Rewards of Co-Teaching

I think there are some real rewards for co-teaching one of it is it really rejuvenates the instructor. It’s fun listening to my colleagues; they think differently than I do, they know different stuff than I know and I just am often bowled over when I’m listening to their part of the lecture and sometimes you know I have to stifle myself because I want to butt in and say wait a minute you know and and in fact I do but in and they but in when I do it. And so there there’s some real rewards like that it’s fun to do it, and students seem to like it. Looking at course evaluations compared to courses that I teach alone the students are much more positive when I’m co-teaching and they write things at the end of the semester saying WOW we never saw professors quarrel with each other the way you guys do it was really great, you know and it was really great having another professor in the room who could kind of check on the validity of stuff you were telling us and and when they disagreed you know say where they disagree. So students seem to like it so I think both of those and then finally one reward is that there’s certain content that one person just can’t teach. The example of the vet school is a good example where they start with a case study of an animal that has a disease and the physiologist can talk about the physiology but it can’t talk about the genetics or the pharmacology you need experts in those areas so that’s that’s a real reward you can you can tackle complex issues that your own to disciplinary hands can handle but you can handle it when you have some help from people in other areas.

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