School District Will Now Make Teachers Wear Underwear


Little Rock School District is now
forcing teachers to wear underwear their mandating the wearing of
underwear America yes they are arm in August 29 a letter came down from the
superintendent saying that foundation garments shall be borne a non and non and non-visible respective
color style or fabric no seat they were share clothing shall
be allowed no skin shall be visible between passed last row just skirt and shirts last browse blouse at
nd at any time in particular in so in maybe it’s just me I’m and maybe maybe it’s called I don’t
know but when I went to school like I never mind teacher like I never remember noticing them with
the Jew wasn’t wearing underwear ever I’m like my future like the big like moo
moo won the dress thing see you now I’m you when they were jeans
like how do you tell the teacher is not wearing underwear now when I got to high school the
different story get older more mature you go through puberty and you start
noticing things all that being said like I don’t really
understand the big deal here I mean students are and I think
sometimes in certain parts of the country in maybe it’s just me but people feel as
though the protect students only to protect our young people from society and I say them like dude you young people society is already
crushed and screwed up your young people get
over it alright and I gave you a lot of girls in little rock arkansas listen to
Miley Cyrus and Miley Cyrus is screwed up our
society and they probably what’s keeping up with the Kardash in that as much as I
love a Cardassian I do i watch the show I watch Keeping Up
with the Kardashians but yes till they have set made their part they have sexual
they have also sexualized our society so the fact that a teacher doesn’t wear
underwear is somehow going to on sexualized our society I’m sorry I think not I being not well where now


  1. I never had any teacher that was sexually appealing. All the female teachers I ever had were plain Jane heffers. What kind of school gets hot female teachers??

  2. What are we? 5 years old? It's a dress code, no big deal, no one will die over it. When you're at work, Dress and act Professional. At Home, you can do whatever you want..wear no underwear….go nude and do cart wheels with your junk or titties flopping to the motion/gravity for all I care. I think I understand why they' did this. Perhaps, some teacher fucked up by coming to work without the underwear…she sat down in a skirt/a zipper was loose and someone narced on dress code.

  3. I think it's unprofessional for a teacher to not wear underwear. If a teacher is NOT, I would be more interested in finding out HOW someone found OUT they weren't… but really, teachers are in an ACADEMIC setting, where learning is intended, modest clothing SHOULD be worn. This has nothing to do with how screwed up kids are in society, it has to do with the fact that a TEACHER is EMPLOYED to TEACH, not provoke boners in class.

  4. I'd say this has to do with the wearing of bras – those ridiculous harnesses that women are sometimes forced and often obligated to wear so that others are not be offended by their breasts. Do I think that teachers should dress like sluts? No, but then I don't think that anyone should. It is possible to not wear a bra and it not be overly noticeable with the right clothing choices.

  5. I'm beginning to wonder about you, Fowler.  I like your show, I enjoy your comments.  But in another show you said you watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta and here you say you watch the Kardashians.  Disturbing as hell.

  6. Probably more related to female teachers having sex more frequently with their students than in the past.  The School Board views the absence of underwear, especially on female teachers, as a sexual trigger.  Seeing my 22 year old female teachers crotch would certainly increase my desires to bang her, and it also would lower any inhibitions I had before I saw her crotch.  So, this voyarism would more than likely increase the chance of student teacher sex acts.  And, from the female teachers point of view, seeing a young virile male constantly scoping out her privates, could potentiallybe a turn on for her, resulting in her investigating an inappropriate sexual relationship with her student.   

  7. Teachers are becoming younger and younger ppl basically have no dress code std and feel everything can b worn everywhere. Im pretty sure you also have a lot of teachers thinking it's ok to show their thongs or nipples. This is probably more related to bras then panties.

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  10. How is it anyone's business what lingerie is worn? As long as ur dressed decently of course. Crazy subject.


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