Single Girl Sends Her Daughter To Her First Party In The Sims 4 | Part 2


Kelsey, I think you should maybe make a nonbinary sim that CJ can date or download one from the gallery, I think it would be really cute

The snowman is so cute! Maybe some headphones would help with the fun meter and she could potentially wear them while doing homework. Like why not be studious & have fun? 💜👏

To be far, when you go through mascot training for amusement parks they teach you to avoid high fives because your fingers/wrist can break so easily 🤷🏼‍♀️

I mean how many people go to college and DON'T have a fling with a mean person who's wrong for you. All part of the learning experience!

Ok but I’m kinda freaked out by the fact that when that Becca sim walked on screen I was like “oh she looks kinda like me” and then you said her name was Becca 😳 like that’s my name that’s freaky

"See how Chelsea Jr. manages in the new Sims 4 Discover University pack in this 4 party mini-series."
4 party mini series. Aaaaha. I see where this is going 😉

Demetri is just living his bad boy life. A lot of people want that type of relationship. Possessive bad boy that breaks the rules and does whatever he wants. It's cute for a while but CJ doesn't seem like the type to deal with that. She seems like a alpha female.

CJ out there making depressed jokes and gets shot down. She ends up speaking to the mascot she was fighting with in the beginning. The mascot is actually pretty cool and he becomes a best friend for CJ. I ship their relationship.

Ok weird coincidences all over the place. I went to culinary school. I’m pansexual. And also I met the one that got away in college. His name was Cj…. I’ll be here

Kelsey are you doing a 100 baby challenge
Kelsey why you make CJ being more then friend with girls I am asking you I thing Chelsea is a girl who likes boys 100%👨👨👨 and then can finish universty toogether👨‍🎓👩‍🎓

is it just me or was 17:03 kelsey doing a jason mendoza impersonation? 😂😂😂😂

“maybe he’s going to be one of those people that’s like mean to other people, like a slytherin gasps like maybe he’s like a Slytherin and like he’s mean, but he’s like mean for a good reason. he comes across…he’s a meanie with a heart of gold.”

Donate an excellent dessert to the giant white statue in between Brit and Fox as an offering then you will get a visit that night and you’re in

Kelsey seeing Gil who looks like Chealse Jr
Kelsy: They must be twins or something
Me:Well she was a result of the hundred baby challenge her dad probably found someone else

I am so glad that you said "Hey Trevor" in a seductive voice. I'm gay and that made me giddy how you said it 🤷🏻‍♂️

Kelsey I absolutely love watching all your stuff and you are definitely one of my favorite YouTubers; I have been with the 100 Baby series since day 1!
Kelsey stop trying to make CJ happen…It’s not gonna happen

Kelsey: "This guy's got cat ears. I don' t want to say its a cat-tastrophe. He's got to be kitten me with this. Maybe there's a tail behind this but, it's just not purr-fect." 5:24

Made my entire week!:)

The first thing I did once I realized the food was communal, was buy a mini-fridge and drag fresh communal food to the fridge. Everything lasts like 3-4 days, you can be set the entire term lmaoooo.

I still think it's weird that food just appears but whatever. Steal it.

I got a mini fridge and anytime there was food out, I would put it away so I had leftovers instead of it becoming spoiled. I didn't have to worry about missing meals after that lol

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