
to one instructor ratio, and we think that’s
very important. Faculty do their best
to accommodate students wherever they may be. And so whatever option
works best for them, they are welcome to kind of
connect with us faculty here, and then we’ll just try
and meet them halfway. It comes down to the
knowledge of the faculty. The faculty that
teach in the program are not just professors. They’re actual
practitioners in the field, so they bring a lot of
real world experience to the classroom. And it really drives those
discussions that happen online. If you look at the job
postings for marketers, over 50% of those postings
have a requirement in it that those marketers have
some level of data analytics experience. So I recently
accepted a new position, and I was really
excited because part of the reason that led
me to getting this job was being in this program. They were all looking for this
digital marketing and data analytics experience, and
they were really excited that I’m continuing
to learn and to grow. And that was one of the things
that helped me land this job. Updating your digital
marketing skills, you’ll be able to
position yourself as someone who is current. And that’s what people
want, people who work hard. Marketing is changing
at a lightning speed. It’s critical for
students to really get a deeper understanding
of data analytics to really provide insight
driven decision making.

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