Paul Krivonos – CSUN Distance Learning Master’s Degree in KM

As you already know, I am Paul Krivonos, your instructor for KM 633, Communication in the Knowledge Environment. I recently taught the live version of the class in the first ever KM cohort at CSUN and also taught KM 690, the Capstone course also in the live cohort. I received my Ph.D. from Purdue University in organizational communication in 1975. Part of my studies included work on information theory and issues of information transfer, particularly message distortion a topic that provided the foundation for my dissertation. I believe this was long before the field of KM existed. I have taught for close to 35 years here at CSUN and have also taught occasionally as a part-time professor at USC and UCLA. In addition I have been a visiting professor at two different universities in New Zealand Massey University and the University of Auckland. I have authored a couple of dozen articles (including one in the ICKM Proceedings) and four books, three of which are published in Japan. My consulting experience focuses on communication training, specifically on listening, conflict management, team building, managerial communication, and communication in aviation safety. Some of the organizations for whom I have consulted or conducted training sessions include, the State of California, Los Angeles County, the City of Los Angeles, Cardservices International, the New Zealand Trade Development Board, the Royal New Zealand Air Force, the Broadcast Corporation of New Zealand, Air New Zealand, the South Australian Government, the Local Government Training Council of Australia, the Fiji Visitors Bureau, and the Fiji National Training Council. This course explores the fundamentals of effective communication in knowledge environments, particularly in organizational settings. We will investigate such topics as collaboration, teambuilding, leadership, knowledge transfer, information overload, and an overview of communication networks to assist in acquiring, reinforcing, and improving skills in the creation, managing, transferring, and sharing of knowledge. It is my hope that after taking this course, you will become a more effective communicator in the knowledge environment by learning skills to utilize virtual and far flung teams as KM tools, and acquiring the ability to build and participate effectively in teams, and to collaborate in team tasks, especially in a virtual environment. I expect that we will operate on a seminar basis, which will require the participation of each member of the class through discussions of the required readings, along with bringing additional insights and ideas from your own reflections and from your professional experiences. I very much look forward to interacting with you, individually, as members of teams, and as a class. One of my personal goals is to continuously improve as an instructor, so I also look forward to any input you can provide concerning the class and my teaching. And, I’ll “see” you all soon.

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