Pearson supporting the delivery of apprenticeships with The Education and Skills Partnership and JLL

Apprenticeship Standards: How Pearson, The Education and Skills Partnership and JLL collaborated to make apprenticeships work Jason Hargreaves: At the education skills
partnership we deliver apprenticeships, we have currently six clients and with those
clients we’re offering six frameworks and ten standards. Now, those standards and frameworks
range from anything to do with business administration, right through to customer service, human resources
level five, human resources level three, as well as looking at retail management and retail
team leader. Our experience in running apprenticeship programmes really lies with the depth of experience
with our highly qualified team who have had an array of experience delivering frameworks
in a variety of establishments as well as in sectors. Now, some of the changes that
we’ve had to look at and incorporate within our business, between delivering frameworks
and delivering standards, has been quite an immense journey because there are a number
of factors and a number of different elements which we’ve had to think not only internally,
but also what we could do to support our employers as well as the learners. Standards then meant
that it had abled us to really sit down with our employers to really create a bespoke training
programme for them. However, some of the complexities in that, is we didn’t have full control
of the whole learner journey. I believe that standards do prepare our staff better than
frameworks, because standards allow our staff to sit down and to work explicitly with our
clients. Looking at the industry that they’re in, look at their procedures, their policies,
how they like to operate as a business entity and then really looking at how we can apply
the teaching, the learning, the skills, the knowledge and the behaviours to actually drive
the business forward, support the learners, but also meet what the EPA is looking for.
Pearson for us, is a huge awarding body with a phenomenal amount of experience, with high-qualified
staff throughout, enabling us to be able to clarify certain points. They can direct us on the
latest information and latest trends, the changes to government regulation. I would
recommend Pearson to other organisations like ours because of their collaborative approach
and Pearson has worked very, very flexible with us. They helped us meet those deadlines
working with the employer, knowing what was the challenges to the business, to be able
to help us, to support, not only our learner, but our employer, is really what I deem as
a good working partnership that you want with an awarding body. We look to work with our
employers to be able to provide an oversight at a granular level, all the way through the
journey, so that the employer actually comes along with you on that journey. We like to
engage, excite, embed and excel, and to do that we need the apprentice onboard; we need
the employer onboard, supported by ourselves as the training provider. Also, supported
by a EPA organisation that has the resources in place that is credited and is able to provide
highly qualified staff to be able to support both the training provider as well as the
apprentice when we raise questions, when we ask for guidance on assessment decisions,
and also when there are changes afoot, as we have seen with Government regulation.

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