RSA Online: Everything You Need To Know About Your RSA Course

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pardpardeftab720ri380 f0fs24 cf0 Are you looking to complete
your RSA Certificate?
Have you noticed that each state in Australia has different rules and regulations when it
comes to RSA Certificates?
It’92s kinda annoying. Like in some states you can complete the RSA Online, in others
you can’92t.
In some states RSA Certificates expire, in others you can complete an RSA Refresher course.

In some states it will cost you 50 bucks while in others it will cost you 120 bucks.
It’92s all pretty confusing and we got over
it. So a few of us who have worked in hospitality for years put this site together to help you
out and answer all of your questions.
We’92ve also been on a mission to find you some of best and cheapest training providers
around the country.
We wanted to make it easy for you so you could find one who was accredited in the state you
wanted to work in, had great training, and offered some of the cheapest courses out there.

We even went all magnum PI on them, tracked down the bosses of all these companies and
asked them heaps of questions, to make sure we trusted them to recommend them to you,
so make sure you check them out.
Okay, so let’92s do a quick overview to go over the basics.
Firstly, how much will an RSA Certificate
Well the cost of an RSA Certificate will vary significantly depending on which state you
live in and which training provider you use.
Generally it will be between 50 to 70 bucks
for every state except New South Wales.
The government charges a massive tax in New South Wales. So it will cost around 120 to
140 bucks.
Okay, so does everyone in a licensed venue need an RSA Certificate?
The answer is yes. It is a legal requirement
in every state in Australia, so make sure you get it before working in a venue that
serves alcohol.
Next question ’96 where can you complete the RSA Course and get an RSA Certificate.

There are hundreds of training providers all over the country and that’92s why we tried
to narrow it down for you.
Whatever you do, make sure the company you choose is accredited in the state you want
to work in.
Finally, do you have to complete your RSA Certificate through face to face training
or can you complete the RSA Online?
As always, every damn state has different rules, so do yourself a favor, go and choose
which state you want to work in on our site now we’92ll answer all your questions, then
you just have to choose a training provider on the site, complete the RSA Course and you’92ll
be making cosmos in no time. Have fun}


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