Outstanding BTEC Teacher/Tutor of the Year 2015 – Tim Smith

I always believe that they can do whatever
they want to do. Giving young people the opportunity to do something that they probably thought
they couldn’t do, and just knowing confidently a hundred percent that I knew that they were
going to show their true colours and what their true worth was. The concept of Blue Orange, they are coming
into an industry model, they’re working in a highly work simulated environment and producing
real work for real companies and Tim was the best person to run that. Tim’s a leader. He brings wit and he brings
vision and forward thinking so he’s always looking to learn more from the young people
and determine what he’s going to do based on where their passions and their interests
are. His enthusiasm is contagious. He’s able to
unlock talent, identify skills within them and really bring that out, improve their confidence,
their self-esteem. I had the best experience on my BTEC, I just
was at a stage in my life where I could have gone either way and I had this one teacher
on this one course that recognised something in me. And that has stayed with me right through
my life and my career, and if I could offer that kind of support that I received then
I know that the young person is gonna go on and do something and go on the right path. I see him as like an inspiration. Do you know
what I mean? Because he was one of the people that made me feel like this is going to be
a completely different thing for me. You know he has always treated me with the same level
of respect as I am giving. Well when I first came here I was really nervous
and I like, I didn’t want to get out of the car, and Tim like came along and he talked
me like, talked to me and I got into college and he’s always been really supportive. If
you’re just getting taught you don’t feel anything from the teacher if you get what
I mean. But like if they’re caring for you and they care for you and they want you to
get an education, it’s like you want to come. I’m absolutely over the moon, just to get
recognition for something that I feel passionately about that I love and that has been noticed
by my colleagues, my workmates, and the young people I work with is just such a privilege
and an honor.

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