Momentum Bashing 2 introduction


(light music) – Welcome to Momentum Bashing 2. In the first Momentum Bashing activity, we were looking at how change in an object’s mass effects its momentum. However we realized there was a flaw in our design using that variable of mass. We noticed that the marbles didn’t quite work out so well. If we would have had, four different sized marbles each successively greater mass it would have worked much better. But those marbles are kinda hard to find. So I asked you in the very last question, how else could you increase an object’s momentum besides increasing its mass? And you realized that momentum has two variables to it. It has mass and velocity. So in this experiment we’re gonna look at how change in an object’s velocity effects its momentum. So let’s look at our materials. You have your a activity sheet, front and back. You’ll notice on the back the data table’s blank ’cause this time you’re gonna have to organize your data on the data table. Also gonna have to write your own procedure and draw a graph. Rest of your materials are pretty much the same. You have your meter stick that’s gonna measure how far your cup goes when the marble hits it. You have your ruler with a groove in it. Now you’re using just one marble, but you have to increase this marble’s velocity to see how it’s gonna effect the momentum. To do that, ideally you wanna increase the height each time by the same amount. So if you see here I’ve got four books all of pretty much equal thickness. So this would be for instance, my fourth trial. So I’d set my marble up at the top, cup right down there, make sure you’re meter stick’s aligned just like in the first investigation and let her rip. All right, have fun with Momentum Bashing 2.


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