Pearson Innovation

[Phone buzzing]. Oh. Hey dad. I just put him to bed. He was such a big boy. No, he fell right to sleep. It’s like he knows I needed to study for tomorrow. For millions of students, education has always been the key to a better life. Where those students come from and how they learn is always changing. That’s why Pearson is always innovating. We pioneered learning technology with MyLab and Mastering, allowing students to learn anytime, anywhere. Students of all learning styles deserve to learn. So we were first to put learning science at the core of our product development. Mobile products like Pearson Writer and the new Revel app help them learn on the go, and keep their materials close. There’s no such thing as a typical educational experience. At Pearson, change isn’t innovation unless it gets students closer to their dreams. Hey. Um, Dad? I just wanted to thank you. I mean, for everything this semester. I know it wasn’t easy. But, um. I think… I think everything is going to be okay. [Pearson Logo]

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