Master of Arts in Communication

Cathy Gillotti: Like the undergraduate degree in Communication, the master’s degree gives people a lot flexibility. And it gives people a lot of choice about, you would just have to know what your passion is and what you want to do with the degree. And we try to help you tailor your program to help you become successful in your career, whatever that career choice happens to be. In this job market in this economic time, they need to have as many application and process classes as possible to bolster their resume, which we are totally in support of doing. Some of our students that have taken a more applied approach to graduating from our program have done documentaries for their final projects in the program. Some students have written original scripts and have performed them at the Towle Theatre. Other students have developed training programs for the organizations they currently work for, and then been able to immediately implement what they learned in the master’s degree program on the job. Stil, other’s have just, they go through the programs, and they take traditional written comprehensive exams and still excel at their workplace, regardless of whether they are bringing a new training program or not. It’s just we allow lots of different variations of final exams in the program that allows people to tailor the program to their needs.

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