Say Thank You, Sorry, Please – Learn Good Manners and Habits | Kids Education By Mocomi


Say Please and Thank You Bumbley: Oh that looks yummy. What is it?? Coley: Cucumber cream cheese sandwich. Bumbley: Hey I would love some too. Give me some now! Coley: What is it that you are drinking? Bumbley: Strawberry milkshake. Coley: I want some too! Bumbley: I can’t believe how rude you are
being Coley! Coley: I am being rude? What about your manners Bumbley? Bumbley: What do you mean? You are my friend. You are supposed to share things with me. Coley: If you want your friends to be nice
to you, you need to be nice to them too. People would not want to be around you or
do nice things for you if you are rude to them Bumbley. Bumbley: How is one supposed to be “nice”
to someone? Coley: You can always add a ‘please’ when
you ask for something and say ‘thank you’ when you receive something. Bumbley: Oh that was it?! It is not that hard to be nice then. Can you please give me some of that sandwich?



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