Hello! So, today is our final installment of the university food hunt and we are at SMU. So we collected a bunch of food recommendations from you guys and well- in SMU, there’s really nothing much. So we are going around SMU (Dhoby Gaut, City Hall, Bugis) that area. So our first stop is The Tea Party, let’s go! We’re at our first location. This is the only location in SMU that people would actually recommend us to try. We got the bacon cream here mac & cheese and lemonade. And this is only $4.80 which is super affordable! Damn cheap, damn cheap Let’s dive into the bacon cream first as recommended by you guys. I would say that it’s a decent carbonara. Okay, I don’t know whether you can see how old the cooks here are lah but to me right, you know Home Econs? YES! Then you make with the most basic ingredients, ya. So I can see why it only costs $4.80. I would say if you only had $5, get something else from this menu. I wouldn’t get this because it’s like a disappointing carbonara lah. Okay Okay, now for the mac&cheese. I love mac & cheese. Okay, first thing to take note of is that, this type of pasta is not called macaroni hor. What’s this called? Fusilli We got it! And this is baked macaroni & cheese right? So they got the slightly burnt cheese on the top but then after waiting for quite awhile, when we actually pull it out right, it still has the stretchy part of the cheese, so that’s quite cool. Eh, not bad ah! Got the creamy, creamy taste right? Ya. It has a lot more dimensions to it. You know that one is just very plain and like, salty cream – but this one has like
different layers of flavour So we’ll be playing a game that I always play in Uni, It’s called, Would You Rather. So first question, you must answer damn fast. Okay. The first thing that comes to your mind. Okay. Would you rather not be able to burp or not be able to fart? Fart, wait. I rather not be able to burp eh, I thought fart is quite a therapeutic feeling? Like burping to me is more comfortable than farting, ya. I burp and fart a lot so when I burp right, I’ll feel the taste and I don’t like it so I rather not burp. Okay, Moving on! The korean food got free flow kimchi. I want! Eh, but if you go there and take, they don’t know whether you buy the food, can just take what right? Okay! Scissors, Paper, Stone. Scissors, Paper, Stone. Just go, just go! I’m quite confident, I can get free kimchi today. Oh my god ~ woo So, we ordered the bara chirashi which is $9.90 on the menu but I only paid $8.90. So at first, I thought that he thought I was a student lah, I look young. but it was just because I used the Passion card. So I guess if you use the (Tap & Pay) you get 10% off. Okay, let’s try this. Woah, Damn! Actually, just tasting the individual ingredients alone right, really got standard leh. And the thing is that, they already have a bit of marinate, so it’s like even without the soya sauce, it’s good to go. Japanese dining culture actually very, very interesting one. They play a lot with temperatures, like not a lot of cuisines right, you will have a lot of cold dishes one. Can you think of any Singaporean dishes that are cold? The other day the Cai Fan, I ordered at the end of the day. That one a bit cold. Another round! Would you rather wear smelly underwear or smelly socks? Socks, Socks! Smelly underwear, cannot sia. In army they got this trick, so you can wear your underwear until you book out. Like you wear front, then you turn backwards, then you wear inside out then you turn again then on the last day you just don’t wear or something like that. Then can clear 5 days with 1 underwear. So we gonna use Xenia’s favourite terminologies to transition to the next location. And that is… We’re gonna get tilted, yeah! No, that’s not how you use tilted! Oh is it, is it? Tilted is like “Wah, cannot sia” Oh, tilted is angry! Ya! Let’s get tilted! Okay! Continue… What? That’s not natural at all! Okay, so we’re at Merely Ice Cream, and we got salted butterscotch which is their super popular flavour in a waffle bowl. And this flavour, I’m not gonna tell you yet cause’ I want Jon to guess. Why you go make out with it before you let me try? Wah, cannot smell sia! Oh my God, it’s Yakult! Ya! Oh my god? So easy?
It taste damn like grape Yakult, ya! It tastes like childhood, not really lah. As an adult I also still drink Yakult. Oh boy, that’s disturbing. Eh, very interesting flavour leh!
Very nice hor! Actually, I don’t really like this type of waffle. I prefer the thick waffle but this one is surprisingly good eh. It’s like those waffle biscuits kind right? Legit. Okay, let’s try their salted butterscotch. There are like chunks of, I don’t know what, inside here. What is that ah? It’s like a ball of brown sugar, I think that’s what it is. Oh my God, this is damn nice eh! Personally, I like the flavour of this more, but this is a lot more refreshing, so like in Singapore damn hot and everything right, I would rather get this. and it’s a very different flavour. Okay let’s rate it Grape Yakult, 3 2 1, 7! Wow
Nice, Nice! Salted butterscotch, 1 – Why you keep on like that, like that? Eee, she damn proud cause’ this is her recommendation, Disgusting. 3, 2, 1 8!
2! No lah, no lah, no lah. Would you rather get stung by a bee once or get pecked by a chicken for 5 minutes? 1, 2, 3 Stung by a bee once.
Bee. Pain sia.
I actually got stung by a bee once, eh. Huh?
It’s damn gross I was in primary school or what, then 1 bee just landed on my arm, then I just feel like an “Ow” then it flew away. then after awhile right, the mark stayed there for like 1 week eh. It was red and swollen, like i grew another nipple on my arm. It looked quite disgusting. But actually, if you think about it right, chicken quite scary eh. What if it’s a very nice as though someone is scratching your back or your arm? Like a romantic peck is it? So I’ve introduced Tilted, whats yours? Actually, it’s not something that I use but my father likes to use this. His generation right, they like to call chio bu right, they wont say chio bu, they will say “zhud”. Wah that girl damn “zhud” sia! Wah that girl damn “zhud”? Oh you zhud her ah? you “zhud”… maybe ah maybe. I don’t know. Now, let’s “zhud” over Damn “zhud”! Okay, so we’re at POMO now, and we’re at this place called Thai Noodlecafe, which is actually gaining a lot of popularity for their boat noodles. Apparently, it’s damn authentic. We actually got the small version here as you can see, and they are all different spiciness levels. You have like a lot of choices for your noodles. Actually very, very customizable ah, very good ah. So we’re gonna switch things up a bit to make it fun, So we’re gonna be playing roulette and then we’re gonna see who tio what. I’m so excited cause’ he scared of spicy food. I can take spiciness, I just don’t like it, I say like a thousand times already. Okay wait, so whose tip? I want this one. Okay, fine. Okay you spin, No I cannot, I very bad luck one, you spin, you spin. Oh God, please! Okay, ready? Oh, damn it! Oh, Lord please. Walau Damn nice! It’s black leh, no joke it’s black eh! If you order spicy, you cannot slurp, I tell you. You cannot slurp! Cannot taste anything to be honest. After that one ah, I die already. The spiciness is from the chili seeds eh. That’s the worst kind. I would say that this is actually very, very nice. I would order the big bowl of this just on its own. It’s a noodle dish that’s unlike any I’ve ever tasted in Singapore before. Yup. Would you rather picture your family naked or be naked in front of your family? Be naked in front of my family ah, that one easy. Really? Ya. So weird, like in front of your mom and dad? like Hello! I mean, baby already they see you naked what, what’s the difference? Okay lah, there’s a bit of difference ah. Actually, there’s quite a lot of difference. I rather scar than be scarred. Damn selfish. I thinking like they standing one row. Ya, correct ah. Like mugshot like that. Okay, so we’re gonna head back to SMU, but we’re gonna be passing through Sunshine Plaza, and I heard that there is this bakery that was recommended by one of you guys, that sells some chicken pies and like muffins which are apparently really, really good. So we’re gonna check that out. See you there! I wasn’t expecting it to be this size. I was expecting it to be fatter. Ya, ya. It better be good lah. Apart from that, they also sell a bunch of muffins, and the person queuing in front of us was like recommending that we try this orange peel muffin. so I’m quite excited for that also. Okay, let’s try the chicken pie – it smells damn good. Actually, it doesn’t look amazing to be honest. Like very grey-ish. Okay but this is just our first impressions lah. I love it. Okay lah! Can lah! $4, I will pay. It’s nice, I will pay also. It’s like very, very creamy – very thick and rich creaminess,
And peppery. and ya, the black pepper does it. I would say that it’s really, really good. Like this is what a chicken pie should taste like. If you would compare it Polar Cafe or something like that right, I would think that actually, you can get almost the same for maybe cheaper. But i feel like the filling taste is very unique. Like it doesn’t taste manufactured right? Ya, it doesn’t taste manufactured.
Okay I get what you mean. Okay, let’s try the muffin, I’m excited. Dessert! Okay, orange peel is like the $0.40 packet right? Ya, like the preserved one with the sugar. But look at this. This one like real orange leh. Oh my God really ah? Fresh one ah? It’s like the pulpy kind. It tastes like… FRUIT CAKE! but softer inside Moist-ier.
Ya. More Moist. Rating… 7! I feel like this is the kind of muffin that old people will like… Like my grandma will like it. It’s very nostalgic. You know the Kiam Seng Ti? Kiam Seng Ti! Is that the road here? What is kiam Seng Ti? I know Bak Cho Mee, Yun Tun Mee. It’s really called Kiam Seng Ti. Those sour, sour stuff like if you giddy on the bus… then you would eat like a bit. like the preserved sour plum, those kind of thing lah! This is just to him, I’m not going to answer this. Would you rather wear a man-thong or be a thong? Wah! Actually the answer is very easy, it’s just the thought of the second one is very gross. I would rather wear a man-thong lah! That’s so uncomfortable! Better than being a thong, right? Being a thong, walau eh… whole day while walking… This beef baked rice, we use New Zealand rib eye. we top it up with a generous amount of cheese, homemade demi glace sauce, we put it in a salamander for about 3-4 minutes and it comes out nice and golden brown. The heart attack burger as the name implies is a very sinful burger. Well, we wanted to go with a cleaner menu, but we didn’t want to sacrifice the taste. So what we did is that we still use cleaner ingredients like quinoa, cous cous, but we still use premium proteins like rib eye and some unique ones like octopus Today, we will be featuring the octopus quinoa and the rib eye basmati. Okay, so we are at B3 and these are the food recommended by the chef. We will go with this first… Oh my God, Shiok! Eh, damn shiok sia! Usually when I order baked rice right, I usually get sick of the taste very fast, Because there’s a lot of cream inside along with the cheese, too rich already. Ya, very jelat. But for this one, because there is this extra – I don’t know what is the gravy… but that flavour right, It’s not jelat so I can picture myself finishing this like with ease, you know? Delicious! Okay, not bad – I’m Happy Off to a good start – this place. Baked rice rating, 3, 2, 1 7! Wah, we cannot stop sia! We’re on a roll. Next. So we have The Heart Attack burger. What’s really special is that they use the charcoal bun. Actually, nowadays, the burgers are getting more and more hardcore right – to the point where most of the burgers, you cannot eat it like a normal burger. I think the part that impresses me a lot, is actually the patty. The flavour of the patty itself is amazing. You can taste that it’s fresh beef that is grounded. And it’s not dry! It’s not dry, it’s very tender. This is what I expect right when I eat at fast food joints – and when I eat at a proper restaurant and I order a burger. I expect this standard of a patty. How much is this? Wah, $12.90? I was expecting it to be $18.90 Actually the price alone, just changed my rating. 1, 2, 3 7!
6! Why lower? Okay, this is just personal preference, I’m not much of a burger person. Actually, my previous score was 6 but because of the price. Damn, completing each other’s sentences. Next, Healthy Food! She eat a lot of healthy food one so she can rate this better. And I’m very happy that they have like a wholesome menu. I think it’s quite cool that they have the calories and information on their menu. First of all right, the serving is quite big eh. I love quinoa! What’s the orange thing? It’s sweet potato. Oh okay, sweet potato can. Duck flavoured. Wah, I almost gagged leh! You have to eat with the octopus, because the octopus is super juicy and sweet. It almost tastes like those you can find in the Japanese restaurants. Really damn good sia, the octopus. And this is not just like a healthy but 2 hours later – you get hungry kind It’s healthy and it fills you up. Moving on. I think I’m very excited for this because I look at the beef right, And I love beef. The color is just nice. I would say that the beef flavour is damn en pointe but i think the pieces are – too thick
too thick That’s why we took so long to chew.
It it was sliced smaller – ya, correct. But the flavour – from the outside to the inside right, The change of texture , change of flavour damn en pointe. Knowing how they do their beef, I would rather order their steak, because I don’t care about health Okay, let’s end this off with some drinks to end the day, or start the day. Would you rather go a week without showering or go a week without shitting? 3, 2, 1 Showering.
Showering. Of course lah, without shitting – can die you know?! Serious health problems after that. BMT, you no need to shower already what right? Really? You don’t shower for a week? As in when you do the outfield thingy right, 1 week, you no need shower. You just like dry shower with like powder bath or something like that. Can tank one, can tank one. You must think about it. Back in the day right – before showers were invented right, people got bathe meh? I don’t think people bathe so nevermind lah actually. I don’t think I’m gonna get a date in a long time People gonna think I’m disgusting. Ya, you are. But at least I shit a lot. So we’ve come to the end of today. What was your favourite dish? It will be the Merely Ice Cream – salted butterscotch. I’m still thinking about it actually. Wah, that means you would rather eat ice cream that all of this ah? How about you? Wah, actually it’s difficult. I’m torn between the boat noodle (non-spicy) and the Bara Chirashi. I think that one – for its value, really very impressive. So thanks for following us on this entire journey. We hope you enjoyed this entire series, and since we’ve come to the end of this series, we actually want to know what you guys want to see next. So in the comments down below, recommend us some series ideas, you think we should be doing or you want us to do and also, tell us who you want to host it – like 2 people from TSL Simple as that. just comment down below and tell us what you think.


do a series on the diff jobs in sg so we can get to know more about their job scope and the people involved cause some ppl thinks certain jobs are easy and take the ppl for granted at times

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