Secondary Announcements 6/11

good morning I’m Dakota and I’m Ryan and
today is Tuesday June 11th and welcome to a world of secondary school today is
a video there will be a brief meeting after school on Thursday June 13 2:30
p.m. and mr. sagorsky through high school 303 for any current 9th grade
students who signed up to take level 10 honors next year mr. Stransky will be
distributing the summer homework assignments and reviewing expectations
for the cur course if you cannot attend please make arrangements to see mrs.
Pinski at some point this week attention boys in grades 8 through 11 interested
in playing JV or varsity soccer next fall there will be a brief informational
meeting this Wednesday June 12 in the cafeteria at 2:30
the annual spring sports banquet is Thursday June 13th at 6 and high school
auditorium this is a celebration only you will not need to bring a dish to
pass to all 9th 10th 11th and 12th graders it is that time of year again
when you need to start thinking about turning in your iPads the IT department
will start accepting iPads it’s Thursday the 13th of June iPads can be turned in
at our office anytime or am a man tables outside of Regents testing areas all
I’ve had most haen’t must be handed directly to an IT department deck please
note that all iPads must be turned in prior to your final Regents exam
today’s luncheon soft shell tacos bread butter refried beans green beans tossed
salad sorted for juice and children have a great day and thank you for watching

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