SEX EDUCATION Official Trailer (2019) Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Netflix Movie HD

I’ve noticed you’re pretending to masturbate and I was wondering if you wanted to talk about it wish my mom is a sex guru sir why don’t you start by telling me your earliest memory of your scrotum trust me you don’t this is a new frontier my sexually repressed friends our chance to finally move up the social food chain I’m worried about you man everybody’s either thinking about shagging about to shag or actually shaggy the students at the school need your health and we need their money I’ll deal with the business and things and you can do therapy sir your sex therapy about your mom Wow six therapists this could be uncertain we could be popular I might have a mild to moderate crush on me I’m addicted to wanking my pubes are out control I wish I could be a normal kid with all that with a normal dick therefore the best two years of our lives [Music] let me give you some good news so thanks mom [Music] stay out of my life kind of man do you want to be but kinda mad you want me to be that can’t you is who you’re attracted to sound engineer a relationship don’t believe in you are who you are doesn’t anyone take that away from you [Music] I still think it’s a way to teach boys a sex therapist [Music] you you


I don't have a good reason for it, but I just find Asa Butterfield to be the most annoying actor.

Looks incredibly stupid. Asa Butterfield previously has some great roles and now he’s subjected himself to this? Seriously? The people wanting to be hip will say this is the greatest show ever when in reality, it’s lame as hell. Give it 5 years, look back, and you’ll be agreeing with me. You’re welcome.

We’re finally getting movies that represents the issues teenagers go through today, instead of what used to happen 30 years ago.

The trailers for this show are bad. But please give this show a chance and watch it. This actually feels quite a bit like actual teenagers (despite the weird premise).
Had I watched this trailer I wouldn't have been nearly as open to watching it.

Bro this show is crazy crazy the opening sequence caught me by surprise thank goodness nobody was around me 😂 and wow Netflix you're moving up, kindve weird how they're portraying teens like 16 or so in this light cause was nothing like this necessarily lol

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