Special Education as a Major

♪ As a student in UNC Charlotte’s undergraduate
teacher preparation program you’ll learn from international recognized faculty who are award
winning and who share your passion for supporting the goals of individuals with disabilities. Yeah… the Professors here have been one
of the best parts of the program, there’s so many experts here in special education
and it’s just been an honor to study under them and to get to know them.” Being a special educator is gonna change your
life it’s going to change your outlook on how you view people, how you understand and
accept alternative perspectives. That’s the best part of the job is just being
able to help someone be able to do what they feel like everyone else is doing or what they
feel like they should be doing or what they want to accomplish at that time. So the job outlook for special educators is
extremely positive, schools locally and across the nation are searching for dedicated, committed,
and highly skilled educators to meet the needs of students in their classrooms. It was really easy to find a job. I had multiple opportunities different schools
especially being in that field um when you go to the job fair everyone is coming to you,
like oh you’re SPED, SPED GC we need you come this way so it was really easy to find a job
right when I came out… I am enjoying every second of it. That’s an accomplishment for a day when you
made the lightbulb come on for one kid for the day that is what you set out to do as
a teacher every day. ♪ Teaching kids is worth it, um being in special
education classrooms is worth it, being the one that can push these kids to see themselves
in a better light, a new light and see themselves accomplish goals is worth it. ♪

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