Residents Celebrated grandparent’s day at Discovery Center Museum


A STATELINE MUSEUM GIVES GRANDPARENTS THE CHANCE TO TAKE PART IN THEIR GRANDKIDS’ EDUCATION. DISCOVERY CENTER MUSEUM HOSTED IT’S ANNUAL “GRAND PARENTS DAY” EVENT. ADMISSION WAS FREE. KIDS AND ADULTS TOOK PART IN HANDS-ON EXPERIMENTS. THERE WERE ALSO SPECIAL ART ACTIVITIES… INCLUDING FACE PAINTING. MUSEUM STAFF MEMBERS SAY THE DAY IS MEANT TO HIGHLIGHT THE ROLE A GRANDPARENT PLAYS IN A CHILD’S LIFE. Hillary Parks / Guest Services Manager, Discovery Center Museum “We really see grandparents coming in and engaging with their grand kids, You know, getting down, sometimes even on the floor and really playing with them and being a part of their make believe when they’re really little, to just helping them to create things, or creating things themselves in the art studio, and really playing with our exhibits, which is a lot of fun to see.” ((ERIC)) TODAY IS ALSO NATIONAL GRANDPARENTS DAY. ((ERIC)) A SECRET “PEACE NEGOTIATIONS” WITH


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