Signing Day Heavy Equipment Operator Training Program High School Cohort


[♪music ♪] [cheering and applause] [T.J.] We’re getting self-starters. You know
we’re getting people that are highly motivated and knowing that as an
employer is you know certainly again just just puts them one step above
anybody else. So knowing that they are they’re going to show up every day and
they are motivated to be in our industry and be supportive of our industry and
want to be in our industry. That’s you know that’s a really great great
characteristic to have. [David] If you think it about it, it really is 21st-century
learning. You know people ask me that periodically and we say that and then we
talk about 21st-century learning. This is 21st-century learning. This is learning
applicable skills and then being out being able to take what you learn go out
and do something with them right away. That’s it that’s tremendously valuable
and we have a partner like Lord Fairfax that is willing to you know work with us and
provide those kinds of real skills is pretty remarkable I think. [Doug] the value of
a program like this brings is again one that really opens that door and opens
the students eyes to their potential and what their passion. Finding your
passion for something you want to do and not just as a job but it’s a career
opportunity because once you get started in the heavy equipment operator
positions there’s a lot of movement a lot of opportunity to move forward and
advance your career. So I think these students really took a risk it shows
their initiative and it shows that they’re willing to step outside and do
something that’s a little different the [Kimberly] biggest thing to know is that you know
we’re always expanding roads replacing roads building new roads buildings and
other things so it’s a continual market that will never go away and your career
can be wherever you choose to take it. The HEO graduates have taken a
great first step in their training and as employers now we get to take that and go
on with on-the-job training and continued their their growth that
they’ve already shown that they want to take. [Frank] These kids through the interview
process we brought them in for a half- day a tour and you can tell each one of
these kids alinged with that exceeding expectations. Not only were they
finishing up high school they were trying to better themselves. They’re
burning 212° and you can ask those guys what that means is that they were
exceeding expectations by extending their education on the technical side by
learning how to operate a piece of equipment it’s still doing a high school
class work. [Yonathan] My next steps is to just put effort into my career. You know try my best, put burn the x degree like Frank said and you know keep move
forward. No looking back. [Logan] It has taught me some different things
different techniques of everything. We’ve had the opportunity to run the simulators
and get the feel of a piece of equipment. We try to have fun and learn at the same
time. If you get the opportunity to take this class definitely through and do it. [Hunter] I definitely think you’ve come out of this kind of a step ahead as opposed to
just coming into the company with them not really knowing if you have the skills or
not. They kind of can see that you know what you’re gonna be getting yourself
into you know that this is the lot of work that you like to do and I definitely
think that helps. Whether they actually have a desire to go down this career
path or other career paths that Workforce offers, I definitely think
this gives you an opportunity to figure out this is something you want to do
before you just go straight into the work and realize you don’t like it. This is a very good first step and highly recommend it.


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