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(heavy beat music) – [Narrator] The Canucks
travel to Music City where they will look to find a spark to ignite the rest of
the six game road trip. Starting their longest trek of the season with a disappointing loss in Dallas, the Canucks focus on
playing as a five-man unit. – [Bo Horvat] We need everybody. We need everybody to step
in and play their role. Start playing the way we were in October. (cheers) – [Narrator] Changing things up could be the difference maker, as forwards Zack MacEwen and Tyler Graovac get the call. – [Zack MacEwen] I know
what they expect of me. High energy, play with
pace, you know, be physical, and, you know, do what
I can to contribute. – [Narrator] The matchup marks
a milestone for Bo Horvat, as he suits up for his
400th career NHL game. (heavy beat music) – A lot of talk today, all right? Let’s be ready to start the game on time. In this building, you
gotta be ready to go. (heavy upbeat rock music) [Narrator] An intense
and physical first period sets the tone for the game. [Commentator] Canucks get
the puck to Pettersson. In front, they score! Leivo, back to Edler,
long shot, tipped in! Tyler Graovac working on
the second power play unit got his stick on that one, and the Canucks lead 2-1! From Miller, makes a move to the middle, J. T. Miller with a shot, scores! Just whipped it in past Rinne! Another power play goal, three for three! [Narrator] The Predators
get an early lead, but the Canucks are quick to answer back, scoring five power play goals, something the club hasn’t
done since the 2011 season against the Blackhawks. – [Commentator] Pettersson
shoots, stopped, rebound there, loose, in! And I think that may be
Horvat, although Miller was in the vicinity! Wrist shot, knocked down
by the glove of Markström, couldn’t cover, now he
reaches out, can’t get it. Canucks come up with the puck, Pearson for the empty net, scores! Canucks even their record
on the road trip, what a game for Jacob Markström. – [Jacob Markström] You
gotta keep believing, in ourself, in our system. It wasn’t pretty today, but it’s a win, and we needed one. – [Narrator] The team heads
to Washington D.C. where former Capital Jay Beagle
received the warmest of welcomes from Washington
fans at the local practice rink. (crowd cheering) It would be the only time
they would see the forward as a nagging injury, and
keep him on the sidelines. (upbeat music) The earlier than usual start
time and afternoon tilt didn’t phase the fired-up Canucks. With confidence high, and
the power play red hot, they had no problem getting
up to face the Caps. (upbeat music) – Woo! (heavy upbeat music) – [Commentator] Carries all
the way back to the blue line. Miller, Pettersson shoots, he scores! Whipped it top shelf! Vrána with a step, in on goal, he shoots, Markström the save, but behind him! Myers was there to clear it away, then it was shot wide! Alex Ovechkin, glove save by Markström! [Narrator] Holding on for
two periods, Markström and the Canucks force
overtime, and after trading multiple chances, the
Canucks would seal the deal in the seventh round of the shootout. (suspensful music) – [Commentator] Markström
got him with the blocker! Horvat, trying to take
the winner for them. Scores! – [Bo Horvat] It’s one of
those positions you want to be in, you want to be
there in the big moments, you know, Marky was
phenomenal in the shootout, and I wanted to be the
one to win it for him. I was happy I got to go,
and happy it went in. (team singing to rock music) (upbeat music) – [Narrator] An early afternoon
game meant the Canucks could take an evening train to Philadelphia, where they looked to
keep their wins rolling. The team has scored each of
its last seven goals on either the power play or the penalty
kill, matching the longest run of special team tallies
in franchise history. – And then the second unit,
three quick clips here. Just up, over, it’s coming in the net. They’ve got two guys down there. – We’ll be doing a lot of this stuff. They’ll try to score, so again, we want to make sure we
get back just like this. Four or five guys to come back, stop that guy, grab the puck, and no damage done on the
way back into our zone. Okay guys, let’s keep up the good work tonight, execute at a high level. – [Narrator] A bright light
on the injury front is the quick return of defenseman
Alex Edler, who left the game early in the
first period in Washington. – Yeah, like I mean, I’ve
had a lot of injuries, so I feel like I know my body pretty well, today, escape went well. – [Narrator] Hoping to
help his team, goaltender Thatcher Demko will start
between the pipes for the first time since November 16th. (rock music) (upbeat music) – [Commentator] A chance
for Horvat, to the side, Miller scores! Bo Horvat spun around and
put it on the stick of J. T. Miller, he pops it in
to make it 1-0 Vancouver, and the Canucks score first. Miller, nice move to get in. Gives it off, Boeser shoots, and Hart just got enough of it! – [Narrator] The Canucks get
on the score sheet early, but after a slow second and third period, the team would fall 2-1 to the Flyers. – [Travis Green] I thought
our goalie was really good for us tonight, gave us a chance to get a point on the road. I thought we had a little
push when we got down a goal, it was too little too late. – [Narrator] The club continues
their tour of Pennsylvania, with a look to bounce
back against the Penguins’ team they’ve yet to face this season. (upbeat rock music) The return of a familiar
face is a welcome sight, as Nikolay Goldobin makes
his season debut after getting the call up from Utica. A last-minute goalie
change would see goaltender Thatcher Demko get his second straight start of the roadie. – [Commentator] Hughes
follows up, the Canucks have numbers, Quinn Hughes
centers, Miller scores! – [Narrator] The Canucks
fell behind 2-0 in the first period, before going on a run and scoring four straight. – [Commentator] …takes his
pass, back to Pettersson. Shoots, he scores! Virtanen gets to the goal, scores! Rebound, stopped that as
well, puck’s still loose! They score! Adam got a pat, jabbed it home! – [Narrator] It wouldn’t
be enough, as the Penguins rallied to an 8-6 comeback,
handing the Canucks their toughest loss of the season so far. – [J. T. Miller] Just trying not to be too negative right now. Any time you give up eight, you gotta take a look in the mirror. Just not good enough. – [Travis Green] This
could’ve been one of our best wins of the year. When you have a 6-3 lead
like that, with a power play, and you end up losing the hockey game, it stings for sure. – [Narrator] True learning experiences are never easy to swallow,
but this young Canuck squad will have to do
just that to keep their hopes of becoming a
post-season team alive.


They lost on my birthday Nov 25 but they should not lose on Nov 30 go Canucks Go smash the like button if you're a Canucks fan

That Philly game really was a stinker. Also a shame the team forgot how to play defense against the Penns. Demko needed to force some saves, but given he wasn't expected to start and again the defense was asleep at the wheel hard to put the blame on him. Let alone all the blame.

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